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Can I wear a lace frontal without having a sew in or a weave?

(My hair is thinning at the front not the back)
Oh, and could I wet style the lace frontal/get it wet?

i don't think you can wear one without a sew-in because it helps support on your head at the back and plus getting the rest of your hair braided up will probably make it grow yes u can wet your lace front if installed properly  (+ info)

in a case of post surgery for frontal lobe glioma, for how long should the patient given valproic acid ?

33 yr old patient with frontal lobe glioma grade 2,received radiotherapy is on sodium valproic acid, for how long the patient should be on drug and how to withdraw the drug, in case of seizure free post op period for 2 and half years?

This medication is used to treat seizure disorders. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

If this medication is used for seizures, do not stop taking it without consulting your doctor. Your condition may become worse if the drug is suddenly stopped. Your dose may need to be gradually decreased.  (+ info)

Can propillus work hair being lost in the frontal lobe?

It says that it works only on the vertex, but will it work if i apply it to the frontal lobe?
It cant hurt me can it?

Propillus has not been shown to have any effect on hair loss (or anything else). You cannot lose hair on your frontal lobe as that is part of your brain, not your scalp.
To decide where your hair loss is try the diagram at the link below.
Propecia is a drug that does help some people in some circumstances. Also linked below.  (+ info)

Scattered foci of increased T2 signal in the right frontal white matter means?


MRI head without contrast results:
Scattered foci of increased T2 signal in the right frontal white matter, best appreciated on the FLAIR sequences. They are probably artifacts.

I am confused what it is. Does this related to brain tomor? Please clarify.

Perhaps this is too important for random and probably unspecialized answers. Please see a specialist.  (+ info)

Do I have to live in a bubble? Acute Sinusitis and asthma?

I have acute sinusitis and was given a link to this webmd it lists 44 possible causes or things that you shouldnt do if you have my conditions, I cant possibly follow all the solutions to cure myself, so its bubble time, or what type of city or place should I live in? country, mountains, by the ocean,...ect? where can I go?
Hey Cowman Christ Dude at the end of my answers, if you would get your reading galsses cleaned, maybe you would see this is a question on where it is best to live when you have a medical issue that causes one to be in a certain climate, its not a give me sympathy question, where do you see that? huh?

I would move to warmer coastal regions.  (+ info)

Is there a link between sinusitis and pneumonia?

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis. After a full course of Amox, nothing has improved.
In fact, this morning I felt worse than before and decided to see my GP again.
He said that I might have pneumonia and prescribed a new set of stronger antibiotics and sent me to hospital for an X-Ray.

Is there any chance that a lung infection and or pneumonia has developed as a result of sinusitis or did having sinusitis 'helped' the pneumonia develop?

Firstly the evidence is that antibiotic therapy has little effect on the outcome of sinusitis. In both treated and untreated groups about 75% of patients have had resolution of symptoms within 2 weeks, with the remaining 25% still being symptomatic.

There is no direct link between sinusitis and pneumonia, however a significant percentage of patients with VIRAL, not bacterial, disease of the respiratory mucosa, which extends from the nasal mucosa to the fine tissue if the lungs, will get both nasal and chest signs and syptoms, neither of these is affected by antibiotics either.  (+ info)

Can sinusitis or allergies have an effect on your mental health?

Just wondering I don't feel as motivated as I should, and yes, I'm well aware that sinusitis or allergies are solely to blame. But do you think physical ailments play a role?
I meant to say "aren't sole to blame" haha

Kind of funny you posted this question, because I've definitely been seeing a correlation with that. Actually, when I get allergies my whole body seems to react to it. I feel like I'm really out of it and can't concentrate, and my heart rate even drops. I can't even think about simple things and can't hold a conversation. It lasts until my allergies subside, then I'm perfectly fine. It's very weird, but yes, considering my symptoms and the correlation between the two, i would say it can effect your mental health  (+ info)

why are subdural hematomas found in the frontal section of the brain?

Even if the occipital region of the brain was damaged, why are subdural hematomas found in the frontal region?

Sorry! Homework assignments not done at this location.  (+ info)

If i had horrible green mucus and a sore throat and fever isnt this sinusitis?

Also, i went to the doctor yesterday, and they gave me antibotics, but what if i dont actually have sinusitis? will this just not clear up?

sounds like a cold only honey calm down it will pass in no time sucks especially that its the weekend; Good Luck!  (+ info)

Is there a reason i only get head aches in my frontal lobe?

I aways get head aches in my frontal lobe, it there anything i can stop or start doing to make them go away?

People under stress or during severe and protracted concentration tend to scrunch up their foreheads and the muscles at the front of the head. This causes pressure on the frontal bones and pulls them together at what's called the suture line, the muscles also start to fatigue and that's your headache.

Some of this can also be referred pain from tightening your jaws while stressed or worried about something. This can then cause some sinus discomfort which, because of the size of your sinus's can refer up to the forehead area which forms the roof of your sinus's.

Try to consciously relax as best you can when you're under stress or deep concentration. Hard to do but you can learn to do a 'self-check' of your face at such times. Make and effort to either massage your face, frontal area and forehead when you start to feel a headache or discomfort appearing.   (+ info)

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