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I have a number of illnesses (very serious) that are worsened by stress, where I live is very stressful...?

I cant work/go to school
drive or do much of anything

I dont recieve goverment help

Part of the illnesses I have arent understood or believed! by most of the medical community & I look healthy

Though it physically manifests itself & obviously exsists.

Treatment is incorrect most of the time and worsens the conditions. (antibiotics or the pill)

The rest of the illnesses aren't serious enough by themselves but all together it makes it pretty hard to do much of anything

What I have is:
chronic systematic Candidiasis(yeast)
like thrush all throughout my body (different than fungemia) but manifest those areas along with my skin, armpit, scalp, & all orfices.

I have polysystic ovarian syndrome w/ Menorrhagia
immune supress
Irritable bowl syndrome
Chronic fatigue
hormonal imbalance
armpit infection
Vitimin D & Iron deficency
brain fog
& emotional disorders: Avoidant personality, social anxiety delayed sleep phase

so what would you do
like I said it's not in my head
it physically manifests itself

I have tried to work which landed me in the ER many times
where they said to quit & stuffed me
full of pain pills and put me on a fluids IV

This is TMI, but during my period changing my tampon 5 minutes isnt enough
I used to wear those paper undies, along w/ 5 extra large maxi pads, a tampon & it wasnt enough,
I bleed too much if I move about

the yeast
falls out of my skin!

& I have had mono 5 times

I am allergic (by test) to anything with sugar, dairy, soy, beef, eggs, viniger, nightshade veggies, most fruit, molds, grass, fungus, peanuts, fragrance, dyes, fermented, alcohol, white bleeched grains, etc

I am 22 & cant remember my name at times because my body makes me drunk

I dont want attention
I dont even like when people talk to me

I am mentally sound other than anxiety brought on by my health issues, & not being able to think or see straight
but thanks for accusing me

Sounds like pro and pre biotics might help, as well as a balanced diet and gentle exercise. Oli of Evening Primrose and Agnus Castus would help with the hormonal stuff... have you seen a herbalist?

Certainly avoid sugar for your yeast and "auto brewery"... possibly echinaea for those too.

The reason you're not getting Govt help is that these diseases are not uncommon... the IBS and candiasis are linked, and the polycystic ovaries/heavy periods/hormonal imbalance. go along with improperly or un-treated gynae stuff.

For the skin yeast, try getting your Dr to prescribe a dandruff shampoo (eg Selsun) with selenium in it, or use Wrights Coaltar soap.

BTW... I don't think you're a hypochondriac necessarily, but you're definately over-diagnosing and awfulising common problems.  (+ info)

Females only) What you do if you had this combo of illnesses?:?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Leaky Gut
Social Anxiety and Avoidant Personality Disorder
Severe, Chronic Candidiasis/Fungemia (a systemic yeast infection of the blood and all orfices, that is very serious)
Chronic Fatigue with a suppressed immune system
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
and Panic Attacks


These are all symptoms of a pituitary/adrenal disorder. Hirsutism, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, GI symptoms, problem with sleep, immune problems point to adrenal problems either caused by problems with your pituitary (which regulates adrenals) or directly from adrenals. Have your cortisol levels checked...preferrably by an Endocrinologist with pituitary expertise.  (+ info)

Cat bite/scratch infection, can't take antibiotics?, what now?

Yesterday my cat/s scratched and bit me badly while I was bathing them (they messed in the carrier). Today I feel dizzy and like I'm tripping a little, I can't concentrate well, and I fell all weird in the head, esp when I talk. I am allergic to pennicilin, and I'm not supposed to take most? any? antibiotics (due to candidemia/invasive candidiasis/fungemia). Any idea what I should do? My husbands doctor told him, his wounds were badly infected or something?, and could've been fatal, and that he should've gone to the ER imediately yesterday. He is now on many huge antibiotic "horsepills", but I have no idea what to do, and I feel so bad =(
It's not "a little yeast", I have a suppressed immune system, and it is throughout my body, and also possibly fatal if not controlled. Also, it's not just pennicilin that I can't take, it's most or all?
whatever can feed the yeast. =(

OhmyGod! Get to the hospital! Are you nuts? Who's there with you? Your husband? Tell him to get his coat on and drive you to the hospital now. You need some form of prohylaxis against the crap that was on your cats claws. Cryptosporidia is extremely nasty. You do not want that. Go. Now.  (+ info)

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