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What are the birth defects associated with salicylic acid?

I have found plenty of websites that say salicylic acid can cause birth defects, but not a one that says what those birth defects are. Does anyone know what they are, or where to look? Thanks a bunch!!

Absolutely nothing. My doctor told me I could use salicylic acid face wash,as long as I didn't use the kind that I had to sit in for long periods of times (ie face masks,etc). My son is 8 weeks old,and totally 100% fine,and I had no problems with my pregnancy.  (+ info)

What are the chances my daughter will have birth defects?

I was a xanax addict during 6 months of my pregnancy. I have researched and found that xanax is a contributor to defects such as cleft lip/palate and other congenital disorders. Does anyone have a story to share about their own or someone they knows experience with xanax and birth? I am also curious if anyone knows how great my risk is for defects? At my 20 week sonogram everything looked great, but I know that they do not detect such defects. Thanks for your help.

I'm the father of a 5-year old daughter with birth defects. I'm not here to holler at you. I just want you to know that I will pray for your daughter's health, and for you to continue to stay clean. Just remember, if things DO happen, that "special" kids need love, attention, and understanding even more than other kids. Amazing things can happen with continuous effort. My wife and I couldn't imagine life without EITHER of our daughters.  (+ info)

What makes a person of asian decent more likely to have a baby with birth defects?

When I had my 12 week triple screen done to evaluate the possibility of birth defects, there was a questionnaire. One of the questions was am I of asian decent. Why would that matter? Are there some birth defects that are more common among asians?
The question was actually worded "Are you of Asian decent?" with a place to circle yes or no. It didn't ask if I was any other race. It was not a fill in the blank. There is clearly something about being of Asian decent that they are worried about. What could it be?

the only birth defect ther are more prone too then others is cleft palate
asian , latinos , other than that i have no clue why they asked that  (+ info)

What is the cause of birth defects that resulted in autism and attention deficit?

I know for a fact that birth defects like deafness, blindness, congenital heart and down syndrome are causes of german measles, chicken pox, high fever, asthma or mother conceiving babies in their old age and etc... but what causes autism and attention deficits? can they be acquired or really inborn?

Functional defects can affect the nervous system, immune system, reproductive system, endocrine system, or other systems of the body, and may not become apparent for months or years. These may include, for example, mental retardation, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), some types of blindness and deafness, some immunological problems, and some degenerative disorders. AD/HD is a disorder that makes it hard for children to sit still, control their behavior, and pay attention. It is usually diagnosed before the age of 7, but not always. Doctors aren't sure what causes AD/HD, but studies support the theory that it is related to an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters.
  (+ info)

Is there ways to tell if a baby has birth defects before birth?

I know there's the test you take around 16 weeks for birth defects but are there other ways for doctors to tell if there's birth defects before the baby is born? Or do you just have to wait until the baby is born? Also, does the heart rate tell you anything about how healthy the baby is?

Thank you!

Just have an abortion and don't worry about it  (+ info)

Biological clock question regarding when do increase of birth defects start?

Is it a myth that having children between 35 and 40 have a higher chance of birth defects?

My perinatologist showed me the charts for chromosomal defects - which depicted them in a visible chart form, and not just numbers. Yes, the increase does start around age 35, BUT the risk is still relatively low until age 40 or even later. It was very visible on this chart. So he was advising me to waste no time, and have my children before I turned 40.  (+ info)

Does your doctor tell your about birth defects and how to prevent them?

For my Grad Project, I want to know what is being done to prevent birth defects? First I need to know are doctors letting men and women know about the risk, and if they are what are they telling you to do?

The only real warning that they can give you ahead of time is to let you know about the risk of genetic birth defects (not those caused by environment) once you are 35 or older.

Besides that, there's nothing really to say except to detect them and come up with a plan to do what is possible to correct what can be corrected (such as cleft palate).  (+ info)

What happens to cosmetics with defects ?

What happens to cosmetics that have various packaging defects ? Are they disposed ? Or do they sell them ? I have seen some products (Mac,Estee Lauder) that have small packaging defects for sale.Out of curiosity I bought a lip gloss(Estee Lauder shine pops) and the quality & contents are the same as the original. Only thing is that the gloss color is differant from what is says on the lable. It says "Mellow Yellow" when the colour is actually "sweet nectar". Has anyone else seen stuff like this ?
I got mine from a shop in Colombo,Sri Lanka called "Osborn". I also bought a lip gloss called "Dior Kiss" for 475 Rupees.It's about 2500 Rupees if you are buying from a authorized shop.

A lot of name brand defects are still sold, just for a cheaper price than that of a non defective product.  (+ info)

What birth defects would someone had if two cousins had a kid together?

I NEVER DATE MY FAMILY.! I am just curious. I know allot of famlies did this for centuries. The russains, the romans, the europeans. I was just wondering what were their birth defects.
Whats it called i know they get the disorder where they cant stop bleeding.
hahaha ebola is a monkey disease!

Probably none.
A family has to do that for several generations before it causes a problem.  (+ info)

What are the birth defects caused by Depopervara?

If someone becomes pregnant and is unaware and they go and get the depo shot, what are the possible birth defects?

It is of special concern if used during the first 3 ,months of pregnancy

One study found that babies born to
mothers who received their last Depo
Provera shot within four weeks of getting
pregnant were a little more likely to have
lower birth weight babies than those born to
mothers who had unplanned pregnancies for
other reasons. Other studies of mothers on
Depo Provera have not supported this
association. Further studies are needed to
determine if there is an increased risk for
lower birth weight if you become pregnant
when using Depo Provera for contraception.
What are the effects on my baby if I was
already pregnant when I received my Depo
No studies have shown an increase in
birth defects or long term health issues from
use of Depo Provera during pregnancy. In
addition, there is no indication that Depo
Provera causes an increase in pregnancy loss  (+ info)

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