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So i have been having the feeling of gag like and it wont stop?? I do have bad anxiety and depression and last night i did go out and had a drink...COuld it be because of that?i feel a bt of nauseated too. NO hangover because i only had a glass of wine. ;( I do have a poor diet also.
how can i make a quick fix of it?

Gagging is a major symptom os gastritis. . Specially if its around meal time your stomach is reacting to this new change. If you are having a bad diet, like skipping meals or not eating enough and when you eat, only eating bread or something just to ease the hunger cuz you are sad and don't feel like eating, this can develop a condition in your stomach called gastritis (because the acids in your stomach have no food to work on they damage your stomach wall) which can lead to an ulcer (you don't want ulcers they are painfull).
Gastritis can be reverse by a healthy eating diet (no irritant foods- ask your doctor )or at least make sure you always have food in your stomach when your acid drops -meal time- so it doesn't damage your stomach. An ulcer can not be reverse those nasty things are sores in the walls of your stomach. You should probably see your doctor.  (+ info)

How do I stop gagging when I go to the doctor to get a throat Culture?

I have to go to the doctor to get a throat culture! Just thinking of them makes me gag! How do I stop gagging when they give me one?

i friggin hate those things. you cant do anything to stop it. it is over before you know it  (+ info)

Is gagging on certain foods considered an allergic reaction?

That's what a doctor told me. I gag on certain fruits & vegetables. How can I eat bananas, tomatoes, beets, & yogurt without gagging or vomiting?

It sounds like an allergic response. Not to be confused with an intolerance. Many people have an intolerance for certain food and don't even know it. For example: A significant number of people are lactose intolerant. It causes upset stomachs, gas, cramps and other assorted gastro-intestinal pain. However if it were an allergy it would be potentially deadly. People with food allergies can have the suspect food only once in their life before the body creates anti-bodies against it. The second time you have the suspect food (like peanuts for example) the body with see it as an invader and attack with great force. The resulting defense will potentially kill the person as it can close up the windpipe or cause the person to go into shock. Food allergies are nothing to mess around with.

It sounds like your gagging may be allergic - be careful. However, you may just be allergic to food-pollen. This will seem to cause similar problems as far as gagging, throat closing up, oral itching et al. However these present themselves over a range of foods.  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between choking and gagging?

Inspired by McMom's answer to a previous question, that choking and gagging are two very different things.

I jump every time my baby gags. I can never tell if that gag is going to turn into a choke.

What is the difference, and how do you relaxed moms distinguish the two?

I've heard that has long as they are coughing, then it's okay. That means that the air passage is not blocked. Ditto on crying.

It's when they aren't making a sound, that you should worry.  (+ info)

How can I stop getting a gagging feeling from taking my medication?

Ok as of lately, anytime I prep my medication (put it out to take it) , I start to get to get this bad gagging feeling, like I'm about to eat something really nasty. I can't seem to help it. I think this is due to fact that I've actally tasted the nasty taste of my capsales but past that I don't know why I getting this reaction in trying to take my medication. Any suggestions?

It's all mind over matter. Psych yourself into it and do it quickly.If the pill is large then you should ask the phramacist if it can be crushed so you can mix it into ice cream, pudding, applesauce, what ever you like. If it's a capsule and not time released you can open it up and do the same. Also you can ask the Pharmacist next time you have a script for a tablet to order it in a liquid, sometimes they can or mention it to your doctor next time. Remember, it really is mind over matter so you can do it!  (+ info)

How can I prevent myself from gagging at the dentist while getting a filling?

I am getting a small hole filled in each of my k9's so thankfully it is in the front of my mouth but I am still scared of gagging... What can I do to prevent that?

  (+ info)

How can i swallow hard liquor without gagging before it goes down?

I really want to be able to drink hard liquor and party with my friends, but everytime i even take a small sip and try to force it down i start to gag a little. Please don't say you shouldn't be drinking. Just tell me what i can do or is that anything i can try that will help me be able to take it down easier or just be able to swallow it without gagging.

Chase it dude,GL  (+ info)

How can I keep from gagging when using dentures?

After having my dentures in my mouth for a few minutes I start gagging and then I take them out.I had the relined and that did not help.

Believe me, I know what you are talking about! Do you have a full set of dentures? I do, and yes, I had a very big problem with gagging. I think my problem was that it felt like the top dentures went too far down the back of my throat and that's why I was gagging. It feels like this because they are thicker than your normal mouth and throat was. Your dentist may be able to trim down the thickness of the denture. Mine did and it helped a lot! The longer I wore my dentures, the easier it got. I had a bigger problem with eating. It felt like I couldn't chew my food very well. Do NOT take them out because you are having problems. This is the worse thing you can do, because you will never get used to them. Be sure to keep them in your mouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Now, since I have had my dentures for a couple of years, I have no problems. I think it will get better the longer you wear them. Best of luck and keep on smiling!!!  (+ info)

How do you eat right when you cant stop gagging?

Trying to eat better, but I have this mental block where i cant eat anything im not used to without gagging at just the thought of it in my mouth. How do i eliminate this gagging reflex and eat right?

Do you have a texture problem? I love bananas, but the texture of them makes me gag, and peas too. I just have to find new ways to eat them. Like freezing the banana, or eating the peas while in the pod and raw. Look for creative ways to incorporate the foods you need into the foods you like.
Happy cooking.  (+ info)

How to take shots of vodka without gagging?

How do you take shots of vodka without getting a full taste of it, and gagging ?

Drink expensive vodka.  (+ info)

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