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Am i pregnant or is it Galactorrhea?

I had my son a year ago and 3 months after he was born I lost 40 pounds well here I am 1 year later and my back is killing me and I have horrible head aches. And I have gained most of my weight back. Well 3 days ago I was in the bath and I looked down and it looked like I was leaking colostrum (it was clear with a yellow tint) I never breast feed I was not able to supply enough for my son. After that happened I swear I felt movement in my belly, I have not missed my period yet. although it did seem shorter than usual. I took two urine pregnancy tests both negative. I have never took birth control or any other drugs. The only method we use is the (pull out method) ah.. MEN.. So today I went to the doctor and I told him everything that was going on and once I told him I was leaking colostrum he gave me this weird look, well it turns out that I might have what is called GALACTORRHEA which is a tumor in the brain that tells your body you are pregnant. Eh.. they took blood test so I find out tomorrow what the news is.. At this point I am praying that I am pregnant! Has anyone had this happen to them I will update when I find out the news.

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Has anyone had glactorrhea or a pituitary glad disorder?

So i had a mammogram done today and an ultrasound to see why my right breast is leaking. They are now suspecting galactorrhea, but that is really hard to catch considering tests run on the pituitary gland can be easily misdiagnoised. Has anyone had glactorrhea or a pituitary glad disorder? If so how was it diagnoised and when was it diagnoised in relation to when you started showing symptoms?
If you could, please also describe your treatment.
Thanks! I am really worried.

i have got acromegaly,a disease of the pituitary gland and i have just had surgery to remove the tumour 6 months a go,the tumour has been growing for 7 or 8 years there are many symptoms.i am know on a hormone reducing drug.see the doctor to get your hormone levels checked.ct or mri to see the size of the pituitary gland.go see a endocrine doctor.  (+ info)

Anyone have knowledge about pineal gland cysts?

I had an MRI a few days ago, looking for the cause of my galactorrhea (expecting to find a pituitary tumor). Turns out I have a cyst in my pineal gland, along with some "thickening."

I've researched this a little on the internet but there seems to be a lack of knowledge.
and is there any connection to my newly diagnosed hypothyroidism?

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Why do I still have milk in my breasts?

I had a baby Dec 2006.I breast fed for a couple of months.My son is now 16 months.Why do I still have milk in my breasts.It's not a alot.The milk comes out when I squeeze my nipple.I went to the doctor last Thursday and they done blood tests on me,but they couldn't find anything.What could be causing my galactorrhea?Is it normal?Has anyone else had it?
Thanks so much for your answers.I feel better that other women have experienced this problem.

I have gone to several different doctors about this problem myself. They all tell me the same thing they told you there is nothing wrong. My son will be 13 in August I have had my tubes timed and can not have any more children. My breasts have had milk in them since I was 3 months pregnant and never went away. I notice that the one time they have less milk than normally (if this can be normal) when I am about to start my period.

Your galactorrhea is a normal experience even this late in the game, to help lessen this problem try stimulating your breasts, this will ease any discomfort and also keep the nipples contracted which in most cases will help prevent the unexpected breast milk leakage.  (+ info)

Could all of these medical symptoms be interrelated?

Chronic sweating, (chest pains, but may be caused by anxiety), frequent headaches, joint pains, pain with intercourse, dizziness and pounding pain in head upon standing, and galactorrhea ( breast milk production without pregnancy.

Treat the patient not the disease is the golden principal of Homeopathic medicine, whatever is happening in your body Physically and Emotionally are 100% interrelated they always are and should be treated and cured as such. The symptoms that you have given in your question are those of the Homeopathic Remedy BRYONIA ALBA use it in 30 potency three times a day half an hour before meals and you will be perfectly alright in a few days without any side effects or complications of any kind.
To read more about the said remedy please click the link below :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/b/bry.htm

Take Care and God Bless you.  (+ info)

Any one have experience with leaky nipples? NOT PREGNANT OR NURSING?

My nipples have started leaking!!

I am NOT pregnant, NOT on the pill. I stopped breastfeeding my second child over a year ago and my milk dried up quick.

I will call and make an appt with the Dr. tomorrow, just curious if anyone else has had a leaky nipple problem?

I read that it could be Galactorrhea...

I also asked this question in Womens Health category, just trying to get some answers!
I know I can leak for awhile, after my first child I leaked for probably 6 months, after my daughter was weaned it stopped after probably 2 months... and that was about a year ago! this episode is spontaneous!

that's happened to me only like once and it wasn't anytime near any of my 3 pregnancy's, it was just a clear fluid, doctor said it was very normal just a hormone thing, think about it we have ducts there so sometimes stuff is bound to take a little detour and come out,,,,,just as long as your not filling up milk jugs around the house, im sure your fine,,,,,,,us women have a body that just wont stop giving us entertainment  (+ info)

Can anybody help me? I'm 14, not on the pill, and milk is leaking from my breasts.?

Okay, so I'm fourteen and recently milk leaked from my breast when i squeezed. I read up on it and figured out it's called galactorrhea. I also read that it can be signs of a tumor? Obviously, I've never had a child. I'm not taking birth control, but i've had sex. I'm really freaking out :( can anybody help me?

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what is the doc thinking?

I went to the gyno today to get a lump in my breast checked out....I am 25...had a baby Feb.2006...breast fed for 3 months....anyway...if I sqeezed my armpit...I had a clear fluid that was sticky come out...also around my areola...only when sqeezed....he didn't say anything to me accept that I was getting a mammogram...lab work for prolactin (milk)....TSH....and galactorrhea which I think is the pituitary glands...my question is...that my mammogram isn't scheduled until December 18...if he thought that it was cancer...wouldn't it be sooner...more than later....what do you think is going on? He really didn't tell me anything?

Your milk hasn't completely dried up yet.....that's all the fluid is.
If he thought this was serious he would have you in quickly.  (+ info)

birth control question?

so after i took my last sugar pill. i was going to open up my new packet of birth control pills, and figured out i had none left. It took me 5 days to get another pack.. so when i started taking them again, my stomach feels. empty? i don't know i can't really explain it. and today something freaked me out! i figured out when i squeeze my breast some milky substance comes out of them. i wanna know if this is normal and does my body have to get used to the pill again, or what. & i believe the leaking is called galactorrhea

This is normal. Many reproductive aged women have milky discharge and it is indeed called galactorrhea.

This is due to the imbalance in your hormone levels caused by not being able to get your birth control pills right after your last cycle.

Do not worry, it is normal. Just make sure to use good hygiene over the next few weeks because your skin follicles can become infected and then your breasts may become sore, red, and irritated.

However, after you've been on your pills for a few weeks and the discharge has not resolved, you should consult your doctor and let him/her know and she may be able to adjust your contraceptive.

There are many other drugs/supplements that can cause galactorrhea that are available over the counter.

One other cause of galactorrhea is the use of marijuana. It can affect your prolactin levels (which is another hormone) and causes the milky discharge.  (+ info)

im 25...................I NEED HELP?

I am 25 and i have been trying everything to get pregnant and i found that i have galactorrhea and that is what has been stopping me.

it is basically thati am producing prolactin which doesnt let me ovulate therefor not being able to concieve i am now taking bromocriptine which is supposed to stop the breastmilk.

have been taking it for a week and the milk is already gone do u think i will ovulate this month being that i am not having anymore high levels of prolactin.

i got my period the 22 of this month but due to galactorrhea my period has become irregular

does any1 kno when im going to ovulate i dont normally get my per. 28days its more like 30-32 days never on time exactly.
any1 can give me any tips in details on what can i do to concieve now

I have found (from advise on here) a book called "taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler. It is FANTASTIC and by reading this, I have learnt so much about my body and for being 30 years old that I never knew, i'm ashamed that I didn't know before this. It teaches you to learn and understand your body and it tells you in its own way what is going on with your cycles. The book explains how to chart your temp (bbt) every day, understand your cervical mucus and other signals. By learning this, you will know when you are ovulating and when will be the highest chance you can conceive. I HIGHLY recommend this. They also have a website which has initial free trial period, but the book is worth every penny!!! Best of luck to you (and me) {{{baby dust}}}  (+ info)

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