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How were you able to help yourself get past your gambling addiction?

If you have a gambling problem, what were some ways that you were able to stop gambling?

Let me tell you my story
I was (now on rehab) addicted to Heroin and in the same time on gambling for a very long time.
I was may i say allmost 3 years every day several times a day at the Casino, i even tried to go and follow some gambling rules like, never change your poker machine , or roullette & black jack sitting place...
When i managed to get enough money on these games (in the beggining i allways won and get for example 100 to 1000 $ per day)i used to go out and half of them spent on Heroin then , half of them on gambling again....
That was my daily destination.First Casino, then go for my heroin dose, then when i am calm and pleased of the Heroin back again for gamble...There was times when i was so broke, i didn't have a broken cent , i used to sell things from home, first i sold all the gold and some diamond rings and earings then i began to sell my leather and fur (jackets, shoes , coats, bags ...), in the end my computer , iPod , Mp3 player, DvD, and Television all gone for my 2 vices :/
When i managed to get money by selling home things , i was first going at the Casino , and then for my Heroin dose (i shoot heroin intravenous maybe 5,6 times a day with a high dose)....
In the end i was so broked, that i started to steal things from shops, like books, sunglases,watches, nice pens , alcohol drinks and so on...
That was my last stupid thing, and i was so depressed and i have no way to get out of the stupid and sick things that i have done...Lucky for me i have only 19 years, when i was16,17 was still home with my parents and addicted quite a bit,but when i have my 18 birthday my parents bought me a small 2 room apartment, cause i was very successful at highschool and at the university later...i won many awards in highschool in maths, physics, biology and then i enter to the faculty of engineering and information technology , the best in my country, and have best grades....For all that, my parents never had doubt in me, they used to trust me very much and gave everything to me...I ruined all that,
One day 7 months ago , all crushed and totaly helpless i went back to my parents house and told them everything from A to Z...
They were very dissappointed and stressed of the situacion but ready and willing to help me immediatly at the right moment...
That is my story and maybe you are not interested in it, but i feel the need first time in my life to tell this in public...So in my opinion i think that the sure cure for gambling is,
First staying at home (or in some small mountain village,or lake settlement,out of the city)for at least one month(i was 3 months away from my town), then when your back home, or in the streets try to avoid the places that remind you of your best wons and looses in the past.If you still have the need for gambling you should download some games from internet and play them at home when you awfully have the need to gamble ...Try to keep a big amount of money away from you for at least 5-6 months, and try to fill your daily activitys , you must not have spare or free time , here are some advices you should try, enter some non goverment organisations, for helping people, animals, enviroment...get yourself a nice and cute pet (i have a little dog :P) and devote to it , if you have children or little cousins go and spent time with them, if you study or work concentrate yourself on the job...
In the evening go with your friends or partner out in the cinema, theatre or eat delicious food in some nice pub or restaurant.
Gambling gives you expectation incertitude and high adrenaline, if you can aford yourself try with some extreme sports , that will also increase your adrenaline and you will feel happy and full of joy...
If you don't like extreme sporting, try just any kind of sport, from jogging to aerobics and fitness then you may try tennis, table tennis, baseball, maybe pilates, yoga, tai chi , meditation .... Also you should go on psychiatrist, or psychologist, they have nice and methods that can really help you , if you are not able to trust in them, or you just think that they can't help you , then don't go, cause they are not going to change your life if you don't thruly want that.The most important thing is that you are awake, and you are able to see that you are getting addicted to something, and that you don't want to be anymore.The strenght in you , to pass your addiction is the most important thing , that will help you the most, as no therapist can help you.So you and only you can help yourself, but surely you will need high support from your parents or your relatives or your friends and partner ...
I think that as the time is going on and on you are slowly going to forget the need for gambling, because you will find more interesting more productive more sane and normal things to do, even if they are small things they will make you happy, they will make your life enjoyable, and you will learn to respect and to get excited of thoose small things ..
Take care and learn to love your life :) if this was your problem too

P.S: Sorry for my bad english , i am from a small country with another language and people rarely speek english  (+ info)

How come gambling addiction, doesn't get the same exposure as far as it bad effects as drugs or alcohol?

I know that it has to do w/ that fact that the States and cities make a ton of money on gambling, but i think they should be putting more money into treating the addiction.
It makes no difference that there's a substance involved in drugs or alcohol. The public doesn't realize that. The addiction is the part where you get high, whether it's from alcohol, drugs, or gambling.

Because, alcohol and drugs are substances....gambling is an action.....
Substances are more related to health issues than activities themselves...  (+ info)

Would you say a gambling addiction is as bad as a drug addiction?

I would, a drug addiction other than public feelings towards you affects you only. A gambling addiction on the other hand, although does not affect you physically, affects you and your family financially.

Unfortunately, any addiction can be crippling to a family. No addiction is any "better" than an other. Most family members are surprised and confused by any addiction and feel that they are unable to help. Ultimately, an addiction can ruin a person's life and thier family along with it. If you recognise that one of your family has any kind of addiction, it's up to you to try and get some kind of help, as the person with the addiction, rarely thinks that anything is wrong..  (+ info)

How does one overcome a gambling problem?

I seriously hate the affects gambling has had on my life. All aspects of my life have been damaged as a result of my compulsive gambling habits, yet I am always struggling with some inner urge to throw down a bet. As detremental to my life and to the people I love as it is, sadly - I rarely win that struggle. How do I overcome my compulsive gambling issues?

You know what I do not wish to sound cruel but , the only person who can change this "gambling" situation is YOU...no amount of therapy, coaching or anything else will do it ..YOU are the one with the problem and YOU have to strict with yourself if YOU really want to quit this habit. I have every sympathy please don't get me wrong but the answer lies within YOU. xx good luck xx  (+ info)

Are there treatment programs that are specifically for gambling addicts?

I have noticed that a lot of people are getting addicted to gambling. I have an acquaintance who has admitted that she loves to gamble because of the adrenaline rush it gives her. I was just wondering if gambling addiction is a serious enough issue and if it is, if there are treatment programs out there for people who have gotten addicted to gambling.

Just like alcoholism or drug addiction, gambling addiction is considered as an illness. Fortunately, there are treatment programs available for chronic gamblers. Though there is no cure and the occurrence of relapse is always possible, it can be treated. You can probably suggest to your friend that she contact her local health services department and ask about treatment centers. Gambling addiction is something that must not be taken lightly.  (+ info)

How can I find an addiction treatment center for gambling addiction in Kemah, Texas?

My brother's always gambling his money away. He incessantly asks our parents for money and then he just uses it so he could gamble. He would make up a variety of excuses to explain where the money went and my parents actually believe him. I think I'm now ready to tell my parents about what he really does. I also want to find treatment centers that can deal with his case. How?

I'm so sorry about what has happened to your brother. I think it would be right to let your parents know about this. Oftentimes, gambling addiction leads not only to problems of a financial nature, but also causes various psychological problems for family members and other people close to the addict. I think it would take more than just a little coaxing to get your brother accept the fact that he indeed has a problem with his gambling. As for finding an addiction treatment center, below are links that can help you find one. You can also ask your parents to take your brother to a psychologist. The psychologist will surely help you out in finding treatment centers. Good luck!  (+ info)

Do you think someone can recover from a gambling addiction by reading the medical books and online discussion?

I am curious to the opinions of others. Do you think that someone can recover from a compulsive gambling problem by reading online materials and other resources, or do you think it is necessary for that person to attend Gamblers Anonymous Meetings or other recovery meetings of some kind?

I think if the gambling problem is relatively new, the person may benefit from using these resources. If the problem has been going on for a while or is severe, it would be harder to treat. Best Wishes.  (+ info)

Could a gambling addict be cured from that addiction without ever getting therapy?

Could a gambling addict be cured without going to therapy?

Addiction is for life, it is never cured, it is managed.  (+ info)

Are there any gambling addiction treatment centers in Greensburg, Pennsylvania?

I have a friend who's always gambling his money away. He's always thinking about gambling too. I think he's got a gambling addiction and I want to know how to find treatment centers that he can look into so that he'll get treated. However, I haven't convinced him to get himself treated yet. Any ideas?

Does anybody else know of your friend's gambling addiction? His parents, maybe? It might be easier to convince him if you do an intervention. Gather his closest friends and family members and make him see what he's doing to himself.

I don't know if there are treatment centers in Greensburg that address issues of gambling. However, here are some links that may be able to help you out. You can also contact your local health services administration and inquire. Asking hospital staff may yield some results too. Good luck!  (+ info)

Is there any help for gambling addiction that is not a 12 step program?

I need to find some kind of secular help for gambling that does not involve turning my life over to a higher power. I am an atheist and these religious or quasi religious 12 step programs do not work for me.
Some people may not perceive 12-step programs to be religious, but my perception is that they are, and that limits their usefulness to me. I don't want to get in an argument about whether 12-step programs are religious or not. Let's just say that whether or not they actually are religious, they feel like they are to me.

Gamblers annonymous has nothing to do with religion.Try typing that into your search bar.  (+ info)

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