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Ganglion cysts?

I have a ganglion cyst on my right hand, and its not that big. Will it keep on growing? My mom has one and shes had it for almost 20 years now, she got the fluid injected out, but it came back. I don't want to get it surgically removed. Do i have to?

They can go away spontaneously. they can stay the same or they can grow. If they don't grow they are usually benign. If they grow...they can start to cause pain and be harder to remove surgically. There have been reports of them getting whacked by accident (with a book) and that causes them to go away. I don't know if that is an old wife's tale...so don't wack it and hurt yourself.  (+ info)

ganglion cysts?

i have a knot on my wrist ,went to the cuz i hit it at work.they said it was a ganglion cyst and that the pain would go away cuz i couldn't use my hand for a week.pain is constant,it goes up my arm,wrist, and hand. the other day i noticed another on my knuckle cuz it hurt. i looked on webmd but they didn't answer my question. if anyone else has ever had these, can you tell me what i should do cuz i can't not use my hand. do you think it could be something else. thanx in advance.

A ganglion cyst is a bundle of nerves forming a small little ball. It can put pressure on other parts around it and have pain or numbness radiate to other body parts. In your case, it sounds as if it is pinching on something in your hand/wrist area causing you to lose movement and have some pain.

There is nothing you can really do about a ganglion on your own. No ice or anything else will really help. You'll need to see a specialist, so you'll need a referral from your regular physician. If you don't have a regular doc, then go to a walk-in clinic and get the referral from them.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Are these ganglion cysts? And is it possible for ganglion cysts to spread around an area?

I tried to pop my handa little over a month ago and the next morning a large bump popped on my hand and was very painful. The next day another place right next to it had a bump, and ofer the past few weeks I've been getting lumps all over the bottom of my palm and down into my wrist.Two days ago a lump popped up on the back of my wrist causing me not to be able to bend my hand without excrutiating pain. I've googled ganglion cysts and several pages i looked at said that it was highly unlikely for people under twenty to get them, and I'm only 16.

Your doctor can actually give you a steroid shot to help shrink them.  (+ info)

Can ganglion cysts and pregnancy be related?

I am 28 weeks along, about 5 days ago i noticed a medium bump right above where my wrist bends, it developed suddenly and it hurts only with pressure. I saw online it was a ganglion cyst, my mom had one drained, but r they pregnancy related and will my doctor be willing to drain it before i give birth?

I don't think they are pregnancy related. I had one on the top of my foot for a few years. Doc didn't want to do anything to it, sometimes it would swell, other times it would go down. Eventually it went away on its own.

Shouldn't be any reason your Doc wouldn't want to drain it because you're pregnant. Would only take a local and a needle to drain it.  (+ info)

Are ganglion cysts with bone islands bad?

I've been having limited motion and pain (lifting heavy objects, even doing nothing at all) on my left wrist ever since I noticed a recurring ganglion appearing (even after surgery to remove it) right on the actual wrist part. Upon having x-rays at the orthopedic medical office, 2 bone islands were found. What should I do? Is this bad? Is it removable?

Since I have ganglion cysts of the hand, this Question interested me.

When I researched "bone islands", I found them defined as either enostosis or enchondroma and classified as benign (noncancerous) bone tumors. I didn't find any connection between the ganglion cysts and bone islands, but then I'm not an orthopedist.

I have had one ganglion cyst removed from the base of my middle finger, and now I have another one high on the palm of that same hand.

I'm sorry that I couldn't provide an Answer about your diagnosis and treatment, but this Question may be too advanced for most Yahoo Answers participants. Your physician would probably be your best resource in this matter.  (+ info)

How well does an MRI show ganglion cysts?

I'm pretty sure I have a cyst in my right wrist, but the MRI only showed two "small" cysts in two of my carpal bones. I'm pretty sure I have a larger one near the surface (because I can see the lump).

The terms large, medium and small generally have a little different meaning to a doctor than they do regular folks. While it may seem that you have one very large cyst, you really may have two small ones located close to one another. The MRI would very clearly show the outlines of the cysts, as the cyst walls would show up. You would not necessarily be able to palpate them as separate entities. And while it seems large to you, no doubt because it's on your arm- keep in mind that cysts can get quite large. I've seen some that were down right impressive, walnut size and larger. Once you see one of those, it gives a new definition to large, medium and small. Because as large as I thought that was, the surgeon said he'd seen bigger. In the end it just doesn't really matter whether you have two small or one large, though. They can still be removed at the same time, if you like, and then you have no problem at all.  (+ info)

Is it possible for ganglion cysts to form on the shin?

I have a small, pea-sized lump on my right shin. I'm hoping this is just a cyst, and not a tumor. Help please?
It's a firm, pea sized lump. No pain, it's numb. Feels like Icyhot, but just icy. No redness or marks on skin.

it is definitely not a ganglion cyst, it could be a number of things, be more specific, does it hurt? is it hard, firm, or soft? red or skin colored?
those kinda things  (+ info)

Why do people get ganglion cysts and how can you get rid of it yourself?

Please, don't put your health in the hands of an amateur forum. Respect your mind and body. Consult your doctor. (I am a physician myself and this is the best advice I can possibly give you.)  (+ info)

do ganglion cysts go away naturally?

I'm a pro pianist and any pain in my hand is going to affect my playing. Is there anything I can do to facilliatate the removal of what I'm sure is a ganglion cyst?

no they dont...
you have to go in for a simple outpatient surgery to remove them...  (+ info)

does anyone have any information on ganglion cysts?

i have a ganglion cyst and i have to get surgery and was wondering if anyone else has had it done and if it hurts im a little bit worried?!
i have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist and my orthapedics doctor told me to have surgery. is that right?? ive had a lot of good ansers plz keep anserin. and if i get the surgery how long is it untill i can swim??

Are they located in your wrists and i would question if it isn't not a hemangioma instead...

SERIOUSLY, HUN, If you are not in a lot of pain i would not do surgery, yet!!! Surgery sucks anytime you have it- face it - you are being CUT and they are either -repairing, removing or implanting something so the need for meds due to pain is necessary. I understand your apprehension.

http://www.medicinenet.com/ganglion/article.htm  (+ info)

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