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Why is the room spinning? gas leak carbon, monoxide poisoning?

Well this morning a natural gas line was cut in the building right next to my dorm. We had to evacuate the building. I'm still worried that there might be a potential for it to leak again. What would the symptoms be.
Just now while i was on my computer i realized that i felt odd and dizzy. When i sat up i still felt that way and the room seemed to be spinning slightly. I don't know if its from only getting 4 hrs of sleep last night but usually i don't get dizzy. I thought it would go away when i stubbed my toe but it didn't. I guess i'll know somethings wrong when i hear bodies hit the ground in the rooms along the hall. For a precaution i cracked the window.

do you have a fan or central air or air condition you can turn on ,? or open the window all the way for a few min. ,,,,,,,,,,,go knock on your neighbors room and check with them,,,,,,,,do you have an alarm in the hall way for that , ? leave your door open for a few min.i would check the alarm if it runs on a battery and you can remove it from the wall and take it to your room and see if it beeps. .......or go sleep in friends room,,,,,  (+ info)

can you get carbon monoxide poisoning if your neighbor in apartment left gas on for 2 days?

she left town wednesday and i have been sleepy (in bed) banging headache (still!) but not much naseau..

my neigbor left town wednesday and the tenants on our floor have smelled the odor of gas.. our apartment doors have gaps... we can smell everyone else's dinner.. the smell got intensley bad until i contacted maintenance.. he showed up 3 hours later ( ????) and discovered our nighbor had left her stove or burner on high for 2 days!!!

maybe it's just a coincidence, but i have been sick for 2 days in bed...

could i possibly have a touch of carbon monoxide poisioning?
if so, do you just sleep it off?

Call 911 and ask them... i wouldn't sleep it off, you might never wake up lol...  (+ info)

Is lead poisoning a problem in South Korea?

Is leaded gas and lead-based painted used in South Korea? How developed is South Korea? How does its sanitary regulations compare to the FDA in the United States?

It could be a problem in older buildings where remodeling has not occurred and the original paint still exists. Newer buildings and buildings which have been remodeled and repainted are not a problem.

The sanitary regulations are very similar to that of the FDA and the Korean Governments agency is modeled after the US FDA.  (+ info)

can you get carbon monoxide poison if your stove was leaking gas for about an hour?

at three in tha morning i realized i had left the gas leaking from my stove, should i be worried about carbon monoxide?

you should air out your house, if your not feeling unwell you should be o.k, maybe stay up late just to make sure your 100% o.k  (+ info)

Food Poisoning or can it be something else?

My fiance thinks it may be something he ate. He ate a burger that he thought was a little funny tasting(old). Since then he has had a mild case of diarrhea ( sorry), sulfur burps and gas of the same. What does anyone think it may be? He has had no fever, no vomiting or chills of the sort making me think stomach flu.

it may be a mild case of food poisoning or the stomach flu. there really is no way to tell without seeing him. take him to the ER, he may need fluid replacement and they can do a stool test to find out what is upsetting his gut.  (+ info)

Butane Gas Poisoning: HELP?

Im only 14 and was smoking frm this bong and i didnt know the weed was all burnt up so turns out i was inhaling bic lighter fluid instead and got an instant head rush, dizziness. Is this bad am i gonna get brain damage?

Stop all nonsense - don't add more butane to your body.
The severity of CO poisoning is in part related to the size of the person exposed. The smaller the person, the faster and more severe the impact of the CO, which means children and pets are at high risk.
The most common early symptoms of exposure to CO are similar to those of the flu: headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, weakness, dizziness and loss of consciousness.
Although CO poisoning sometimes proves fatal, even minor non-lethal levels may cause permanent damage to the tissues that are most dependent on oxygen, such as that of the brain and heart  (+ info)

Gas poisoning from unattended stove overnight?

also, would it be likely that I acquired some permanent damage to my body (i.e. brain damage, lung cancer, breathing deficiency, liver damage) ?
The stove fire was left on yesterday when we were drying a stainless steel pan, and it was forgotten. Through the whole night, the fire was left on, at about medium temperature. All windows and doors were sealed in the house.
I woke up his morning feeling suffocated, and noticed a really bad smell to the air in my house, kind of like the smell of something that was burnt black.

Obviously, there was some kind of gas poisoning, but I was wondering which gas it would be. At first, I was thinking carbon monoxide, but I heard carbon monoxide was odorless, and there was a really strong smell throughout my whole house.
Also, should I be worried about any health issues? I felt sort of nauseous in the morning shortly after, and found it hard to breathe, but after a few hours, everything became fine again.


  (+ info)

Can I pour gas on a small area of my skin to rid it of poison ivy?

My b/f keeps telling me it will kill it but I don't really want to because I've never heard of that. So has anyone tried it? If so, did it work? My b/f says that is what he and his family do all the time. I am not one of those people who just do something because someone tells me too. I am asking this because if it works then I will do it because the longer I have it, the more I put my kids at risk for it.

I would not use gas even if it works because it is toxic and some will be absorbed into your skin.
We use freshly squeezed lemon juice as this seems to work well. We've had good luck using this on poison ivy and poison oak.
Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar such as Bragg's (found in health food stores) can also neutralize the rash. Use a cotton ball soaked in either the juice or the vinegar and apply to all areas that need to be treated. Avoid getting in eyes. Do this 2-4 times per day until gone.
My daughter's went away within 3 days.
Good Luck!  (+ info)

How did the Nazis avoid inhaling residual poison each time the gas chamber doors opened to remove the bodies?

I have no idea how to answer your question, but I find the question so interesting I had to say something! LOL

In all seriousness, it's hard to imagine how they (nazis) did not get sick from the gas. Maybe they waited for it to dissipate in the chimneys? What a gruesome job. Yuck.  (+ info)

What kind of mask can I wear to protect against gas leaks , for my pregnancy?

I am need to wear a mask for only about 10 to 20 minutes. This is during an inspection. I need to wear the mask because I am pregnant and can get any infections or poisons right now my baby is being induced( means bring on labor) next week. I have a simple mask that gardeners wear when using a leaf blower, and it has a little filter on the front. Will that mask be good enough , or should I just stay out side for the inspection?

They are inspecting for leaks in your house or work? If they are inspecting for leaks you've been in the gas all the time you were expecting. All they do to inspect for leaks is walk around with a meter that beeps if it "smells" gas.  (+ info)

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