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How long should i wait till i can drink alcohol again after having gastritis?

It has been a week since I visited a health clinic and now I feel completely normal. I have none of the symptoms of gastritis; however, I just want to play it safe, so if someone could help give me a rough estimate, that would be very helpful! :D

The gastrointestinal tract is slow to heal. I would say 1 month.  (+ info)

I have gastritis, anemia, constipation and those symptoms. What can be causing all this?

Every time I eat any food for a meal my GI tract is bloated,cramped, discomfort. I'm not able to have a bowel movement for the past two months. I have to use Milk of Magnesia. My red blood cell count, hemoglobin is kind of low. A endoscopy showed to have gastritis and the colonoscopy showed the rectum is inflammed.

If low iron need a iron supplement available over counter or increase iron fortified food. Stool softener works easies then laxative.But if this serious they should give you prescition. May need more fiber, water, and chew foods longer.   (+ info)

Foods that are okay to eat for ulcers and gastritis?

I have ulcers and gastritis. I was diagnosed with gastritis when I was in 6th grade. Recently my ulcer and gastritis has gotten worse. Of course I've been eating stuff that I shouldn't be eating (shame on me) but I'm ready to say goodbye to my ulcer and gastritis. My question is are there any websites that have recipes and cooking ideas for people with ulcers and gastritis?

First of all stress is no.1 enemy of it. Try to take deep breaths, and avoid caffeine,smoking, sodas. try honey in warm milk,and foods that are easy to digest.  (+ info)

Are heart transplants typically performed on a person with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

Have there even been any heart transplants performed on patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

Occasionally yes, however, there are some surgical techniques (alcohol ablation or surgical myomectomy) which can treat the condition as well, so transplants are reserved for people who fail/cannot tolerate these procedures.  (+ info)

how are some ways that you get gastritis?

i have gastritus but i am unsure of how i got it...

can you tell me what are some ways that people get gastritis?

Spicy foods, candies, caffeine, alchohol... and sometimes, it just happens, and doctors don't know why. There is a bacteria called H. pylori that anybody can get. It causes inflammation and sometimes ulcers. Have your docs checked for this? It's easy to treat. Medicines are also a BIG cause... have you been taking Motrin or an antibiotic?  (+ info)

Any ideas on how to recover from gastritis?

Having a hard time recovering from gastritis. Any ideas?

  (+ info)

Can you have gastritis and acid reflux at the same time?

I was diagnosed with gastritis not too long ago but I have been showing acid reflux symptoms for awhile. Is it possible to have both of these at the same time? I am on Nexium, is this medicine for acid reflux as well? Thanks.
Acid reflux disease symptoms with gastritis.

Yes I have also suffered from these at the same time. I did my own research and discovered it is caused by a bacterial infection in the gut and cured mine by eating lots of unsweetened yogurt. It puts the balance of good and bad bacteria back into the stomach. Try it and good luck.  (+ info)

Which foods are bad for gastritis?

Is fried food such as Cutlet or any other food which are fried in oil in pans bad for Gastritis?
I’ve had some of them and my gastritis was disturbed. (I’ve had this chronic illness for years).
Oh, and why, digestion of apple is this much hard for our stomach. Whenever I have an apple, later I feel pinching in my stomach and it seems apple are disturbing my gastritis and also banana is doing so. I wonder banana is soft and not a hard fruit, but why does it really excite your Gastritis?

You should talk to your doctor before stopping any medicine or starting any gastritis treatment on your own. Also if its been years since you last spoken to them.
I have stomach problems also and find that avoiding any fruit with seeds better off for my tummy as well as nuts and most cooking oils. If oils are required then I make sure it is olive or corn and very little are used, mainly a "baked" and/or "broil" diet makes my stomach happier. A big no-no is FRIED foods.  (+ info)

Is it normal for gastritis to last months due to alcohol?

3 week ago I had a lot to drink. I normally do not drink that much. The next day I had stomach pains. Doctor diagnosed me with gastritis. I am to take Prilosec for the next 2 months. Has anyone else had this condition happen and how long did it last? Did you have any relapses afterward? Any advice for healing?

Gastritis is the term for any one of many diseases or conditions that cause an inflammation of the stomach lining, if it is sudden in onset, the condition is acute (this sounds like your case) if it is persistent, it is chronic. Acute cases can become chronic depending on the cause.

Treatment by acid blockers is a standard. The condition can last for days or weeks, but depending on what you eat or drink, you can actually continue to irritate the area. Avoid greasy or overly spicy food, alcohol, coffee, or highly acidic foods, even with an acid blocker, these can still irritate. If your symptoms persist as long as a month or months, further diagnosis is in order as something besides just acid can be irritating the stomach, go back to your gastroenterologist.  (+ info)

Do you have any remedy to treat gastritis ?

Do you have any remedy to treat gastritis ?
Do you think that gastritis is treatable?

Maalox, liquid or chewables. And go to your doc and get prescription Prilosec. It does wonders for me. But you have to take it every day.  (+ info)

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