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Has anyone ever heard of gastroschisis? Or had a baby with it? I just found out last week my baby has this and would like any information on it or to possibly talk with people through e-mail who has had experience with it. thanks!!!!!

Yes My daughter was born with it She will be 26 years old this month. She also had a baby that's almost 2 now. The opening to her abdomen was about 6 inches . Larger than most cases, but she is in great health. She has no belly button. When she was born both her small and large intestines were on the outside. If you have any questions please e-mail Sue  (+ info)

My baby has gastroschisis.. What questions should I ask my obgyn at my appointment today?

Im 19 weeks pregnant and found out at an ultrasound at 17weeks that our baby has gastroschisis. I have an appointment with my obgyn today. What questions should I be asking about the gastroschisis?

1) what on earth it is

2) how to cure it, if it can

3) how could it interfere with a childs development

4) any health effect on you

tbh i'm pretty sure the doctor could explain it all  (+ info)

Is there a problem for children who have had gastroschisis getting pregnant later in life?

My daughter was born with a gastroschisis 16 years ago, her scar is still really bad and she does want to have children. Will the scaring inhibit the streching of the abdomen (inside or out)?

most likely no  (+ info)

I was born with Gastroschisis and im allergic to ALOT of things would they be connected?

Gastroschisis is when you are born with your intestines and stomach outside of your body,I am allergic to Dairy Soya Wheat Animal Protein(everything that comes from and animal) Eggs Fish Peanuts Kiwi Orange Bannana 2 Types Of Dust Mites 7 Types Of Grasses do you think the two would be connected?

You are not alone in your dietry concerns see www.gastroschisis.co.uk for more information  (+ info)

How early do Gastroschisis babies come?

I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant with a Gastroschisis baby and was wondering, on average, how early these babies usually need to be born? My husband will be overseas and I do not want him to miss the birth!

From what I have read, they try to keep baby inside and healthy for as long as possable, I expect you will have ultra sounds weekly from here in to make sure growth and development are ok, and expect some major after birth care for baby, but from what I did read, chances are that baby and you will both be fine...
Good luck  (+ info)

how long will my baby be in the hospital for Gastroschisis?

I just found out my baby may have Gastroschisis, I am almost 18 weeks along *4 1/2 months*. I have been told I will probably have to have a C section, but how long will my baby be in the hospital before I get to take her home?

It really varies depending on the size of the defect, the size of the child, whether they need to have a silo or are a primary closure, what the health of the bowel is, whether any of it needs to be removed. etc. Even if they are a primary closure (which means it is closed right away) they can still have complications.

Some babies sail through it and are out of the hospital in a month or two. Some have a lot of struggles and are still in the hospital at a year or two. It really is up to the baby and there's no good way to predict ahead of time.  (+ info)

About Gastroschisis, y do young moms have higher incidence for having a baby with this defect?

they say it usually occurs for young moms below 20-21 years old? what's do with age?

Researchers theorize that gastroschisis happens because something inhibits growth of the baby's blood vessels, and they have compiled a long list of possible culprits. Cigarettes, pesticides and methamphetamine are on the list, but so are such seemingly innocuous things as aspirin and Sudafed.
It's not something biological. It has to do with environmental factors - either drugs or nutritional issues. Perhaps younger moms are exposed to these more.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had a Gastroschisis baby in Philippines?

my sister's baby was born with gastroschisis, the baby is now 2 days old and still at the hospital, is there a chance that the baby can survive, after a day or so? I'm worried for the baby.

the doctor said that there's no assurance for the baby's condition.
and the baby have to stay in the hospital for 1 month.

I'm open for those who are willing to sponsor or donate for the baby.

or if anyone know how or where to contact abs-cbn foundation, kapuso foundation, or any politician. that would be a huge help for us. thank you.

Well i'm not from the philippine but i was born with gastroschisis and i'm 16 about to be 17 and i'm perfectly fine. No complication what so ever but i was at the hospital for a month under intensive care unit. They do it to monitor you and see if your eating.
Hopefully everything will be fine.
If you have question you can ask me. If you want.  (+ info)

Looking for a pediatrician in San Antonio, TX that specializes in gastroschisis. Anyone may know of any?

I'm looking for a pediatrician in San Antonio (near 78258 zip code) that specializes in gastroschisis for newborns. My daughter is being born in about 2 weeks, and looking for a pediatrician that can look at our daughter after birth. Any websites, doctors names, or phone numbers would help. Thanks

  (+ info)

I'm 28wks pregnant & my baby has gastroschisis.. I wanted to know what's the safest way to deliver my baby?

Should i have a c section or have a natural birth? I have another child, he's now 8yrs old, he was delivered by c section as he got stuck. I'm afraid this will happen again. I just want what's safest for the baby. Noone will give me answers. They all just say it's up to me. But it's so much pressure, i couldn't live with myself if i made the wrong decision!

I think it depends on the level of how severe the gastroschisis is but they almost always recommend c-sections. The developing intestines are too fragile when outside the body to risk a vaginal delivery. What has your doctor said? Are they even giving you the option?  (+ info)

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