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Has anyone had surgery to correct ankle instability?

Just wondering if anyone has had surgery to correct lateral ankle ligament instability. My ankle is extremely hypermobile and unstable from repeated inversion sprains.
If anyone has had the surgery to fix it, please tell me about your experiences. I have tried conservative methods (physio, strengthening, improving proprioception, etc) but it hasn't worked.


they put a pin in my left ankle when i was 15. when the doctor opened it up, he said it looked like a mine field in my ankle.

lots of rehabilitation and pain. in a cast for 6 weeks and it still hurts sometimes, especially in the cold. feels good when it pops though.
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Is cognative dissonance a sign of mental instability?

For example, I believe killing things is wrong. At the same time, given the opportunity, I would end all life in the universe without hesitation. Am I crazy, or just weird?

Cognitive dissonance isn't a sign of mental instability, everyone experiences this. For example, when you make a decision that you aren't sure about then you experience cognitive dissonance. However, in you case I would wonder why you think killing things is wrong but then not hesitate at ending all life in the universe. It is a conflict, I guess I would say that you need to figure out what you really believe, if you truly believe that you would end all life on the universe, then maybe you really don't think killing things is wrong, maybe you just wish that you believed that, or think that that is what you "should" think. Or maybe it's really the other way around, you truly do believe killing things is wrong and if you did happen to have the opportunity to end all life on the universe, you probably wouldn't do it.

You're not crazy, at least from what I can tell, you don't provode enough information to determine that. If anything, you have conflicting beliefs or are trying to figure out what you really believe, or maybe you are just wierd.  (+ info)

Is there a relationship between music and emotional instability?

Yeah I took a course in the psychology of music in college (I have a bachelors in psych) and learned a lot of great things about the power of music, as scientifically documented in studies.

If you are listening to really moody music often, you are weakening your ability to stabilize yourself emotionally. You may find your ability to be stronger than your emotions damaged because you are lowering your will to emotions, even when you are not feeling them. For example, angry metal music will weaken your ability to control your temper. When you set off by something, even if just a little, you can fly off the handle and cause damage.

Be careful with the music you choose to listen to. You should choose music that is uplifting and that motivates you toward positive action, and not to things you would later regret.  (+ info)

Have you ever been diagnosed for mental instability ?

Or know somebody whom has ?

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How can I get help for a teen with severe anganger management problems and wht mayto be mental instability?

I am living with a dangerous out of control 16 year old who is my step-son. He has severe anger management problems and what seems to be mental instability. He has rubbed feces on the bathroom wall, he has put feces on my couch, he has put feces in the kitchen trash, he pierced his own lip and ear with a safety pin, he has put a knife in my face, and threatened to kill me, just to name a few. He also has an eating disorder and constantly lies. He has threatened suicide several times. His father and I can't do anything with him but file criminal charges. He is so stubborn. Any attempt at discipline just leads to more violence and more altercations. We have done all that the law will allow. Social Services tells us that there is nothing they can do because he is not in danger. His probation officer only says that he is sorry. The Commonwealth of Virginia will not let the police do anything when I call them because he is a juvenile. Our marriage and lives are in jeopardy.

You need to get legal advice. I adopted a special needs teenage girl 2 yrs. ago, when she was turning 14. Now she is a "felon" (for real!) because she bit a police officer who was trying to take her back to school. She has other MH (Mental Health) problems because she was in foster care so long, but I feel you. Get legal advice. You can, if you have to, turn him over to the Commonwealth as a child in need of care. But first, if you have insurance, try to get him into a residential or psychiatric facility for awhile. Those places can work wonders. Also call tough love, I think they maybe have changed their name but you can research Tough Love and get connected to them. Bottom line, you love the kid but you also have to be safe. Best best wishes.  (+ info)

As genius is often close to madness or mental instability do you think we are in danger of medicating the?

talents of genius away by giving people these brain destroying, creativity destroying, psychiatric tablets like sweets with no good judgement?

And if you are on some sort of psychiatric tablet do you feel they destroy your creativity, sharp mind, wit or other things inside, even if you're no genius?
Movis - genius is by definition non conforming to the "normal" society and often involves been in other worlds from what most people live in

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how to reduce emotional instability for people with borderline personality disorder?

DBT (i.e., dialectical behavior therapy) coupled with mood stabilizers.

~Dr. B.~  (+ info)

is counseling the only way to deal with emotional instability?

It really depends on the individual, and the severity of the problem. It really should be a professionals decision as to how severe someone is affected by a problem, and then decide the level of treatment, and if any treatment is even needed.  (+ info)

what is Menal instability and depression put together called?

I said it was simply mental instability but my teacher says its too broad. I'm trying to diagnose Holden Caulfield, from Catcher In The Rye, with some sort of depression syptom but i cant find it. anyone have any ideas?

"Mental Instability" is not a mental health diagnosis.  (+ info)

Any genetic disorders that can cause adult-onset insanity or mental instability?

If so, when do they normally start showing, and are there any other symptoms?

Yes-schizophrenia usually occurs in mid to late 20s.  (+ info)

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