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Where can I get a copy of the Cumberland Ankle Instability test?

Look at one of these sites, and contact persons listes on them:
http://bjsm.bmj.com/cgi/reprint/39/6/373.pdf  (+ info)

Any Physios on here know what treatment I will get for Shoulder Instability?

I went to the doctors the other day, with a shoulder that part "pops" out all the time! The doctor said it was an unstable joint, that it could dislocate at anytime, so for now i'm not allowed to play sports, i've been referred to physio therapy. just wondered what kindof treatment i will receive, and how long i'll be out of rounders for? they said it will maybe be long term D:
any help taken =)
thanks :) xxx

hello im not a physio, but better, look, add me at [email protected]

i might be online so we talk about shoulder dislocation and instability

i cant wait long to add me, now or no

im the only leader in universe who have the shoulder dislocation key killer treatment  (+ info)

If you yourself identify your own 'mental instability' are you actually sane?

^ A question that came to mind after several clustered statements I overheard on a Law&Order SVU episode.

It just means you aren't psychotic (are able to distinguish between reality and your imagination).

You can have things like severe depression, anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc and be completey aware of it.  (+ info)

Is it true that if you have a mental instability, every dose of lysergic acid...?

Is it true that if you have a mental instability, every dose of lysergic acid stays with you?
Like more frequent flashbacks than people without it?
Or in any way possible?

  (+ info)

Still looking for answer to neurological instability?

was told by the state's rehab and assistance group that they could not help me find a job or training for a job because of neurological instability - could it be because of cracked/crumbling vertibrae, torn muscles )resulting in much muscular scar tissue), nerve pain, trembling and unreliability in hand/feet, loss of short term memory, occasional inability to talk properly - who do I see to fix--what does it mean
why would it keep me from getting job/job training from the state's job assistance system
why am I not job-worthy but cannot get disability
just had nerve burned L4 but still have back pain - know I have many physical screwed-ups but I have had it for 15 years - also, every time I see new doctor, the 1st they ask is if any one has checked for MS - yet they do nothing
I think my problems started with the car wreck (24 fractures-including 4 in skull and 5 in face, torn muscles from ears to knees, distroyed shoulder, aphasia, loss of short term memory, subluxated vertabrae), but I have been working and dealing with it - pain in back/leg/shoulder getting worse as I get older - why would this keep me from getting help? and what is "neurological instability" anyway???

go see your doctor
he will prob refer you to a neurologist who will schedule you for an MRI or CAT scan  (+ info)

Is it a sign of mental instability to expect a child to complete one's life?

There is a huge difference between those who would like to have children, and those who feel they need them.

I have to wonder about anyone who goes to great lengths to procreate...spending thousands of dollars on medical treatments, taking drugs to increase fertility, going to any length possible because of this need.

I mean I understand the desire to want a family...but when does it stop being a healthy desire and start becoming an unhealthy obsession? When it starts putting a strain on the marriage, on the person's own physical and mental health?

And when biology fails and adoption suddenly becomes the option, what kind of pressure does that put on the adoptee to fulfill that need? I'm personally wary of anyone who goes to such great lengths just to fulfull a personal NEED. Because in cases like this, it is NOT the child's best interest at heart, it is the adopter's...it's getting the dream child, the filling of the empty hole, the means to some perceived "completion" that needs to take place in order to be "whole".

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a very long time with no success, but I never would have resorted to such drastic measures. I was content to live the way we were meant to live...if we couldn't conceive, then that's the way it was meant to be. There's no way I would drag some poor adopted kid in to our lives to try to fix what our biology couldn't produce.  (+ info)

Can blood sugar instability cause dementia? Would the symptoms be just like those of Alzheimer's?

Hypoglycemia is a problem that can give you similar forgetful problems, but amalgam fillings, mercury, and aluminum are far more problematic in giving people Alzheimer's. Many people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's that just have liver flukes. The excrement from the flukes will give people brain fog and the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Fatty livers are a result of poor fat digestion and a result of intrahepatic gallstones in the liver. The liver processes about 3 pints of blood per minute and if it is clogged, both the blood and fat digestion suffers. These flukes can get into the pancreas as well and cause pancreatic problems that affect the blood sugar issues. In many cases, simply cleaning the stones from the gallbladder and liver can improve dementia and the overall health of a person in general.

good luck to you  (+ info)

do i need ankle instability fixing surgery?

i fell in late march it is now almost august ive been in casts and walking boots my doctor has given me shots of cortisone and Novocaine ive been going to pt and following all instructions.
Is it time for a new doctor?
Should i have the surgery?
If so is it painful?
How long is recovery?
Also how long till i can get back to cheer leading?
Thanks and any other general information would be great (:

you may have MRSA, i had it and it attacked my heart. my doctor thought it was a bone fracture. i got rid of his ass.go to the hospital!  (+ info)

If someone starts dating someone who abused them after forgiving them, is that a sign of mental instability?

No it is a sign of low self esteem. When you have low self esteem you don't love or like yourself. This can cause us to choose an abuser because you feel that is all that you deserve. You don't feel that you deserve to be loved and treated in kind ways. Building good self esteem changes the choices that you make in life including whom you want to be with. You know that you don't deserve to be treated badly.  (+ info)

Has anyone had ankle instability surgery?

I asked this question earlier, but had no responses. So I figure I will ask again now that it's in the evening.

I have chronic ankle instability and am having surgery in 2 weeks to strengthen the tendon on top of the foot to keep it from giving out. Has anyone had this surgery? My doctor explained the procedure to me, and it sounds painful, but I want to hear of any personal experiences. Thank you in advance.

yes i had it that surgery 1 year ago if you need more info email me  (+ info)

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