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does vitamin e capsules balance hormones for less facial hair?

i read something about genomic instability?
i have get some facial hair and i was wondering if it would go away with vitamin e capsules.
thanks (:

It will I am afraid not reduce the amount of facial hair you have. Often this is genetic and there are ethnic differences which can affect the degree of hirsutism than women have. Certain medical conditions including PCOS also may have an effect.

There are concerns with the regard to vitamin E supplements with some studies showing it increases all cause mortality.  (+ info)

Could a midlife crisis be categorized as depression, or emotional instability?

There are some very specific criteria for diagnosing a person with depression or emotional instability, a passing period of crisis shouldn't be confused with either.
The reverse situation is more obvious, though. A person could be in the early stages of developing a depression or be having subtle emotional difficulties, which might be misconceived as a midlife crisis.
If you fear, you (or someone you know) are developing a depression or other emotional problems, I strongly urge you to seek professional help; don't wait for it to pass.
Best of luck.  (+ info)

What is vasomotor instability?

It's an inability to regulate your temperature. You may get very warm quickly. It's also known as "hot flashes". It's usually experienced during menopause.  (+ info)

help with pelvic instability?

does anyone know of any online web support groups for pelvic instablility for someone who is NOT pregnant?

i've been coping with this for seven years, never been pregnant.

every help website seems to be for pregnant women that only suffer with this for a few months.


Lots of stuff on here!  (+ info)

HELP i have pelvic instability and i am in pain!!?

I was diagnosed about 6 wks ago with pelvic instability and hyper flexibility. I am at 26 wks and can barely walk, stairs are out of the question! I would like to know if anyone else has or had the condition and what helped you....I have been going to physical therapy the last few wks and it provides minimal comfort. let me know thanks!

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.  (+ info)

Wanting Your Own Birth Record - a Sign of Mental Instability?

When will people understand that Adult Adoptees wanting to be treated equally under the law are not 'looking to complete themselves with a piece of paper'?

When will people get that?

When will people stop saying that adoptees who search for the truth of their origins are mentally unstable?
I just want to be treated the same as anyone else who goes to the vital records office
please show me where I've said that A

Amen!! its not mentally unstable to want to know about ones self.  (+ info)

Could someone please explain "genomic (gene) imprinting" in layman's terms?

Pretty much what happens with some genes is that the regular dominant recessive stuff does not apply. In some cases the maternal allele is shut off so only the paternal allele is expressed and vise versa. That is pretty much the most basic way to describe it.  (+ info)

what is autonomic vascular instability?

my son turns cyanotic since birth with cold extremities, also is hyperglycemic, and aspergers syndrome. doctors cant figure it out. looking for answers

A neuropathy, not uncommon in diabetics, effecting the autonomic nervous system, specifically involving vascular tone.  (+ info)

Atlantoaxial Instability - What is it?

My cousin with Downs syndrome was diagnosed with this condition. I've been reading about it online and I can barely understand it. I was hoping someone could explain this to me and like if you know about how it affects the person, because his mom has been crying for like 3 days since she found out because she can't believe it and because she thinks she will have to baby him for his whole life (and she already babies him so much she can't imagine more).


There are varying degree's of AAI, and if it is severe enough for the doctors to be concerned then your cousin will be given a operation to fuse the top 2 vertebrae, and would usually have been given a neck collar to wear until it's done.
The operation will cure the problem as it stops the neck from moving too much  (+ info)

can lupus cause mental instability?

can lupus cause mental instability? To what degree and does any one know someone who has suffered from extreme cognitive dysfunction due to lupus?

I have systemic lupus. When I was hospitalized for 14 days with an extreme flare, my rheumatologist thought that if I lived, they would have to institutionalize me because I was psychotic.

That was probably causd by lupus cerebritis. I recovered from that but for the next 4 years had serious cognitive problems. If I went out, sometimes I could not remember how to get back home. I would park the car and cry for a little while, then drive, hoping to recognize something or to recognize that I was in unfamiliar territory. I had trouble finding words (aphasia) and could not remember what I read from one paragraph to the next.

The acute episode was in 2003. I returned to work in 2007. My lupus is in remission and my brains came back! However there is real proof from brain scans that lupus can cause a reduction in gray matter and an increase in white matter in the brain. I was not happy to see that, but I keep on!  (+ info)

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