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What is the difference between hyperplasia and hypertrophy?

Hyperplasia (or "hypergenesis") is a general term for an increase in the number of the cells of an organ or tissue causing it to increase in size. It may be due to any number of causes including (but not limited to) increased demand, chronic inflammatory response, hormonal dysfunctions, or neoplasia.

Hypertrophy is the increase of the size of an organ. It should be distinguished from hyperplasia which occurs due to cell division; hypertrophy occurs due to an increase in cell size rather than division. It is most commonly seen in muscle that has been actively stimulated, the most well-known method being exercise.  (+ info)

What is the difference between prostatic adenoma and benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Prostatic adenoma is cancer, plain and simple. Benign hyperplasia is simply enlargement of the prostate gland. The latter occurs to most men, if they live long enough. It becomes an issue only if it enlarges to the point that urination becomes difficult.  (+ info)

What exactly is a penile erection medically? Is it hypertrophy or hyperplasia? How can one explain it?

In medical terms what is it? Why only the penis has got this peculiar property? Was just wondering.... Thanks for your patience. Hope this was not odd to read.

If you type up hypertrophy on your computer, o brilliant one, a page will pop up w/various websites. Scroll down to Wikepedia & it will explain fully the difference between hypertrophy & hyperplasia.  (+ info)

For woman who has endometrial hyperplasia,what kind of food should avoid and take?

How about tufu and bean product? Should avoid also?

no meals in specific to be avoided. just avoid fats - it is a source of extra ovarian estrogen.  (+ info)

what is the difference between benign prostatic hyperplasia and benign prostatic hypertrophy?

guys i need your help with this.. i'm so confused. can this both lead to prostatic cancer? i need the answer for my case study.. help me pls.

Just wikipedia both of them, you'd be surprised at what you can learn from that site.

Good luck with your study.  (+ info)

Will i be able to conceive if I have endometrial hyperplasia?

Hi, I'm 26 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS last July and have gone to a fertility clinic. When my dr. examined me she saw a thickened lining. She gave me Provera to clean it out and told me that if it is thick on my next visit I will have to have a D&C. I read a lot about endometrial hyperplasia and was wondering if anyone out there has had this and was able to conceive? My husband and I really would like to have our own children.

im not sure what that condition is but if you go to twoweekwait.com there is real storys from women who are trying to concieve and have concieved with different fertility issues and i believe i saw the abbreviation on that site also check out parentcenter.com they have a lot of good information from trying to get pregnant to toddlers and big kids and take a look at fertilityfriend.com that site helps you chart your cycle which can never hurt good luck!!  (+ info)

Is there anyone else on yahoo answers with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia?

I just want someone to kind of connect with, ya know, share experiences and stuff like that, because I'm the only one out of hundreds of people I know who has it.

You might be surprised how many other people are affected. There are online information sites that are very good. I've included two that are excellent and both have online forums or message boards where people can share experiences and information.


http://www.livingwithcah.com/  (+ info)

In a free gingival graft, how deep do they cut into the roof of your mouth?

The thought of this is freaking me out. How big of a chunk do they take?

a nearly paper thin sliver. Aside from the fact that you shouldn't ;) if you rubbed your tounge along the roof of your mouth, you'd have a hard time feeling where they did the actual graft. Relax. Ask them if you can get a valium for the night before/morning of. Most periodontists/oral surgeons can prescribe you a dose or two to calm your nerves.

Good luck with your surgery ^_^  (+ info)

how many people are living with congenital adrenal hyperplasia?

I need to know for a project. thanks.

There is no way to know this. The frequency for CAH is one in 10-15,000 births in those countries where it has been studied (western countries). However, in developing countries in particular, most children with CAH die in the newborn period. Also, in certain countries it is much more frequent due to consanguinity (marriage within related family groups, like cousins). In Vietnam for example, CAH affects 1/2500 children. In one center in India, the frequency was 1/1200. But since most of these children will die, there is no way to come up with an accurate estimate of the number of people worldwide with CAH. These numbers also are only for classical CAH. Nonclassical CAH is very common but most people who have it genetically never develop symptoms that cause them to seek medical care. Since CAH is fairly rare, there is not a lot of studies that look at these kinds of population based data, unlike cancer or diabetes.  (+ info)

Does anyone have any experience with free gingival graft surgery?

I may need to have the proceedure done and was wondering if anyone would share their experiences in term of surgery, recovery, and cost. Thanks :)

I work for a dentist and my dad has had it done and it is very painful and I would only do it as a last resort. Very costly. Took my dad a month. Could not eat very very bad pain.  (+ info)

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