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How early can gingival recession occur from using Snus tobacco?

I just recently started using the new smokeless tobacco product Snus. I have heard that it can cause gingival recession. I am not a consistent user. I use about two packets a day about 3-4 days a week. Sometimes I do not even use all week. How early can gingival recession occur? Please let me know. I use tobacco as a stress-reliever, having a huge amount of stress in my life. Please be serious about the answers, I will report any inappropriate answers. Thank you very much.

Andrew, Yes snus can and does cause recession. The tobacco in the snus causes the capillaries to constrict, decreasing blood flow, which can and does cause the tissue to recede. As stated before, snus use is strongly related to mouth cancer. This is a very messy cancer that typically causes disfiguring destruction to the mouth. Please, find another way to relieve your stress. Small white patches where you use the snus are actually precancerous changes! Stopping NOW will greatly reduce your risks. Good Luck, Dr. Dan  (+ info)

Can anybody tell me how effective a gingival graft is?

I am considering a free gingival graft to add tissue to an exposed lower tooth. If you or someone you know has had this procedure done, how effective was it at covering up the exposed area? Also, how painful was the procedure and are you satisfied?

I and many others have come to believe that gum disease comes from bacteria and imbalances in the mouth. I have been able to heal gums and tootheaches and unfilled cavities. I took a water pik(they are generrally about $60) and an antibacterial solution of some sort. I like using Xylitol(you can find at most health food stores) as an antibacterial lately.

I started on a mild setting and found which areas were sensitive or bleeding. I used it about once to twice a week. Even after just two uses the teeth and gums become much less sensitive and I was able to turn up the power of the jet. It might not be the same for you, but for me it is always worth trying anything that activated the body into healing itself than to force, cut, burn, or poison which is usually very temporary.  (+ info)

How long does fatigue last from candida yeast overgrowth?

After feeling ill for nearly a year I finally found out that I had a candida yeast overgrowth. I have been on a low sugar, low caffeine diet for about a month now and have been taking garlic and probiotics for about 2 weeks. My other symptoms seem to be getting better, but my fatigue is as bad as ever. I sleep for 12 hours on some days. When should I expect the fatigue to go away?

It takes around 3-5 months to balance between the healthy bacteria and the yeast in your body, but most people will be feeling better at 1 month into using the prescription antifungal "Diflucan." Here is your "recipe" for treating the yeast: Begin by avoiding sugar (except for dark chocolate) which is a healthy food in moderation. Remember, sugar feeds yeast. Take healthy bacteria (probiotics) to fight the yeast. I recommend Probiotic Pearls or Acidophilus Pearls twice a day for 3-5 months. At the same time, begin the herbal antifungal mix "Anti-Yeast" twice a day for 3-5 months. You can add the medication Diflucan for 6-12 weeks (get the generic form fluconazole. The brand name is $600 for 6 weeks. I hope I helped you out some, good luck and take care hun.  (+ info)

What type of doctors should I see for a diagnosis of yeast overgrowth?

I think I might have yeast overgrowth problems. What type of doctors should I see. Thanks to all.

Want to do your own diagnosis? Stop eating starches and sugars for a couple of weeks. Starches and sugars feed candida, the yeast organism. Once you "starve" it, you'll find your problems start to clear up.
Eat lean freshly prepared meats and fresh vegetables (no fruit because it contains fructose, a form of sugar), and no bread, potatoes, cereals, rice, sugar or sugar substitutes, etc. As a nice bonus you'll probably drop 10 lbs. at the same time. Great what this junk does to our bodies, isn't it?
Homeopathy is the best form of medicine for curing the cause of a problem. The yeast overgrowth (if that's what it is) occurs as a symptom. A cause and effect are not and cannot be the same thing.  (+ info)

Have anyone heard of a lab test to check for overgrowth of yeast in the body?

I read somewhere that if you seem to be constantly irritated by that itchy feeling in your ears or feel you want to scratch all over, then you must have an overgrowth of yeast. I need some enlightenment on this.

Well I just had a test for yeast in my intestines, they found a bunch and now I'm going thru the lovely process of getting rid of it (bring on the vomit!). I haven't heard anything about the itchy stuff though. If you can find a homeopathic doctor, talk to them about it, thats how it worked for me.  (+ info)

Would Candida Overgrowth have been seen with an endoscopy and colonoscopy?

I've had both procedures done. Would my specialist have seen a candida overgrowth if it exists? I have all of the symptoms and there seems to be no explanation! I know they CAN be seen, but would they necessarily?

It is still a possibility I have it?
I've had chronic sinus problems all my life and for the past 18 years have been on antibiotics at least twice a year!

They did take biopsies from both procedures (they were months ago) and nothing came back. Is it possible maybe they didn't check for it?

Only if they looked at it under a microscope, not just a magnifying device they use for those procedures. If they haven't run an analysis on your samples yet, then its possible they could still call you and tell you that it is a yeast infection.

You should call the doctor's office and asked if they looked for it. If it doesn't say negative for Candida Overgrowth, they didn't check for it, so go back in and have them look. It takes less than a minute. Also taking a probiotic supplement (Acidophilus) is key when you have been on a lot of anitbiotics. I told a girl I work with to try it. She had been having stomach problems and recurrent yeast infections for two years after being on long-term antibiotics. Within a couple weeks her stomach felt better- and she hasn't gotten another yeast infection since.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have candid / yeast overgrowth?

I heard that over 80% of the population has a candida overgrowth. What testing is available to determine whether you have this?
What testing is available, im not asking the symptoms. I want to know how i can determine for sure whether i have an intestinal candida overgrowth

There's a very simple way to find out if you have "yeast overgrowth syndrome". (This is not to be confused with things like oral thrush, or yeast vaginitis by the way)

If a naturopath claims you have it, then you can rest assured that you don't
If you tick off a list of symptoms from a website that sells products to cure YOS, then you can be assured you don't have it.

Since this is an imaginary condition....you don't have it. Nobody does.  (+ info)

What is the best/least expensive way 2 git rid of an internal fungal overgrowth & how 2 keep it from returning

I have a rash under my arms, vaginal itching, tremendous sweet craaving, anxiety, & depression. All this looks like a fungal overgrowth. I would like to treat it naturally. I am currently taking mega doses of probiotics.

Citrus seed extract works wonders for getting rid of fungi and bacteria internally. It tastes awful, but it does help.

You could also do a Candida cleanse.  (+ info)

Candida overgrowth: Is this a real health condition or a hoax?

I did the saliva test which, if you believe what they say online, claims I have an overgrowth of candida, or some internal fungal infection. It claims this is responsible for my depression, acne, itchy skin, thrush, etc.

It can be "cured" by buying very expensive supplements.

Is this real, or an online scam to make money?

eating 'live' yoghurt is good for dealing with candida in the body.and happy tummy stuff like acidophilus too  (+ info)

Can Candida overgrowth be diagnosed by a Gastroscopy?

Any docs in the house? Or people who have been diagnosed with Candida overgrowth via gastroscopy?

  (+ info)

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