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Ok hi, im only 16, and i think i might have glaucoma in my right eye. Lately it hasnt had the best vision and ive been getting some kick asss headaches. I read the symptoms, and those are two of them, I have an eye doctor apointment tomorow morning. Is Glaucoma able to get treated? Like without surgery? Im not 100% sure i have it, and im hoping i do NOT. But anyone with it, can you please tell me if its treatable.
I don't wanna go blind, im only 16 :(
the cost isnt a problem :)
if itll keep me from loosing my sight, it doesnt matter.

Don't panic.I don't thing you have glaucoma.You only 16 years old very unusual happen at this ago unless congenital type and will start has problem at earlier age.I don't know where you get those information.In rairly type case;acute glaucoma;sudden build up intra eye pressure symptom will be sever eye pain and lose of vision.In short time(24-48hour) will become blindness.This is very uncommon case. and need to treat at once The common case will happen in not your age due to optic nerve damage by high eye pressure or normal pressure usually has no symptom until optic nerve damage;will be lose side vision (can only see central part of view).For treatment;eye drops,laser or surgery .I think your vision no good possible eye need a correction eye glasses.Headache is very common if your eye need glasses.Go to see your eye doctor.  (+ info)


im 13 and i think i have glacuma or somthing like that... umm well alot of my family members have had or still do. i cant see like other people like on my sides i cant see nearly as good like at all really. a year ago i went to the doctors and they said i had a shadow in my eye or somthing like that and said i could get it sometime in my life.. should i be worrying about this or am i being over dramatic?

When you went to the eye Doctor, did they check your pressure.This would cause concern if the pressure was high. Also, they should measure your cup to disk ratio.Make an appointment with the opthalmologist to get a full exam evry year. The shadow they may have been talking about is called a floater. They are normal. What is your vision? 20/20, 20/30. Do you know. You may need glasses. At your age, you are more likely to have problems seeing things far away if it is just your eyesight.  (+ info)

What is glaucoma and is it real serious?

I had went to the eye doctor last week. I was prescribed with eye glasses. The eye doc said that I need to go and get a glaucoma test done, because there is a thinning in the wall in my eye. I don't know what that means, but the doc said I need to get it done and I don't know what glaucoma means.

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steal sight without warning. Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve. Early detection is vital to stopping the progress of the disease, so you are doing exactly the right thing. The thinning of your corneal wall may indicate damage to your optic nerve, which is why your eye doctor wants you tested. You will be sent for a glaucoma test, and if you test positive, treatment will begin.

There is no cure for glaucoma, although many scientists are working on one. However, medication or surgery can slow or prevent further vision loss, or stop it before it starts. You will likely only need eye drops on a daily basis, if indeed you do have glaucoma.

I do want to correct the post above me related to high pressure within the eye as a the cause. Although it was once thought that high pressure within the eye, (interocular pressure, or IOP) is the main cause of this optic nerve damage, we now know that other factors must also be involved because even people with “normal” levels of pressure can experience vision loss from glaucoma. IOP is clearly a risk factor, just not the only cause.

Some other risk factors are:
Corneal wall thickness less than .5mm (your risk factor)
extreme nearsightedness
advanced age
use of steroids

Hope this was helpful, and best of luck  (+ info)

How to play for glaucoma operation without insurance?

My friend's parents are divorced, and his dad has glaucoma which will take away his vision unless he gets surgery? He does not have health insurance. How can he pay for this?

possess as much information as you could maybe is one of the options,however it is quite time consuming,here http://www.HealthInsuranceIdeas.info/free-online-health-insurance.htm is the resource i have ever had good experience.  (+ info)

How long does someone with glaucoma last without going blind?

My boy friends just told me he has glaucoma and I dont know hwo to ask him so hopefully some one else can aswer my question? I love him but Im worried.

glaucoma is a disease that results in a high pressure in the eyes that if not treated can damage the optic nerve and cause blindness.

Treatment usually involves eye drops. Laser treatment is an option too. My father had glaucoma with very high pressures in his eyes before he was diagnosed. Weeks after he started the drops his pressures dropped (this was very good).

He did mention that the drops stung a little. Tell your friend he must continue with the treatment even if it hurts because they control it and it's better than going blind.

You could check out the following site to start your research

good luck  (+ info)

How often should you have your eyes checked if you have glaucoma?

I have glaucoma and have been have my eyes checked every six months. Is it necessary to check this often?

If the examiner so advises.
Certainly once a year as a minimum.

I've put people on shorter intervals if I thought there was cause, right down to 3/12.
(Unstable pressures, field defects needing more than average monitoring...) The alternate exam might not have to be a full refraction appointment, if part of a planned program.  (+ info)

What cold medicines can my father on blood pressure medicines with glaucoma take?

My father is 79 and takes blood pressure medicine so he can't take any of the regular over the counter cold medicines. Because of glaucoma he can't take Coricidin which is the usual alternative for people in his situation. Is there any medication, over the counter or by prescription, that he could take for coughing and congestion? I worry that on about the third night of not being able to sleep he'll just not care and take one of the regular cold medicines and suffer a stroke or whatever adverse effects there are.

purple sticky punch, works for me every time.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between selective and non selective beta blockers for glaucoma treatment?

I've been researching glaucoma medications, and I don't understand the diff. between selective and non selective beta blockers for glaucoma treatment. Also, there are some glaucoma medications which drain the aqueous humor out of another part of the eye; does anyone know what part that is?

first of all ,selective means b1 receptors in glaucoma ,like betoptic ,non selective mean both b1 and b 2 receptors ,the difference is non selective like timolol cannot be given to asthmatic and heart patients ,while selctive can be and are more selective for receptors within the eye,regarding draining ,u mean trablecular meshwork and schlemms canal  (+ info)

What lifestyle changes can be made to help keep eye pressure down in glaucoma victims?

Taking eye drops is the one method but what advise would somebody with glaucoma who needs to keep pressure down need to know. Will physical exercise or drinking alcohol affect eye pressure? Are there any tips to keep eye pressure down (I do know about the THC cannabis link)

I found a few tips in this article:

http://www.drkoop.com/ency/93/guides/000025_10.html  (+ info)

How do you see when you suffer from glaucoma?

I cannot really get what happens to the eye when it has glaucoma. But how's your vision with it? How do you see? Has anyone got any images of that?
Mark your website didn't help at all. The site wasn't even relative to Optical.
Where is your answer Mark? Did you delete it?

glaucoma causes slow peripheral vision loss. severe glaucoma patients basically have tunnel vision. most of them never get there...we dont let them get bad enough to get tunnel vision  (+ info)

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