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are there any symptoms of glaucoma before diagnosed?

besides getting ur eyes checked. and when u have glaucoma, what happens to u? i know u can go blind eventually but is there anything else?

There are 2 types of glaucoma
1. One type is narrow angle glaucoma. This is acute and painful. You would know that something is wrong
2. One type is open angle glaucoma. This one has to be diagnosed my your eye doctor in the early stages. When it is far advanced you loose vision, but in the early stages, you likely to feel or see a thing.  (+ info)

are there a lot of different medications for glaucoma?

I have narrow-angle glaucoma, and my doctor said that I have become allergic to Combigan (one of the meds to keep my pressure down), and therefore leaves me with one less medication to be able to use to keep my pressure down. I am now on Travitan I was wondering if there are a lot of glaucoma medications out there, or just a handful?

There are a lot of medications available today for the treatment of glaucoma.If medications dont work, surgery is a good option.  (+ info)

Why are sleeping pills dangerous for person with glaucoma?

I've been reading some sleeping pills instruction in the supermarket and why does all of them says that people with glaucoma should take precaution when taking sleeping aids.

what is the side effect for people with glaucoma

they increase pressure in the eye  (+ info)

Is glaucoma usually picked up in eye test?

I have been back and forth to the optometrists with blepharitis. When having an eye test 2 days ago, the optometrist checked my pressures for the first time in 4 years and they are above normal limits. She was annoyed that her colleagues had not performed a test considering my documented family history (an uncle had it). Now I must go back tomorrow for more tests. My question is if glaucoma has done any damage, it would be easily detected in an eye exam, would it not? Thanks heaps.

Not necessarily. I am surprised that no one was checking your intraocular pressure (IOP). The doctor is running more tests to see if the high pressure is damaging your visual field/optic nerve fibers. That damage is what we call glaucoma. Sometimes the changes to your optic nerve are slight and hard to detect so without extra testing, diagnosing glaucoma can be tricky. Even with the testing, it can still be tricky to diagnose.  (+ info)

i had laser treatment on both my eyes for glaucoma 4 years ago, my eyes are starting to really ache?

i see the specialist twice a year and im due to see him soon, could this ache have anything to do with glaucoma. thanks if i get any answers.

Sorry to hear of your pain.I can relate "too" much.
I suggest you contact your doctor first thing tomorrow,unless your pain is too excruciating.Then I strongly suggest you call you DR. as an emergency case.I started to get bad pain behind my eyes and called my DR.I got an emergency appointment 1/2 hr later.They gave me a complete eye exam again.He said he was concerned something "burst"behind my eye from the Glaucoma fluid pressure build up.
I have to get new glasses every 6 months because of my Glaucoma.So maybe this is all you need(new glasses).
Hope you feel better soon :))

Also try not to be stressing your eyes till you find out the problem.It might be best to do nothing till you speak to your doctor tomorrow.  (+ info)

What can i do to prevent myself from having glaucoma?

i recently found out i have high pressure in my eyes...and that may lead to glaucoma(the blindness of the eyes)...but what can i do to prevent it and what causes galucoma? :-(....thanks in advance:D

Get confirmation diagnosis, and treatment from an ophthalmologist.

Raised intraocular pressure(ICP) can be controlled with eye droplets.
Beta-adrenergic receptor antagonists such as Timolol
It is used to treat open-angle and occasionally secondary glaucoma by reducing aqueous humour production through blockage of the beta receptors on the ciliary epithelium.
Children and Adults: Initial: 0.25% solution, instill 1 drop twice daily; increase to 0.5% solution if response not adequate; decrease to 1 drop/day if *controlled; do not exceed 1 drop twice daily of 0.5% solution.
This treatment have to be persistent and lifelong.

Both laser and conventional surgeries are performed to treat glaucoma.
Surgery is the primary therapy for those with congenital glaucoma.
Generally, these operations are a temporary solution, as there is not yet a cure for glaucoma.

Causes of high ICP.
In open angle glaucoma there is reduced flow through the trabecular meshwork; in angle closure glaucoma, the iris is pushed forward against the trabecular meshwork, blocking fluid from escaping.
Unescaped fluids builds up causing raised pressure.

A number of studies also suggest a possible correlation between hypertension and the development of glaucoma.

Risk factors of glaucoma
Positive family history in first degree relative
High myopia (near sightedness)
Steroid use  (+ info)

Can you reccomend a couple of recent, good books on Glaucoma?

Books that contain accurate, updated information on the diagnosis, treatment,etc of glaucoma.
Please-----anyone got any more good ideas---I checked at my library and nothing there either. Please---more info needed.

Perhaps the best book written for the lay public is "A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma" and you can read it online for free! (http://www.medrounds.org/glaucoma-guide/2006/02/table-of-contents-patients-guide-to.html)

You also can find great glaucoma information here http://www.glaucoma-eye-info.com  (+ info)

Is there a natural remedy to treat glaucoma rather than taking the medication prescribed?

I do not want to take the eye drops the Ophthalmologist prescribed. First of all it's too expensive. Even the co-pay is $100.00 a month. I can't afford it. And second of all I want to avoid the dark pigmentation around the eyelids that's caused due to the drops. This reason by the way is the least of all my concerns. Is there any type of alternative medicine that will do the same as the eye drops so that I can avoid using them? Thanks!

first if you get a generic eye drop instead of the brand name one it will cost you waaaaaaay less.
secondly the eye drops that treat glaucoma are not known for causing dark pigmentation so i don't know where you are getting that from.
third you could use marijuana to help with the eye pressure but even medicinal marijuana is illegal in many places.

i've had glaucoma since i was 11yrs old. (i'm now 23yrs old) i get the generic for eye drop instead of the brand name and it only costs me $5 (i do have pretty good insurance though with blue cross blue shield)
and i've never had any darkening pigmentation happen.  (+ info)

what are points in glaucoma, can I donate eye to my brother, it is 16 points he may lose at 20 help from india?

my brother is 44 it is diognosed glaucoma 16 points, i do not know anything about this its said that he may lose his sight at 20 points, how long it will take to reach 20 points. can i donote one of my eye to him, incase he loses his sight. i am 46 old man, will the law permit.

People do not normally do eye transfers... in fact I have not heard of it, at least in AMerica.

Glaucoma is usually treated with medication and surgery here and the prognosis is very good. They use a laser and remove as much of the pressure as possible. Medications can also help relieve the pressure in the eye and they usually start with this first.

Unfortunately, these treatment options only help slow or stop the vision loss...it doesn't help regain the vision lost at this point. Good luck  (+ info)

How many people each year are diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts each year?

I need to know this for an advertising project I am working on. I can't seem to find any web sites with the answer.

2 out of 100 people over 40 and 5 out of 100 people over 65 develop Glaucoma. Younger people can develop Glaucoma and occassionally children can be born with it too, but its rare.
Cataracts develop with age. Unless you are born with them which is very rare.
Good luck.  (+ info)

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