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what is the difference between benign and renal glycosuria?

Renal...the kidney tubules have difficulty reabsorbing even normal levels of blood sugar so some is excreted in the urine. This is essentially 'benign' glycosuria.  (+ info)

why people with diabetes mellitus has glycosuria?

kidney's threshold for glucose is broken  (+ info)

Type 1 Diabetes or Renal glycosuria (For kanangisrinivas or others)?

This was a topic dicussed a little in a previous post. I took my 3 year old to the doctor with symptoms of excessive thirst, excessive urination, leg aches, and headaches. Her urine culture came back with sugar in her urine. Blood work was done but the sugar in her blood is normal. More blood tests are being run (we don't have all the results yet) but so far everything looks normal. After reading more about Type 1 Diabetes it seems she has even more symptoms than even the ones above such as excessive hunger, complains that her tummy hurts, goes crazy after eating candy, craves starch, and bedwetting. It sounds like Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms however her blood sugar levels are coming back normal. Is possible this could still be Renal glycosuria or is possible to be on the verge of Type 1 Diabetes? My doctor is consulting with a Endricronologist but I would like to learn as much as possible to be prepared.

Diabetes can be misdiagnosed. You have to make sure that your doctor is aware of every symptom. As you may know Type 1 diabetes is an onset disease which can spark at any time during one's young life time. Close monitoring is key. If bloodsugars are coming back normal then it could be the case where "borderline diabetes" is taking place, which is causing peak stages in sugar levels after eating sugars where the body is taking longer to control these levels. Once again monitor this situation very very closely. If you think you are monitoring it all you can, its still not enough. Ask your doctor or endocrinologist for a hemoglobin A1C test to see if your childs sugar levels are bouncing around. This test will give you about a 6 month average bloodsugar level reading and is used to judge a diabetic's all around management.  (+ info)

what is glycosuria?

pharmacy Tech. and pharmacy related

Condition of glucose in your urine.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycosuria  (+ info)

Give 2 causes why blood glucose levels still fall in an untreated diabetic?

In an untreated diabetic person (i.e. lacking insulin) the blood glucose concentration after a meal reaches an abnormally high level. Eventually it slowly falls, however. Knowing that insulin is required for glucose uptake into liver, adipose, and muscle tissues, give two causes why blood glucose levels still fall in an untreated diabetic.

If I say, "a considerable amount of glucose gets collected in the urine (a condition known as glycosuria)", is it good as one of the reasons? If not, please tell me the answers, if you know, to the question. Thanks a lot.
xonicjonas: I guess I should have posted my question in the biology category. It's a question about my laboratory experiment, so I can't use the answer you gave me.

Oh thought you did =)

"sugar in the blood", "honey in the urine" is what happens

"Diabetes, known as diabetes mellitus, is a disorder caused by the body's inability to break down certain substances, notably sugar. If the body is unable to transform or metabolize food into energy due to a lack of a protein hormone produced in the pancreas, the result is a high concentration of sugar in the blood and urine. "

'Banting and Best' they found it in dogs and recreated diabetes. 1922 ?

It's a short story...about two boys and their dogs LOL

http://inventors.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.mt  (+ info)

Do you Think I eat a lot?

IT's pretty much What I eat in oneday.
Oh and I'm 17 years old boy.

Boiled Sweet potato with scramble fotu and fruits with salad.
(650 Kcal)

vegetable sushi(sometimes salmon) and boiled egg.
vegetarian sandwiches
(About 850kcal)

fresh fruits for Snack or frozen yoghourt.

Chicken Breast And free fat milk with oatmeal
Or Poaching fish

And I do jogged 5 miles a day
Most of family have glycosuria and I'm so worried about it.
And I'm overweight a little. last year I was 255 pounds. Now I'm 160.

I do not think you eat a lot but I do think you eat very boringly.  (+ info)

what is this condition?

If i have had a sore throat that went away, and now am swollen with no appetite, what do i have if my urinalysis came back as both blood and casts are present. There is no glycosuria, but there is albuminuria.

  (+ info)

Doctors, please. I have poor circulation that has gotten drastically worse from last year, concern or normal?

After never having a problem with circulation, last year at 16 my hands and feet were permanently blue during the winter. Traveling short distances outside was painful and slightly debilitating. My doctor said that i probably have raynauds syndrome and should wear gloves.
This year, however, it has become painfully cold for my entire body, to go out in nyc weather. My face gets tingly and I today i actually lost feeling in it after walked 100 yards outside. Also, whenever I walk slightly up hill outside it becomes very hard to breathe and I feel like i'm having a mild asthma attack even though I have no respiratory problems nor do I smoke.
Today after getting inside after the 100 yard walk, i walked down stairs and had to hold on to the banister because my legs felt all tingly and like they were going to give out.

I'm 17 years old, in good shape and have no health conditions that i know of other than possible renal glycosuria. Is this normal or should I be checked out?

Thank you,

This is not normal. Possibly for you since you have may have a diagnosed circulaton problem. But if it is affecting your liffestyle you should visit your family physician asap especially since the problem seems to be gettiing worse as time progresses. Good luck  (+ info)

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