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What is the relationship between prostrate cancer and Gonorrhea?

difficulty in urinating is Gonorrhea symtoms and same for prostrate cancer, does it mean that untreated Gonorhea causes Prosterate cancer?

Gonorrhea Linked to Increased Prostate Cancer Risk
Sunday September 24, 2006
According to a study published in the Journal of Urology, men with a history of the STD gonorrhea are at significantly increased risk for developing prostate cancer.

The study of over 800 black men between the ages of 40 and 79 adds to previous evidence that the chronic prostatic inflammation caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) seems to promote prostate tumor development.

According to the report, the men with gonorrhea history were 78 percent more like to develop prostate cancer than those who had never contracted the STD.

The study continued by discovering that those men who had been with the most partners (over 25 in their lifetime) had almost triple the risk of developing prostate cancer than those with less than five partners in their lifetime.

Previous studies on white men had also found increased prostate cancer risk among those with a history of contracting STDs.

This leads the researchers to the conclusion that a history of STD infection may be a risk factor for prostate cancer, but further studies are necessary to examine tissue and blood samples for "markers" of gonorrhea infection and chronic inflammation to link the risk.

Urethral gonorrhea, particularly repeated episodes of it, may be at least a contributing factor in the development of prostate cancer, according to a study presented in San Francisco.

The Flint Men's Health Study has been following the health and sexual histories of 832 African-American men aged 40 to 80 in the town of Flint, Michigan. It was set up to answer the specific question: Why are black men twice as likely as white men to develop prostate cancer, and to die from it when they get it?

129 of the men in the group have prostate cancer. When questioned, two-thirds of them reported having had gonorrhea, as opposed to just over half of the men without prostate cancer. Men with prostate cancer were also more likely to report having had more than one episode of gonorrhea.

Men with 25 or more lifetime sexual partners were also 2.5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Lead investigator Aruna Sarma said, "Although we are unable to show that gonorrhea directly causes prostate cancer, we suspect the inflammatory effect of the gonorrhea infection may trigger pre-existing cancerous cells to multiply."

A previous study of prostate cancer showed that sexual activity, or at least achieving orgasm, protects against prostate cancer by "flushing" cancer cells out of the prostate gland. So the advice would appear to be: To protect against prostate cancer have plenty of sex, but safe sex, and not with too many people  (+ info)

I shared a spoon with someone who may have gonorrhea am I safe?

Hi, my friend ate something with a spoon and then I did with the same spoon. He has gonorrhea (which we found ot recently) and I want to know if im safe, no symptoms that Ive seen from google. Shall i get a test?

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What is the best way to get gonorrhea?

I'm 14 and I am trying to find a easy, fast,and cheap way to catch the STD; gonorrhea. I recently found out my homecoming date cheated on me, I want to have intercoursse with her while I have gonorrhea so she will catch it, possibly. Any ideas?

That shows your sick immaturity.
Don't be disgusting. You are 14... what did you think you two were going to last forever.. its called GROWING UP. Figure it out.
Revenge comes back at you X3.. so remember that.  (+ info)

Can you not contract gonorrhea from an infected person while having unprotected sex for 6 months?

I have a partner that says she contracted gonorrhea sometime in December 2005 but didnt find out that she had it until tested in October 2006. We have had unprotected sex from April 06 to October 06. I was tested twice during that time and I never had contracted the disease. Is that possible to for that to happen?

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Can Gonorrhea just develop if both partners are clean?

I have been with my partner for 6 monthes and am positive that me and my partner have been clean, however recently I have developed the symptoms of Gonorrhea. How could this have happened? Why would signs not show up in the past six months? We have been exclusively sexually active with each other this entire time.

i agree with jim thumbs up jim  (+ info)

What are the odds that my cervicitis was caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea?

i was recently diagnosed with cervicitis, because it take about 7 days for my STD test results to come back the doc treated me for chlamydia and gonorrhea. i also had a yeast infection, what are the odds that this cervicitis is was not caused by one of those two STD's? I also had sex with my BF what are the odds that he now has those std's?

There is no way to answer this question. You will have to wait for the test results and then deal with the facts. If you have an STD, most can be treated with antibiotics and you are cured. And, if you have an STD, your boyfriend will also need to be treated at the tsame time but he also probably has an STD. Make sure you finish every single dose of any antibiotic that they give you and then get tested again after finishing the antibiotics to make sure the infection is cleared up.  (+ info)

If i go to planned parent hood could i get treated for gonorrhea?

If i went to planned parent hood, would the treat me for gonorrhea? I am not 18 and i dont want my mom to know. And if they can i would prolly have to pay for it so how much would it cost?

Gonorrhea is NOT treated with 4 pink pills. Chlamydia is treated with Zithromax 1 Gram. Gonorrhea is treated with a shot of Rocephine 125 to 250 mg in the back of the hip.

Go to Planned Parenthood or your local health dept.  (+ info)

Is it possible I got gonorrhea from my girl friend?

I ate her out and she gave me a bj and we had regular intercourse people are saying she has gonorrhea. So witch gonorrhea do I have if I have it? And If I tell my doctor this at my next physical will he tell my mom?!. Uh I really wish we never had sex in the first place.

Well, if you regret being sexually active, you are always allowed to quit until you are really ready.

You can get tested for gonorrhea, and your doctor won't tell your mother. In fact, you should be an adult about it and take yourself to the doctor and pay the fees for the testing by yourself. Taking responsibility for your own sexual health is and essential part of conducting your sex life. If you can't manage that, don't do it.

Assuming you neglected to use a condom ... You are more likely to get gonorrhea in your penis via sexual intercourse than you would get it in your throat from oral sex. But if either site tests positive, the antibiotics would cure it in both places. I'd recommend you test your penis for gonorrhea. It's either a urethral swab or a urine test. I'd say go for the latter.

Don't wait until your next physical. Go soon. Call your doctor, or go to a public health or family planning clinic (look in your phone book tofind both).  (+ info)

Is it possible to be immune to Gonorrhea?

My partner and I have been together for a year. We have had unprotected sex for about six months. I've been tested for STD's 3 times. He once. We just found out that he tested positive for Gonorrhea. Neither of us have symptoms. I know it could be a false positive. Either that or he's been lying to me! Has anyone had an experience like this? Please help!

It's not possible to be immune to gonorrhea.

False positive tests for gonorrhea are possible, depending on the type of test done. They are very unlikely from a swab and culture test, but when the PCR urine tests first came out 10 or 12 years ago I used to get so many false positives for gonorrhea that I stopped using them. (I was an STI doctor then). I think they're better now (or maybe the lab technicians are better!)

Talk with his doctor to work out where to go from here. If he gets treatment then you should do it at the same time, otherwise there's no point. Alternatively, your doctor could do a swab and culture test on you and your boyfriend. These are very reliable if they're done properly.

Don't be too quick to accuse your boyfriend of infidelity. Talk it through with the doctor first. Penile gonorrhea in men usually has symptoms, especially in the early stages, unlike chlamydia which usually doesn't.  (+ info)

4. Why are women at greater risk for gonorrhea after a single exposure than men?

a. Bacteria have a more hospitable environment in the vulva than in the male urethra.
b. Men are more careful about using condoms when having casual sex.
c. Since they use more antibiotics, women are more susceptible to new strains of gonorrhea.
d. Women are more likely to have other STDs, and this lowers their resistance.

cuz women are slooters  (+ info)

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