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If you have gonorrhea & chlamydia,can you completely cure the chlamydia without curing the gonorrhea?

If I had both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, and I took Doxycycline for 10 days, is it possible that the Chlamydia was cured but the Gonorrhea remained?

It is possible for one to cure and one to need more treatment like a second dose or something. You could have got both at the same time or one infection has been lingering long and is harder to get rid of. Your best option would be to go back and get tested again to make sure your clean.  (+ info)

Can vaginal itching be a addtional symptom of gonorrhea?

I thought I had a yeast infectation so I treated it; however it did not go away, I read the symptoms of gonorrhea and unusual mentral cycles were listed as a symptom, i have been having really periods for at least four months however the itching is new could it be that I have gonorrhea?

The only for sure way to know is to get checked.  (+ info)

Will Saudi labor force you back to your country if found Gonorrhea positive?

I got a friend here in Saudi Arabia having symptoms of Gonorrhea. He is afraid consulting a doctor because he might send off by his company back to his country if found positive.

Will Saudi labor or the company can force you back to your country if found Gonorrhea positive?

What is the best thing he should do? Does anyone here knows the best anti-biotic for it?

It's possible that they will send him back. Saudi nationals who get sexually transmitted diseases often do run into problems with their employers and whoever else finds out.

Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia sell antibiotics without any prescription. And perhaps he can buy there Azithromycin antibiotic, which will work well against most strains of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. (People who have Gonorrhea often have Chlamydia infection too.)

But he would have to read carefully the instructions included in the package. And he should take this antibiotic according to those instructions.

The danger of self treatment like that without doing any medical tests is that he may have some other infection together with Gonorrhea, such as Syphillis or HIV. And his self-cure from Gonorrhea may leave him with some other infection that will make him seriously ill a few years down the road.
http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/g/gonorrhea/treatments.htm  (+ info)

Will all my tests results from the gynecologist be mailed to me? Including clamidia, gonorrhea? ?

Will all my tests results from the gynecologist be mailed to me? Including clamidia, gonorrhea? Or will the test results just be the results of my pap smear? And the doctors will call about the other results?

you will most likely be sent a note from your doctor saying that something showed up (not in those exact words) in your most recent exam and they will request for you to come back in for another appointment. don't be afraid to ask questions to your doctors. remember they are just people too. good luck!!!!  (+ info)

Can swollen lymph nodes be a symptom of gonorrhea?

Initially I thought I had mono, because I have a sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes, but now I've been having a painful burning sensation when urinating too. Could I have gonorrhea?

  (+ info)

I may have had gonorrhea for over a year. What kind of complications could I have?

I believe I might have gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. I plan to go get tested, the question is not what to do IF I have it. I am wondering what kind of complications i could have since I believe I contracted this over a year ago.

It really depends on the infection itself and not the time it has been within you. From what I have been told by a few doctor's - women could develop PID right away from getting these infections or they may not develop them at all.
When you go to your doctor and get tested, relay your fears to them. They can do a physcial exam and also do an ultrasound to see if any damage has occured during this time.
Don't plan to go get tested, just go get tested asap.  (+ info)

How did my girlfriend get gonorrhea?

The situation is this. I have had no previous sexual partners. She has had one. We have been together for about a year and back in April she was tested for an STD because she had various problems with her vagina. The test came back negative. About a week ago she was test again as problems arose once more, but this time came back positive for gonorrhea.

How could this of happened? None of use cheated on one another, was the first test mistaken?

umm.... shes a whore  (+ info)

When is a guy considered safe to have sex with his legal partner after being healed of gonorrhea?

Also, is it safe to say that a week's time or even just 4 days straight of taking an antibiotic medication of 400mg 2x a day enough to safely say that a guy is totally healed from gonorrhea after having no more symptoms like the yellowish puss coming out from the penile opening, and the usual burning sensation when urinating?

It depends on what you mean by "safe." It sounds like you want to know when things are 100% safe, and the answer to that is, unfortunately, "never."

First, antibiotics are never 100% effective. Resistance may mean that the bacteria remain even after the full treatment.

Secondly, if a person has one STD, they often have another. A man's genito-urinary system is notorious for "hiding" infections that would be more obvious in women.

If you are wondering when it is safe in a specific situation, then God only knows. I'm not sure what antibiotic you are referring to - it doesn't sound like a typical treatment for gonorrhea. (Some antibiotics have no effect on gonorrhea.)

The answer you are probably looking for is how long does it take for the typical gonorrhea infection to clear after proper treatment. In theory, it could be as soon as a few days, but each individual case is different. I would say at least 2 weeks to be on the safe side.

Finally, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use protection. The only 100% effective protection is abstinence. Condoms help, but they are not 100% effective against preventing STDs (even ones that do not break).  (+ info)

Quiz - What complications can result from untreated Gonorrhea?

Test your sexual health knowledge. Do you know what can happen when you leave a Gonorrhea infection untreated? This goes for both men and women! The more information you can share, the better! There are different complications in both men and women.

While men are more likely to have symptomatic infection than women, women are much more likely to have serious complications for gonorrhea (i.e. including pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, pregnancy complications, perinatal transmission, perihepatitis). Endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease occur in 10-20% of gonococcal infections in women, and these complications may need hospitalization and/or surgery. Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause chronic pelvic pain and infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Obstetric complications are more common in pregnant women with gonorrhea, and their newborns may have ophthalmia neonatorum

Disseminated gonococcal infection can manifest as pustular skin lesions on hands and feet, tenosynovitis, and polyarthritis. It can also cause many serious complications, including septic arthritis (the most common nongenital complication) and endocarditis.

Complications in men include epididymitis and orchitis. Gonococcal conjunctivitis arises in 1-2% of cases. Other complications include: periurethral abscess. HIV transmission may be facilitated because of an increased shedding of HIV in the semen of men with gonorrhea  (+ info)

Can I pass gonorrhea to somone through kissing?

I believe I have gonorrhea and haven't been to the doctor yet, I will be going in a day or two. I do have a sore throat, but does this mean my mouth is infected?
So if I kiss someone will I pass it on to them? I need serious answers, ASAP please!

Gonorrhea is a disease that can be treated so you are right in going to the doctor immediately. It can be passed on others through saliva or any opening sores.

If you are male you would have gotten the symptoms on your genitals first, if you ignored those symptoms then it would continue to travel so you need to RUSH and get treatment.   (+ info)

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