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Can you get Gonorrhea from someone that had it before and is now cured?

One of my special friends I guess you could say, got Gonorrhea about a month ago, and he's taken meds and it's completely gone now. But can I still contract it though somehow?

Nope u cant get it. have fun! hahahaha........  (+ info)

what if a males privates touch a toilet rim that has fluids on it like gonorrhea is it contagious?

If fluids with gonorrhea are on a toilet rim and a male goes and sits on this rim and his penis touches the fluid is it contagious to where he can pick up the infection?

It cold only be contagious if there were cuts on his privates, and they got the fluids on them. You have little cause for worry.  (+ info)

How do I know the difference between a UTI and gonorrhea?

I have the symptoms for a UTI but how do I know that it's not gonorrhea since they have similar symptoms. My doc. gave me a prescription for antibiotics without seeing me or testing me for the UTI, should I go back to actually be tested?

The symptoms do differ. The previous person said treat with penicillin. Penicillin hasn't worked on gonorrhea in decades. Penicillin is never prescribed for a UTI either. See my article on gonorrhea for more info:http://www.examiner.com/x-7707-Tampa-Disease-Prevention-Examiner~y2009m6d22-Gonorrhea-the-clap-making-a-comeback  (+ info)

Can I get an STD or Gonorrhea from my boyfriend using his fingers in my vagina?

My sister said that I could get gonorrhea from the bacteria under his fingernails.

Gonorrhea yeah you can  (+ info)

How does gonorrhea affect cells?

I am doing a project that calls for how gonorrhea affects cells in the body. What I am looking for is "where" and "how" it affects its host cell.

Long-term complications can result in the following

In men, the complication is Epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the testicles. Sterility can result.
In women, the effects include

Ectopic pregnancy-pregnancy outside the uterus
Perihepatitis-an infection around the liver
Gonorrhea can spread to newborns

now this is only if it goes untreated, it is a curable std, so if you suspect that you may have it, go see a doctor immediately for treatment  (+ info)

is there anyway i can buy treatment for gonorrhea instead of going to the clinic?

i would like to know if i can buy treatment for gonorrhea instead of going to the clinic. i now for a fact that i have it.

No, you require antibiotic treatment for gonorrhoea, sorry. Please go to a clinic.  (+ info)

how long until gonorrhea blindness sets in?

I am paranoid i have gonorrhea, and some of my **** got on my hands and then i touched my eyes in the shower, how long does blindness set it?

i washed my eyes and what not but im still bugging! PLease help!
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you most likely will not get blindness

but the symptoms can start within a couple days of exposure but most start 1-3weeks of exposure  (+ info)

How Long Should I wait for Gonorrhea Treatment?

i think that I may have gonorrhea. How long should I wait for treatment? Should I go to an Emergency Room? I've read that it could cause infertility. I would hate it if i were infertile. How long does that take? it's the weekend... and I think I contracted it last Monday. Should I wait till Monday morning or will that risk dire consequences? Prompt answers from learned people with links would be helpful.
I am 26 years old. A girl went down on me (oral sex) last week. We did not have sex, Since then, there has been a 'tingle' of sorts at the end of my penis. No discharge whatsoever, some light pain in my abdomen like a mild version of getting hit in the balls. Some anal itching and fresh blood in stool once. So i'm pretty sure that is what i have. I just want to know if it could cause infertility within a weeks time.

Don't go to the ER, but on Monday I'd seek out your doctor's office, urgent care clinic, student health center, or whatever, to get treated.

You don't say if you're having symptoms or why you think you were infected, but in anycase, it's not something you need to go to an ER to get treated, but don't delay treating it either.

Plenty of great info, fact sheets, etc, at the website below.  (+ info)

Is it possible for gonorrhea changed into HIV?

My partner is having gonorrhea and I have no doubt if I've been infected to. As I search for the cure, someone told me that gonorrhea could possibly turned into HIV. Is that true?

No. It cannot "turn" into HIV because it's caused by a different agent. But when it rains it pours - and so your partner might have picked up more gifts that keep on giving than just one... It is quite possible to get more than one STD at a time, and your partner might have picked up HIV in addition to gonorrhea.  (+ info)

Is it possible to go with untreated gonorrhea for a year?

Is it possible for a man to have gonorrhea for one whole year and not symptoms?

Yes. Men are much more likely to be asymptomatic than females (although females can be asymptomatic too and only find out when they get pelvic inflammatory disease).  (+ info)

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