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What is the type of T cell with CD8 receptor that can kill virus infected and tumor cells?

A. T suppressor cell
B. Natural killer cell
C. Cytotoxic T cell
D. T helper cell
E. None of these

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How does uncontrolled cell multiplication (tumor) harm/kill an organism?

Also, why do benign tumors not harm orgnaisms?

malignant cancers are cells that keep on dividing and replicating meaning the bigger they get the more they push the other healthy cells out of the way. its sort of like taking over the healthy cells space. if you push enough of the healthy cells and organs out of their normal position they soon start to loose function and die. like being squeezed and squashed to death. benign tumors grow and then stop as long as they stop and dont invade healthy cells then no damage is done. occassionally benign tumors grow to such size that they start to affect the functions of normal cells that they come in contact with. Even though they've stopped growing they sometimes still have to be sugically removed so they can no longer push off on the healthy organs and cells  (+ info)

has anyone ever suffered from a giant cell tumor?

my doctor told me that i had a giant cell tumor in my ankle. luckily it wasn't cancer. he told me this in october and so far i have had two surgeries one to remove the tumor and a bone graph to replace the bone that it ate away. is it difficult to walk of use the part of the body that had the tumor.

I haven’t personally, but other people have. They are pretty rare and usually not malignant.  (+ info)

Whats the diffrence in pain and symptoms between a Giant cell tumor, malignant, And a benign one?

Like besides cancer what is the diffrence between them. And what causes the cancer to form there.. anything will help and thanks!

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does anyone know the recovery time for giant cell tumor surgery on the foot?

does any one know the average recovery time for a giant cell tumor surgery on the foot?

I had one removed from my middle finger years ago, on a friday, I was back up to steam by that monday (with a few pain meds). It's a day surgery, and your recovery will be even quicker if you go with a local anaesthetic (general tends to keep you a little more dopey and nauseated for longer)

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When can a tumor be non-cellular or non-neoplastic? And how can some neoplasms be cell free?

So basically, I've got a bio midterm tomorrow, and so in the process of studying, I realized I completely don't get that! Even my bio friends are like, what....? So if ANYONE can help us out here, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

The word tumor is defined (in Answers.com) as "An abnormal growth of tissue resulting from uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells and serving no physiological function; a neoplasm." So your teacher is playing with semantics here.

The only way a "mass" could be non-cellular would be if it were cystic - - a contained area of fluid. We see this with some ovarian tumors which may be benign or malignant. The benign ones are ovarian serous cystadenomas or mucinous cystadenomas which can be quite large tumor masses. These do contain cells however in the membranous sacs surrounding the fluid
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Is it really possible to get a brain tumor from talking on your cell phone too much?

I've heard that several times, but I don't know what to believe. Because I also hear that it isn't true. So...?

Reports have been such that the cell phone is suspected in Ted Kennedy's brain tumor .  (+ info)

Can I get a tumor because I use my cell so much?

My best friend and I talk on the phone about 2 hours a night and have been every night for almost a year since we dont see each other often. Am I at higher risk for getting a brain or ear tumor? Is there any evidance that proves that cells are linked to tumors??

This is certainly a real and most serious concern and we'll be seeing more and more reports as time goes on, as the true effects start to materialise. The thing to remember is that mobile phones have only started being used extensively in the last 8 or so years. It will take time for any definitive effects to become apparent. (typically 10 - 20 years), therefore anyone who says that they are not harmfull is doing so without any real knowledge or understanding!

The fact is that radio frequency (RF) transmissions are DANGEROUS. As to how dangerous, well that all depends on the intensity and duration of exposure. No one really knows and those that say it is not a problem, have no evidence to substantiate that it is not, infact there is more evidence coming to light to say that it is a potentially real serious problem! Any possible adverse effects that these devices have on human tissue, should not be taken lightly! It is still early days and time will tell as it did for smoking, asbestos related products and countless of chemicals and herbacides, in the past.
The simple fact is that everyone should be aware that the longer you use the phone the greater the adverse affects are likely to be. There is no doubt whatsoever, and it is well documented that high levels of RF are DANGEROUS! Cell phones transmit at much lower energy levels, but their consistant and prolonged use may well have a cumalitive effect.

Although there is no proof to indicate that mobile phones can cause cancer, there is sufficient debate and more studies happening to cause doubt as to the relative safety. As a telecommunications engineer I am aware of the power density levels produced by mobile phones and the effect they can have on different people.
Mobile phones transmit using radio frequency radiation (RFR). Dependant on the network this can range between 800MHz and 2GHz. These are radio waves located within the electromagnetic spectrum. X-rays which are known to cause cancer through ionizing radiation are also within the electromagnetic spectrum, however, RFRs cannot cause cancer in the same way as x-rays because RFRs are non-ionizing.

However, high levels of RFRs can cause health effects through heating the human body (thermal effects), resulting in headaches and possibly other symptoms.

Whilst it cannot be shown at this point in time that the thermal effects from mobile phones are a health hazard there is a considerable body of scientific literature which describes the effects of RFR in biological systems that cannot be directly attributed to heating. These effects are referred to as non-thermal and have been demonstrated to cause alteration in animal behaviour, or changes in the functioning of cell membranes.

To limit the possible adverse effects mobile phones may have I would suggest that anyone concerned about their use should;

- Limit the prolonged use of mobiles to under a couple of minutes at a time.
- Use the phone in handsfree speaker mode.
- Avoid using the phone in a confined space (such as in the car or building) as this causes the phone to radiate at the higher power levels to get a signal out.

Personnaly I avoid using the phone as much as possible and if I need to use it I keep it under a few minutes or use it in hands free speaker phone mode.

If you want to read some more detailed neurological studies and reports then checkout the following links  (+ info)

can i know any specialist doctor for giant cell tumor?

hi my sister is affected with GCT grade II. i have finding the specialist for cure this disease .pls let me know . thank you.

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My sister has been told her giant cell tumor has returned after 11 yrs has anyone else had this happen?

She had a good recovery last time and no trouble since, the doctors took out a 2and a half inch piece of bone from her lower arm. The other night playing soccer she blocked the ball in goal and broke her wrist. An xray showed the tumor is back , now she faces it all again, this is 11 years later, is there any new treatment? Or advice?

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