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Has anyone ever heard of a leydig cell tumor?

my husband had one of these and had his testicle removed. will he be sterile now?

Leydig cell tumors are usually benign, but approximately 10% are malignant. The malignant variants occur only in adults.

Leydig cell tumors are most commonly found in males. Nonetheless, these tumors have been well described in the ovarian stroma of females, who may present with signs and symptoms of virilization. Unlike their male counterparts, ovarian Leydig cell tumors are usually malignant.

Leydig cell tumors may occur in prepubertal boys but are most commonly observed in men aged 30-60 years.  (+ info)

How can aberrations in the cell cycle lead to tumor formation?

ap bio

Simple answer:
The cell cycle is divided up into separate phases (S, G0, G1, M); each point of transition from one phase to another (a checkpoint) is governed by multiple proteins which serve as either "accelerators" or "brakes" for the cell cycle. These proteins are coded by chromosomes (DNA), and it is the mutation in the protein-specific DNA which creates either no protein, overactive protein, or underactive protein. IN any case, it creates a disruption to the cycle, which disturbs orderly cell growth and division. This can lead to cancer.

More complex answer (and pictures!): see http://www.cellsalive.com/cell_cycle.htm

Blessings  (+ info)

Is it true you can get a tumor if you use the same cell phone for 10 yrs?

i heard someone tlkin about tht and wasnt sure, maybe you guys can help [=

There is absolutely no scientific proof that cell phone usage causes cancer of any kind.  (+ info)

What causes Renal Cell Carcinoma? What can be done for it? Can it be cured if the tumor is less?

than 6 cm and has not spread to other organs?

Renal Cell Carcinoma is a cancer of the kidneys that has no specific etiology. High risk behavior such as smoking and exposure to radiation can always be associated with cancer development, but for the most part it is idiopathic (meaning we don't really know what causes it). We know that it manifests as a consequence of certain genetic abnormalities, and in some individuals who have a family history of polycystic kidney disease, kidney cancer may occur more frequently.

The standard of care for the treatment of this disease is surgery, or radical nephrectomy. If the cancer can be removed in its entirety and has not spread beyond the kidney, cure is possible. While the smaller the cancer is, the less likely it is to recur, kidney cancer can have a tendency to metastasize to other organs such as the lung, liver, bone. If it has spread beyond the kidney and cannot be removed completely, RCC doesn't traditionally respond to chemotherapy well, and only chemobiotherapy has shown to work. However, in the past year, FDA has approved a couple new drugs, they are medicine specifically targeting certain molecular abnormalities of RCC. These have changed the outlook of patients with advanced RCC completely.  (+ info)

has anyone heard of a leydig cell tumor?

my husband had one of these and had his testicle removed. will he be sterile now?

Sites I glanced at for info do not mention sterility, but your physician or the physician that removed his testicle should be able to tell you. You should be able to just ask them, even by phone.  (+ info)

Imagine you are a cancer cell. What abilities would you need to survive in the tumor? ?

1) Detach, Invasiveness
2) Angiogenesis, need vessel to grow
3) Downregulation of MHC
4) Telomerase to achieve immortality
5) Loss the ability to do apoptosis
6) Down regulation of Fas receptor, so you would not be killed by lymphocytes
7) Up regulation of Fas ligard, so you can kill other cells
8) Less differentiated or anaplastic
9) Screwed up DNA repair, so I can have more mutation, and therefore higher chance to adapt

Pretty much I can think of  (+ info)

can anyone help me with Junville granulosa cell turmor cancer?

I have a 23 year old daughter that was diagnoised with this rare form of cancer last year when a 9 lb tumor burst inside her, and now she has to go get blood work, ultra sound, and cat scan every 3 months,, she in alot of pain, the remaining ovary is in bad shape, with alot of cyst and she in alot of pain, they only want to put her on birth control pill to see if this will help, i fill she isnt getting the treament hse needs, due to haveing no insurance, and i cant get her on any kind of program for help..could someone please help me. Worried Mom A friend has can in her troat, and they are already doing radiation on her, im wonder way the doctor is no doing this kind of stuff for my daughter, I feel its beacuse she has no insurance or money, and i cant get, her help,....Please help asap for me..thank you Nadine

Her oncologist or the hospital can recommend a medical oncology social worker who can sit down with her and explain her options if she has no insurance. If she is in the US she should be able to qualify for Medicare to help with medical expenses and Social Security Disability benefits. ACS also has some information for health insurance and financial assistance.

ACS: Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

As for treatment she may need a second opinion or even a third . .it is unclear if her condition is considered early stage or advanced? In either case you need to be persistent and find out as much information as possible . . sometimes doctors take a conservative approach and they may be doing that in your daughters case . . you need to talk to others with the same disease to find out what is currently available for treatment. And, since this is Juvenile granulosa as opposed to Adult she should be seen by a Pediatric oncologist who hopefully specializes in this rare disease.


It would help you to find and read as much information about this disease as possible, which may explain why the doctors are taking the approach they are.

eMedicine: Granulosa-Theca Cell Tumors

You should also seek information and support from others who have this disease:

Eyes on the Prize - support and alliance for many types of gynecologic cancers

Granulosa Cell Tumor of the Ovary Foundation

Abstracts from PubMed about JGCT

Juvenile granulosa cell tumors of the ovary in children and adolescents: results from 33 patients registered in a prospective cooperative study.

Management of recurrent juvenile granulosa cell tumor of the ovary.

Print out and take the following abstract to your daughters doctor and ask about treatment:

Therapy of advanced ovarian juvenile granulosa cell tumors.

Good luck with this. Stay strong, hopeful, and be persistent.  (+ info)

Can a CT Scan or UltraSound cause a cell to grow if a cell is loose after tumor is removed?

You should really ask your doctor a question like this, not a bunch of online people who are answering things because they are bored.
But, i'll give you a pointer anyway:
According to Grey's Anatomy, it will not cause the cell to grow.
But, if you're trusting Grey's Anatomy for medical advice...well....i think your cell is the least of your worries.
Good Luck.
I sound rude, but thats just how i express concern.  (+ info)

If the cell phone can cause cancer,why is it that radiation treatments shrink the tumor ?

The difference is intensity, targeting and purpose. Electromagnetic radiation of sufficient intensity will cause cell damage and mutations, which can lead to cancer. Radiation treatments are much stronger, and are intended to kill cells outright, not just change them. They have to be targeted somehow so that the tumor is irradiated more than anything else. There are two primary kinds of radiation treatment. One is radioactive "seeds" that are implanted directly into the tumor, to minimize damage to surrounding tissue. The other is external beam radiation, which travels through other tissue but from different directions so that the strongest dose occurs only at the tumor site. There is some risk to nearby tissue but it is much better than the alternative.  (+ info)

I use my cell phone a LOT. Will i get a tumor from this?

My best friend and I talk on the phone about 2 hours a night and have been every nigt for almost a year since we dont see each other often. Am I at higher risk for getting a brain or ear tumor? Is there any evidance that proves that cells are linked to tumors??

This is certainly a real and most serious concern and we'll be seeing more and more reports as time goes on, as the true effects start to materialise. The thing to remember is that mobile phones have only started being used extensively in the last 8 or so years. It will take time for any definitive effects to become apparent. (typically 10 - 20 years), therefore anyone who says that they are not harmfull is doing so without any real knowledge or understanding!

The fact is that radio frequency (RF) transmissions are DANGEROUS. As to how dangerous, well that all depends on the intensity and duration of exposure. No one really knows and those that say it is not a problem, have no evidence to substantiate that it is not, infact there is more evidence coming to light to say that it is a potentially real serious problem! Any possible adverse effects that these devices have on human tissue, should not be taken lightly! It is still early days and time will tell as it did for smoking, asbestos related products and countless of chemicals and herbacides, in the past.
The simple fact is that everyone should be aware that the longer you use the phone the greater the adverse affects are likely to be. There is no doubt whatsoever, and it is well documented that high levels of RF are DANGEROUS! Cell phones transmit at much lower energy levels, but their consistant and prolonged use may well have a cumalitive effect.

High levels of RFRs can cause health effects through heating the human body (thermal effects), resulting in headaches and possibly other symptoms.

Whilst it cannot be shown at this point in time that the thermal effects from mobile phones are a health hazard there is a considerable body of scientific literature which describes the effects of RFR in biological systems that cannot be directly attributed to heating. These effects are referred to as non-thermal and have been demonstrated to cause alteration in animal behaviour, or changes in the functioning of cell membranes.

To limit the possible adverse effects mobile phones may have I would suggest that anyone concerned about their use should;

- Limit the prolonged use of mobiles to under a couple of minutes at a time.
- Use the phone in handsfree speaker mode.
- Avoid using the phone in a confined space (such as in the car or building) as this causes the phone to radiate at the higher power levels to get a signal out.

Personnaly I avoid using the phone as much as possible and if I need to use it I keep it under a few minutes or use it in hands free speaker phone mode.  (+ info)

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