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Did Johnnie Cochran get a brain tumor from cell phone use?

I don't know who that is, but what would make you think that?

Even if he did, what's wrong with tumors? Millions of people get many different kinds of tumors each year! Don't go making fun of somebody, because they can't control what happens to them and their body! :'(

I'm not sure if he is your friend or something, but if he is, try seeing him for him. So he has a little problem, we all get problems. You don't need to make somebody's life even worse by making fun of him (like posting this question). Shame on you! Let's see what happens if you get a tumor!  (+ info)

Does anyone know someone personally who has gotten a brain tumor from using a cell phone?

you hear this stuff all the time but.. would not a cordless house phone have the same reaction.. thinking of tossing mine..

No. However, Swedish researchers in 2005 found that incidence of brain tumors in rural areas of Sweden was much higher among users of GSM cell phones than among rural residents who were not cell phone users. The rate was also higher than among GSM users in urban areas.

The study suggests that mobile handsets in rural areas deliver a higher dose of electromagnetic radiation because they have to transmit a stronger signal to distant transmission towers, whereas towers are closer together in urban areas, resulting in phones transmitting a weaker signal.  (+ info)

My husband has a Nokia cell phone from T-Mobile and keeps it in the same pocket everyday can he have a Tumor?

he has had his cell phone in his pocket everyday since he has had it which is about 3 years last month or so he noticed little bumps right where his cell hits his leg. He swapped his cell phone to the other pocket to see if they would go away like pimples or something but they haven't. Has anyone else had this happen? Could it be radiation??? I know there was a thing a while back saying that cell phones could cause brain tumors

  (+ info)

What are some solutions to avoid the health problems caused by cell phones?(like cancer, brain tumor,..)?

Don't use one & if you do, just use it for emergencies.
You should also not sleep with it next to your bed (at least 2-3 metres or yards away) as it can interfere with your sleep. (new study).
Edit: There was at least one study that showed there was a correlation between heavy cellphone use and brain cancer. There was another study (funded by cellphone makers) that found there was no correlation. I wouldn't trust the latter. Studies can be skewed either way & if it is in the companies' best interest to find them safe then they will.  (+ info)

My nephew had a brain tumor that went into his spine. It is cancerous. He is having stem cell tansplant.?

My brother and his wife are staying very optimistic. He is a young boy, 10 or 11. I am trying to get a grasp of what stage of the fight he is in. Does a stem cell transplant resemble a treatment of desperation? I am confused and don't want to ask too many questions as they are already so stressed out.
He has also gone through 2 rounds of chemo.

Stem cell transplants are not used to treat brain tumors.  (+ info)

extragonadal germ cell tumor?

My brother was diagnosed with extragonadal germ cell tumor, can anyone explain to me what causes this and what can happen to him? will he die?

95% of all testicular tumors are germ cell tumors. That is, the tumors originate in the sperm forming cells in the testicles (the males gonads) or egg producing cells in the ovary (female gonads). Occasionally, however, germ cell tumors develop elsewhere in the body without any evidence of cancer in the testes. When this happens they are referred to as Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors (meaning outside of the gonads).

During embryonic development (when you are but a clump of cells), germ cells are first seen outside of the embryo in the yolk sac. At about 4 to 6 weeks of development, these cells migrate into the embryo where they populate the developing testes or ovaries. If these cells miss their destination, they are likely to come to rest in one of a number of midline sites in the body. Extragonadal tumors arise when these cells become cancerous. In some cases, however, an apparent extragonadal tumor turns out to be a metastatic testicular tumor where the primary tumor has "burnt out" or died on its own.

Extragonadal germ cell tumors can take on a variety of tumor types. They can be either benign (teratoma) or malignant. Malignant tumors can be either seminoma [aka germinoma in females] or nonseminoma (embryonal carcinoma, immature teratoma, endodermal sinus tumor [aka yolk sac tumor], choriocarcinoma, and mixed germ cell tumors). Although much more common in males, extragonadal tumors can also occur in females.

The great majority (80%) of these tumors are benign and are handled with surgery alone. Most of the benign tumors occur in children. While benign tumors occur with equal frequency in men and women, malignant extragonadal tumors are much more common in males (9:1). Understand this, though: extragonadal germ cell tumors are rare, accounting for only 1 to 4% of all germ cell tumors.

This type of cancer is aggressive and is usually seen in young adults. Patients with mediastinal nonseminomatous EGC are typically classed as poor risk patients because these cancers often have unusual biological features that diminish cure rates and add additional complexities to treatment. Despite these unusual characteristics, about half of even these patients are cured. Other extragonadal sites do not share these same adverse biological features and are usually classified with an intermediate prognosis. For all extragonadal seminomas, the outlook is identical to metastatic testicular seminomas with the same high prospect of cure.  (+ info)

What are the risks associated with post acinar cell tumour of pancreas?

My relative underwent a surgery for acinar cell tumor of pancreas in 2005. Now she is pregnant. Is it safe for her to have a baby? What are the risks involved and what would be the precautions required so as to ensure she lives for a very long period.

There is no way to answer you. We do not even know the stage or her treatment. In general the prognosis for pancreatic cancer is not good. Although, acinar cell tumors have a better prognosis than adenocarcinomas. This is a very uncommon cancer and it is very unusual to occur in someone young enough to have children so there is little known about this combination and therefore, impossible to ensure a long life. She has already survived longer than the average person. I hope she stays this way.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a recurring Giant Cell Tumor?

7 years ago I had a Giant Cell tumor removed from my left knee but the doctor couldnt get all of the tumor because of the location. The last two weeks I have has quite a bit of pain and pressure in my knee(without injury) I was told there was a chance that it could grow back. Could that be the cause of my discomfort? I know I dont want to get the point I was last time. It was pretty painful
I have not had my tumor checked since post op. He never said to keep getting it checked. He said he had to hook it and rip it out. Which didnt sound all that great. Ive been surching on online, and according to what I have read there should have been more done to try and prevent it from recurring. I was told from its location it was to hard to get to w/ arthroscopic surgery and he did what he could. He didnt want to cut my knee open. I did make an appointment to speak with my physician.

Yes it could be the cause of your discomfort. Have they been doing periodic CT scans to keep an eye on what was left of the tumor? I just had a giant cell tumor removed last week. But they told me if it caused by PVNS (which mine was) there is up to a 40% chance of reoccurance. I would see your doctor and have them do a MRI or CT to check.  (+ info)

I had a benign granular cell tumor removed during an endscopy...?

...is it necessary to have ANOTHER endoscopy 15 mos later to make sure granular cell tumor did not return or is it safe to assume a GCT doesnt grow back/was benign, etc...

I dont know if it is necessary, but i would have another endscopy to be sure.  (+ info)

Which of the following genes control cell specialization, replication, DNA repair, tumor suppression?

Option 1: Oncogenes
Option 2: Proto-oncogenes
Option 3: Regulatory genes

2  (+ info)

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