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Is Acupuncture an Effective Treatment for Severe Graves Ophthalmopathy?

Hi, my sister has Severe Graves Ophthalmopathy, with double vision and other uncomfortable symptoms for months. It looks like it's only getting worse. The treatments aren't working, and the next step is a huge blast of cortisone, which is a big concern. I'm wondering if acupuncture would be an effective alternative. If you know, please share your experience. Thank you.

IT HAS NO ROLE  (+ info)

My mother has graves disease which has affected the eyes but has been turned down the operation?

Graves disease affects the thyroid and in result has made the eyes bigger. We can clearly see they need surgery to correct them but the doctors have said its cosmetic and will not do the operation. Is there any type of procedure to appeal for this? Also any web site available, informing what wright's we have.

Thank you for your time.
Oh we live in the UK aswell.


Go to a naturopath!!
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue & gluten/wheat/dairy intolerance. The fatigue & achiness were unbearable, as I felt like walking death! Thank God, a naturopath did a saliva test to check my hormone levels & introduced me to plant based bioidentical hormones.  (+ info)

What is an actual, easy to understand definition of graves disease?

I am a teen and when i tell people i have graves disease they never know what it is. Like yesterday, I went for an appointment and my crush asked my friends where I was and the dears they are told him I was at the hospital! And I didn't know how to explain to him my condition. Thanks in advance!

Graves' disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. It occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland and causes it to overproduce the hormone thyroxine.

The abnormal immune response can affect the tissue behind your eyes as well as parts of your skin. The higher thyroxine level in Graves' disease can greatly increase your body's metabolic rate, leading to host of health problems.

Graves' disease is rarely life-threatening. Although it may develop at any age and in either men or women, Graves' disease is more common in women and usually begins after age 20.

There's no way to stop your immune system from attacking your thyroid gland, but treatments for Graves' disease can ease symptoms and decrease the production of thyroxine.  (+ info)

What can a person with Graves Disease do to lose weight?

I am 16 and i have Graves Disease (hyperactive thyroid) and when i was first diagnoised, i was put on medication that made me gain 30 pounds in like less than 3 months. Now i am currently 40 pounds heaver than i was. I would like to lose at least 20 pounds. How can i do it the fastest way?

Im sorry to hear that! I would go on a low carb diet or weight watchers. Both of these have worked for my friends. I think w/ low carb you will lose weight the fastest. good luck!  (+ info)

How long can you go with Graves Disease without being treated?

I went to a specialist last week - she diagnosed me with Graves Disease. It makes sense, I have all the symptoms. I am not happy with the office's response rate. The doctor told me I should get the radioiodine this week and no one is calling me back. There is another endo in the area, but they are booked through April. Can I wait that long?

You should not. Find another doctor, one who is actually concerned for your health. The first doctor should have at the very least given you a beta blocker. A beta blocker is a temporary, emergency treatment for Grave's disease until the treatment kicks in. You should also have been given an anti thyroid drug. In the US, they give you methimizole.

Once you have the methimizole, you don't need radioactive iodine. RAI is not a cure for Grave's disease. It only treats one symptom of Graves disease - the hyperthyroidism. Plus it gives you an additional disease - hypothyroidism. If you don't want this, don't have the radioactive iodine.

So see another doctor. Any old GP will do, if they are willing. You don't actually need an endo. As long as you can get the right blood tests, (free T3 and free T4) and methimizole, you will be fine.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any alternative methods for Graves disease? Has this worked for anyone?

I have Graves disease, my doctor is really rude and won't answer questions for me. I started this diet and I think that it is helping but I am still learning about ways to control the hyperthyroidism.

I'm sorry to hear you have Graves disease; I have Hashimoto's...the opposite autoimmune disease.

Before trying any remedies, though, I think you'd be wise to read a little about it first from these sites:


Good luck!  (+ info)

What foods should I avoid with Graves' and hypothyroid?

I have Graves' Disease (hyperthyroid) and had the radioactive iodine treatment twice. Now I am hypothyroid. I understand that treatment doesn't remove the Graves'. I am trying to eat healthier and there are Graves' foods to avoid and eat and there are foods to eat and avoid if you are hypo. The lists conflict. What foods should a person with Graves' Disease and a hypothyroid eat and avoid? I would appreciate any food advice.

Most foods are ok in moderation, just eat a balanced diet. Avoid foods high in iodine such as Kelp or other seaweed food, beef liver and iodine salts.

Checkout the websites below.  (+ info)

how much money does it cost for radioactive iodine for graves disease?

i have graves disease. i want to know how much money it costs for the radioactive iodine.

it usually costs a lot and after the medication you gotta have maintainance as well...check out the philippines  (+ info)

Can someone help me understand and deal with Graves Disease symptoms and problems?

I have graves disease and was diagnosed 5 years ago. I have been off and on PTU since. I never saw a specialist or got any treatment. Now 5 years later I finally got a specialist. Unfortunately because no records are available about my episodes my doctor has taken me off PTU and is letting me get sick. I am generally confused and a little anxious about alot of the things going on in my body and would like a little help.

Maybe you can elaborate a little on what you are feeling? That would help us to help you... The symptoms of Graves disease can be overwhelming at times, both physically and emotionally, but there are some ways to cope with it so that you can live a normal life. It affects so many areas of your general health, I wouldn't know where to begin unless you can explain how you are feeling.
PS: I also have Graves'  (+ info)

What is a biochemical aspect of Graves' disease?

I am doing a presentation in biochemistry on Graves' disease and I need to pick something out that deals with Graves' disease to focus on.

Biochemical aspects would be the mechanics of the disease and the effects the disease has on the body. This should be sufficient information to point you int he right direction and enable you to continue your research.  (+ info)

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