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I have reciently been diagnosed with gynecomastia (male development of female breasts) and have been told that I have B cup breasts. I can't afford surgery, but I have accepted my breasts. One thing I want to know is should I wear a bra for support?

i guess if they really bother you like with running and stuff then yeah you should try something or even to prevent sagging the skin  (+ info)


has anyone had surgery for gynecomastia? If so, how much did it cost?

call 1-800-541-3183 this place can help u.
Some men have a condition called gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement. When the size of the male breasts can be reduced through diet, the condition can be treated through liposuction (when the breast enlargement is simply the result of fatty tissue) or breast reduction surgery.
In male breast reduction surgery, the surgeon makes an incision along the lower outside edge of the areola. The surgeon then removes excess tissue from the area below the areola, reshapes the breast, and sutures the skin. The nipples usually remain attached to their blood vessels and nerves, which helps to maintain their sensitivity to touch. For certain patients with extremely large breasts, however, the surgeon may need to reposition the nipples and areola, which can result in a loss of sensation in the nipple and areola. As noted earlier, for patients whose breast size is caused solely by excessive fat tissue, the surgeon can sometimes reduce the size with liposuction alone, which minimizes the risks of scarring and loss of sensitivity.
Male breast reduction surgery can be performed in a hospital, outpatient surgery center, or office-based surgical suite. In most cases, the patient will be sedated with general anesthesia. The surgery usually lasts between one and two hours.
After surgery, most patients experience swelling, bruises, and tenderness in their chests for a few days or more. Most patients can get back to work in one to three days. Part of the overall process, but particularly the recovery process and particularly for teenaged boys who've had the surgery, may involve addressing the psychological aspects of gynecomastia.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between Gynecomastia and PseudoGynecomastia?

what's the difference between Gynecomastia and PseudoGynecomastia, and how can it be determined?

Gynecomastia is where the breast are mostly created by glands, hormones, and more fibrous. The Pseudogynecomastia is mostly created by fatty tissue and is much easier to treat by diet and exercise. (This is what people call "Man boobs").  (+ info)

How do you tell if you have gynecomastia?

I have been told that if you can squeeze your chest and it's soft, it's just fat. If there is something hard under the nipple, it's gynecomastia. Can you please tell me a way to self test gynecomastia.

You're actually right...you squeeze each breast separately & if it felt hard then it's gynecomastia (actual breast tissues with glands) but if it's just soft like any part of your body with fat then it's just fat. Besides, you should check the reason behind your gynecomastia to make you suspect in the 1st place (like liver cirrhosis, if you're taking spironolactone diuretic, thyrotoxicosis, kidney failure....etc)  (+ info)

Can gynecomastia cause a clear sticky nipple discharge?

I know that gynecomastia is normal in teenage boys, but what about a clear and somewhat sticky kind of discharge that comes along with it if you squeeze the nipple? Please help me!

Whoever told you that gynecomastia is normal in teenage boys or otherwise is misinformed. You have too much estrogen in your system. A male discharging milk from his breasts or any other type of discharge from his nipples is NOT normal either. Go see your physician.  (+ info)

Who has gynecomastia? How do you learn to accept it and deal with it?

I have gynecomastia. And it SUCKS! Its so embarassing and it limits you to certain clothes you can wear. I just bought a compression shirt. It works good but it shows the thick seams in the front and the back under a regular t-shirt. Is there anway to address this problem?

And how do you guys accept this condition and learn to deal with it? It doesn't seem like it's possible.

Please don't be cruel. Thanks!

I do hope you know what causes this to happen. My son had it too and people thought that it was from being overweight. When he was younger the kids were so mean to him about it too. How he accepted this especially when the kids were making a joke out of him would be to turn it around and then laugh too. He decided that if he was to become the one that made people laugh with him then they'd stop laughing at him. Well, within that same year it worked. Everyone thought he was cool and liked to be around so they could be in on all the laughs and fun too. He then got into high school and decided to start lifting weights. By the end of freshman year he was so strong and lifting all the time. No one wanted to laugh at him then either. He practiced at being fast along with strength was an even better way of living. He joined the football and track team while keeping his GPA well enough for a college grant. He went and studied computer networking and now works for IBM. He's married with 2 little girls to a beauty. They can go anywhere that IBM is in the USA too. Please take from any page of his life. I'm sure he'd be the first to offer if he knew he could help someone like him. BTW- His love affair of rebuilding and showing mustang cars came true with a ribbon before he gave it up for a family life. I know this might sound like it's too good to be true, but it did and I'm so proud. You can have a life like this too. Just take what you have and do the best that you can. Life gives you what you make out of it. Please do your best in everything. If and when things get you down then take some time to get over it, but don't take too long. Remember to always surround yourself with people that want to be with you too. You'll soon learn to know the difference between the two. Then you'll be happy with the person it effects most in the world and that's you.  (+ info)

How can i get rid of my gynecomastia without taking any herbal medication,suplements,or doing surgery?

im 14 and i have gynecomastia. its probably caused by the imbalance of hormones in my body. i have nipples that stick out and i have a hard lump underneath my nipples. ive had this for about 2 years now. are there any excircises i can do to get rid of this. and is there any way,naturally, i can get my hormones balanced,without taking any kind of medicine or herbs,or surgery?please help. thanks!

Do a lot of cardio and fat burning exercises, and exercise your chest muscles. I was unlucky enough to have gynecomastia only on the left side of my chest so it looked like I had one boob. After doing a lot of running/bike riding and eating properly I slimmed down a lot and while it's still there it's not as prominent as when I was overweight.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for small sized gynecomastia other than surgery?

I am a 29 yr old, slim and healthy male,I seem to have gynecomastia. My chest contour from the front is flat and well rounded. But from the side, it looks like i have puffy nipples .Hence from the side, the entire chest contour looks pointed, gently coming to a point at the nipple itself. The region around the nipple is very soft and tender, looking like fat deposit.

So please advice if there are any treatments for same and the places that i can get them treated.

Hi there,
it is not "for you" to make a surgical diagnosis...okay ?
leave it to an experienced general surgeon...
let him see whether it is really gynaecomastia or only mere adipose deposits....
and let him decide the treatment..if at all it is needed...okay ?
best wishes...  (+ info)

How do i know if i have gynecomastia or just chest fat because iam over wieght?

Idk if they are gynecomastia or there just big because iam overwieght and iam 16 and i wieght 190 and i run 1hr everyday and and do push ups. If i keep doing this excersice will it help me?

Have your body fat percentage taken. If you are above 15% then cut back on fat and carb calories to get leaner. If you are below 15% body fat then you aren't going to lose much more fat from your chest and may need a little medical procedure to reduce the size of your nips.  (+ info)

How do i tell my parents i have Gynecomastia?

I am 17 and ever sense i was 14 i have had Gynecomastia. My nipples are puffy. I want to get the Gynecomastia surgery because it is ruining my life! I dont ever take my shirt off in front of people dont go swimming hate changing in front of people. The worst part is i want to join the Army after High School and dont want to have this condition when im in there. So how can I tell my parent i just dont talk about this stuff with them.

you need to sit them down just the 3 of you and say that you have a problem and thats what it is. Be very calm about it and if they really care about you then they will get you to a dr asap and get this fixed, also let them know how hard it is for you on a daily basis, please email me and let me know how this goes  (+ info)

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