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I haven't taken any drugs or anything in years. But it always happens, I have weird hallucinations, not just visually, auditory sometimes, my friends always think I should see a shrink because for simple things they say I freak out and I'm too paranoid and crap. I'm afraid of crowds, not afraid, but extremely uncomfortable. Hell, my whole life I've actually been screwed up. By this, can anyone give a suggestion what it is until i do go to a therapist?
All I can say too..Is I have a weird problem as well. I can't show frustration, stress etc, so I keep it in. And certain times normally during the night I release it, it always comes out as spasms and junk

I don't know, but drugs in the past could have messed with your brain a little bit. It would be helpful to know what type of drugs you were on. Hallucinogenic drugs could have caused your brain to do this.  (+ info)


my grandpa is dying of emphasema. he is skin and bones literally. the other night he had hallucinations. the doctor said he needs to take less of his pain killer meds. i was thinking that maybe he has biotin deficiency. biotin is an essential b vitamin and one of the symptoms of deficiency is hallucinations. Biotin deficiency is quite rare though.

Could it be that since he is soooo skinny (100 pounds, and probably 5' 8") he cannot absorb vitamins as well? he does eat enough, the disease just doesnt allow him to keep on fat. Anyway i thought that this may cause vitamin deficiency, but i am not a medical expert.

Hallucinations happen a lot near the time of passing. True, he is at an age and weight where he will have a harder time metabolizing food and medicine. He's your grandpa but when the docor says that he needs less meds- Is he dying? If he is in pain and the goal is comfort, I don't know why decreasing pain meds would be considered. It must be hard. When he hallucinates consider is he happy-or just confused. Sometimes it's harder for the family than it is for the patient. My thoughts are with your family.  (+ info)

What drug gives the most visual hallucinations?

I was wondering because many people have told me that while on LSA, a chemical similar to but not as strong as LSD found in Morning Glory seeds, they hallucinated a lot. Others say there were no hallucinations. There have also been arguments about acid and mushrooms and the visuals they give. People say Salvia gives intense hallucinations for 20 minutes, but some people say they have never hallucinated on Salvia. So, in general, which drug gives you the most visual hallucinations?

Each of the drugs that you mentioned has the potential to induce fully hallucinogenic, out-of-body experiences when taken in high enough doses. I take your question to be asking which drug has the strongest visuals relative to its other effects. Unfortunately there is no simple answer, as each psychedelic will behave differently at different intensities, and of course there is no 'standard' trip intensity to use as reference.

For mild trips, pure LSD-25 certainly produces the strongest visuals. (Often, blotter acid contains side products which produce effects similar to LSD, but with more potent physical and cognitive sensations than visual effects.) The visuals of LSD-25 taper off at higher doses, requiring larger amounts to cause the fully hallucinogenic experience. To achieve this level of visuals, I would have to say that dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is the most potent relative to its other effects.  (+ info)

How long do hallucinations last after taking base amphetamine?

Me and a few mates used base amphetamine on Saturday and im still having hallucinations now is that normal or have i taken something esle ?

go see a dr. they shouldnt be effecting you this long. youve mite have taken something else other than meth.
im an ex user, never had those, ever.
ice, glass, crystalmeth, crank. one is not better than the other, its how it was made.
stay away from this nasty drug. its the worce drug out there. it will take over your life, ands in 20 yrs from now youll ask yourself why did i do this?
im lucky, i got out & stayed off of it.
your answer to your question, no its not normal. get to a dr.
good luck  (+ info)

How to induce permanent hallucinations? Or a different state of mind than most people?

I want to feel different then alot of people...Looking for a way that can permnately give me hallucinations or sometthing similar. Everyone is going to say "You don't want this stuff, trust me". Don't waste your time and give me answers like that. I know what I want.

Meditation might not be a bad call for someone like you. Tibetan monks can control their body temperature through their mind and there are many religions popular outside the United States that may give you what you are looking for.  (+ info)

At what point do hallucinations start occurring to someone who is sleep deprived?

I distinctly remember hearing that after a certain amount of hours with no sleep, hallucinations begin to occur.

I am well aware that this fact is true but my question is, around how many hours does this begin to kick in.

According to a documentary I saw about the Navy SEALs, they are nearly always there at 72 hours, but you also find ways to sleep (5 second nap here, 3 second nap there even while you're doing activity).  (+ info)

What harm do hallucinations & delusions do that they need to be mentally hospitalized IMMEDIATELY?

Like, I always hear that the reasons people get hospitalized are if you're @ risk for harm to self or others, & if you're hallucinatory or delusional. What's so dangerous about hallucinations & delusions? What other reasons would a person need to be mentally institutionalized besides these?

General rule of thumb is suicidal, homicidal or psychotic...some people experience hallucinations and/or delusional thoughts for years...if the voices or visions indicate you should hurt yourself or someone else or that someone else is about to hurt you or someone you care about, it gets dangerous. Being a danger or in danger and consistently refusing to take your medications, can be cause for commitment to an institution, especially if there is a serious history of injury or repeated attempts towards self or others. kjl  (+ info)

What causes a period of visual hallucinations?

Last night, and the night before that I got a random period of visual hallucinations. I literally thought that I might have been tripping on something, because the hallucinations actually looked real and were very, very wierd. What causes this?
Ive been taking adderall and zoloft, but ive been taking them for awhile and never experienced anything like that. And no its not weed, if i was smoking weed i wouldnt of asked this lol.

many things can cause it. to give you a better idea of what it "could" be it would help to know what your hallucinations were.  (+ info)

How can I avoid hallucinations while being awake for around 72 hours?

Is there a definite way to assure this? I'm nocturnal/insomniac and stay awake naturally (or at least what seems natural) for days at a time. I just don't like having a feeling of fear when there is nothing to fear. And having hallucinations.

Have nooooo Caffeine at all!

I would say im some what a expert when it comes to keeping myself awake without going into a sleep like trance.

Avoid caffeine at all costs , it will make hallucinations worse , and could even cause them.

Always make sure your in a well suited comfort environment , the safer you feel the less likely you will wonder out of mind and into hallucinations.

If you find yourself hallucinating , clap your hands.

Most hallucinations you get , will be hearing things if anything , the slightest noise will make you paranoid.  (+ info)

What kind of diseases cause hallucinations?

What kind of diseases cause brief hallucinations? They are very small (i.e. a face staring out of a solid wall, a person standing in the middle of the street, etc.). The hallucinations don't talk, scare the person they are afflicting, or in anyway take away from this person's life. The person they are afflicting knows they aren't real and was wondering what kind of disease causes them. This person is 16, and has no other symptoms besides the occasional headache, which do not seem to correlate at all with the hallucinations.

I'm not sure. I have had a lot of head aches lately and have had weird things. But this has been at night, for all I know I was half dreaming.

Has this person been getting sleep? Sleep deprivation could do it.

Stress- is there a lot going on with their life right now?

Ask them some time what kind of things they are seeing. Is the face someone they know? Is it their friend standing in the street. Find if there is anything that happened with these people, the mind could be confused and making them see things.

I know this wasn't very helpful, but maybe they should see their doctor, they know more than me or anyone on yahoo.  (+ info)

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