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Why do I have a foot deformity while my identical twin doesn't?

I was born with hallux valgus (bunions) on both of my feet. My identical twin sister does not have this deformity. How is this possible?

You are identical at the level of cellular DNA. But how each of you develop in the uterus is dependent on many things aside from DNA. I other words this deformity is not dependent on DNA, but occurs during fetal development. That's a very individual thing.  (+ info)

I rolled my foot a year ago and now developed a bunion (Hallux Valgus), is this a repairable injury?

My injury occurred about a year ago on a large skateboard ramp. I rolled my foot inwards and my big toe touched my heel essentially folding my foot in half. I did feel some something snap like a ligament or tendon. I just got my x-rays done but it shows no broken bones. When the immediate swelling went down, after a month, a bunion was left on my right foot where the meta tarsus meets the phalanges and my big toe points inward. Is this a repairable injury? If so, is it most likely a ligament or tendon tear? If this injury is not repairable then what will be my symptoms in the future?

I'd consult a foot surgeon on this one. You probably tore a few ligaments and tendons.
However, since it was a year ago, healing it may be problematic at this point.
It is not typical to develop a bunion in a month, so that's why I'm guessing you tore something; however since you've let it go this long, the chances of a satisfactory repair are likely lowered.  (+ info)

I never could bend my toes ? What's wrong ?

I know I do not have Hallux Limitus.
But for as long as I can remember, I could never bend my toes. I can move them up, but they will not bend down at all !

Could there be a problem in my legs somewhere ?
Or is this not a problem ?
Does anyone else have trouble bending their toes ?

I have come across another person with this. She had very little if any tissue between the phalanges in her feet feet, and therefore was unable to bend her toes. It's harmless, but see your doctor if you are concerned.  (+ info)

Severe pain in big toe?

Okay, I have quite a history with my toes. My right toe was hurting for a month. I went to the podiatrist twice and the orthopedist once. The problem is pretty much resolved. I was prescribed naproxen, I have a metal turf toe insert sole in my shoe, and I have orthotics. Because I was given orthotics, I put them in my sturdier shoes, which are a half size too small. I wear a size 8 in shoes. For two weeks I wore the 7 1/2s, and now my left big toe is killing me. It is a sharp pain. When I push the outer edge of my left big toe, or I spread my toes apart, it hurts. What is the matter? Is it because I wore shoes that were too small (I had no problems with my left big toe until I started wearing those shoes) or was it inevitable as my right foot had pain (I have hallux limitus in my right foot). I'm an Irish dance, so it's very important that I use my feet.

So my questions are: 1. Why does my left big toe hurt? 2. What should I do to reduce and eliminate pain? 3. How long should the pain last? Thanks!

You have a bone spur... I went through exactly what you are describing to the point that I wanted the doctor to remove my toe nail... as it was so painful when squeezed... and no matter how often I cut the nail or how thinly I filed the damn thing.. the pain did not go away... Finally the podiatrist called in a specialist to operate on my toe. It cost me $ 600.00 as if was not covered by OHIP it was the best money I ever spent... Now life is good again and I can walk miles.. dance.. wear nice shoes ( as LONG as they FIT ) and generally love life......hope that helps.  (+ info)

Limited toe flexibility, but no pain?

I'm a runner, I run 5-7 miles three times a week. I usually don't have a problem with foot injuries because I don't pronate and I think my arches are reasonably normal.

But within the past month, I've acquired a strange sort of injury. Initially, I felt a little pain around the base of my big toe. I was worried, so I switched to a new pair of shoes a few days before running a half-marathon. I didn't experience any pain during the race and I forgot about the problem.

That was about a month ago. Recently, I've noticed a big decrease in the flexibility of my right big toe. It doesn't hurt to walk or run on it, and it doesn't hurt to bend it. But I literally can move it half as much as my other toe, and I can definitely feel some resistance when I try to bend it. I've heard about the conditions hallux limitus and hallux rigidus, but I'm not sure that that's what it is. After all, I usually wear pretty good shoes, and I rarely ever experience any pain in the toe. Does anybody know what the problem could be? Thanks.

  (+ info)

What is ECG test? How they test this?

Is it related to heart?Please explain. Presently, i have to undergo an operation for HALLUX VALGUS correction. Doctor asked to get it done this ECG test.

An ECG is an electrocardiogram. It's a very easy, pain free procedure. They put sensors on your chest and arms and after a few minutes it's all over.  (+ info)

What do you think yes or no? bunion?

Am i going to need surgery?
i went to the specialist yesterday and he said that in my right foot my big toe is dislocated, the cartilage is torn and i have a hallux valgus bunion. I am going for an MRI tonite but do you think I'm going to need surgery? the doc also put me in an aircast. If i am about how long do you think I'll be out of work

yes if you want to be pain free and you will be out 4 weeks.  (+ info)

What is called casting?Please tell me.?

Doctor did "HALLUX VALGUS" Hammer toe surgery. He told next week he will do casting. What is that? Is it painful?

Casting simply means that he'll be putting you on a cast, probably on your foot or maybe just on your big toe and the inside edge of your foot.

And hallux valgus is just Latin for inwardly deviated big toe.  (+ info)

what is Lapidus procedure?

It's used to treat hallux Valgus of the foot

A common complaint following bunion surgery is the return of the deformity and possible need for further surgery. The Lapidus procedure treats bunion deformities in a completely new and revolutionary way. By treating the bunion deformity at its source and stabilizing the loose joint, the chance of a secondary bunion returning is almost impossible. Furthermore, there is added stability to the foot and decreased pressure on the ball of the foot. The Lapidus procedure is fast becoming the standard in bunion surgery  (+ info)

Callus/Corn as big as a nickle?

everytime i play tennis, i always get a big callus/corn on both of hallux(big toe). its as big as a nickle omg!! anyway how i can salvage the problem ?? im wearing nike socks and its still happening!!

First of all go to the drug store purchase 2 things, blister bandages and corn remover. After you get rid of the corn use the blister bandages to keep the nasty thing away.  (+ info)

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