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Post foot surgery?

Just had left foot surgery for Hallux Valgus (shaved off bunion) 6 weeks ago ; am walking fine; the scars are healing nicely. my questions is : i've noticed some hardness underneath the both scars (i guess it's tissues) ~ will this go away/soften? Dr said should go away but will take time. Thanks a bunch.

If your doctor says it will go, I would trust him. He knows better and I'm sure he is right. It will probably take some time for the tissues to grow back to normal.  (+ info)

stiff big toe?

do you think it is hallux rigidus? i am only 19, and the toe's motion isn't limited but it feels stiff when i try to push it backwards towards the top of my foot, different than my other big toe. is there anything they can do if it IS hallux rigidus?? will i be able to continue walking/sports/ etc??? i am an avid runner and VERY worried. :( :( :(

a normal range of motion for the hallux is 90 degrees, you should have practically a right angle there.
you can get it when you are young, and a lot of times its hereditary, especially if you have long bones - i.e you are tall and slender.
hallux rigidus can be treated by surgery to remove the bony outgrowth that is stopping your toe flexing, its fairly simple surgery, but may have to be repeated when you are older as it can reoccur.
you can still run and walk, you just have to choose the right footwear, you can get something called a rocker bottom sole (ask a podiatrist), which is how it sounds, the sole of your shoe is like the base of a rocking chair - not really noticeable, and this helps you as with hallux rig you cannot flex your foot when walking properly.
untreated you will compensate for the deformity by twisting off your 1st metatarsal head which may eventually cause a corn, or sore spot.
dont worry - very treatable condition, see a podiatrist 4 more advice  (+ info)

question for physiotherapist, neurologist, chiropractor, or other health care pro re: knee/toe numbness/pain.?

Okay, so I SHOULD know this as I am also a health care professional...but hear me out.
Eversince I was pregnant with my daughter (in the last couple months...she was born two months ago, so this is going on for about four months now, getting increasingly worse) I have felt a stabbing pain in the antero-lateral aspect of my right knee, along with a stretching & stabbing pain in my right hallux (feels as tho the tendon of extensor hallicus longus is being stretched beyond it's limits sometimes).
I have gone to the doctor and they don't know what's wrong.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Basically the knee pain is absolutely horrid at times! It's a combination of feeling like there is something in there that is ripping, and stabbing as well as numbness on the skin in the area where it hurts. the pain goes from about the antero-superior portion of the lateral condyle of the tibia to the head of the fibula.
What do you suggest for dx, tx, etc?
Merlin the Cat.

that sucks....sounds kinda crazy to have those things happening. The only thing i could think of that would kind of relate would be that when you get towards the end of pregnancy all of your joints become what more lax to be ready for the baby. It's possible that you might have done something that you didn't notice because of that??? The only things attaching in that area of the knee are the IT band to the tibia and the LCL...besides the joint capsule. i dunno. try some heat and stretching...good luck  (+ info)

Can anybody cheer me up :)?

Hi, I'm ILoveMusic and I'm 13 :)
I just got back from my podiatrist (a foot doctor) with bad news. I have bunions, hallux valgus, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, and two bruised big toe nails. They also scheduled surgery for my bunions in two weeks which i am really nervous for :(. So right now i have to wear a splint/boot on both of my feet, and use crutches until surgery day.

-___- Its an understatement to say i am pissed.

So i was wondering if anybody out there could cheer me up!? You know the regular, a joke, a humiliating story etc.etc. :)

Poll: What's you favorite band?

Thanks! :)
Neon, actually you can... what makes you think differently?

I would show you a picture of my feet, but i would be really ashamed to.

Um. In 8th grade last year,I was eating jello (strawberry flavor) and i accidentaly flipped my tray over and i was like OH SH!T and the jello fell on my pants but i didn't notice that.

I went outside and one of my friends pulled me over and they said look inbetween your legs, at first i was like "NOT IN PUBLIC!" then i saw the jello left a stain in between the middle of my pants and it looked like i had a period so everyone called me period pants hahaha  (+ info)

Help? Should I tell my mom, or not?

I hurt my Hallux, my big toes, nail.

I was opening the door for my mom, and we have this metal door-stopper. My nail hit it, and it tore a cut into my nail.

I washed it with water, and put Hydrogen Peroxide on it. It hurts a tiny bit, but then again there's an injury.

I think it will go away in a few days..

I don't want to tell my mom. She'll probably over-react somehow; Either by getting mad or trying to cut the nail. I'm unsure, but I don't want it to hurt more then it does.
It's not that serious.

Just a cut through my nail. You can't notice it much. It's similar to a piece of nail that wants to come off.

I would try to touch it, or lift it, but..

As a mom, I would be hurt that you couldn't come and talk to me. These days you have to be careful on things like this because they can easily get infected, especially with flesh eating bacteria. If you want to handle this yourself, Continue with the HP soaking a little as well will help heal. Dry, and putting a little neosporyn on it. If it it's the inside of your shoes, you may have a problem until it heals. Try to cut away the nail as soon, as the tenderness has gone. The big thing is to keep it clean. In the meantime, think about letting her know if you can.  (+ info)

What might be causing joint pain in foot?

Now, I know Yahoo Answers is pretty much the worst place on the internet to get valid advice, but I was just looking for some direction here.

I have been having this sore feeling in the joint of my big toe on my left foot for well over a year. It's not painful enough as to where I can't walk, in fact I almost never notice it until I think about it, and it then drives me crazy. It hurts most when I curl up my toes or apply pressure to the top of the joint. What bothers me most though is that this joint will /not/ crack like the joint of my other big toe when I try, and it seriously feels like if this joint would just crack it would feel so much better...just a note though, I'm not constantly cracking my joints.

Any ideas of what this might be/home remedies? So far the thing that seems to come closest to my symptoms is hallux rigidus, just not quite as intense.

i have tendinitis in my foot, i was having the same problem as you  (+ info)

what will doctors ask me?

after being refused disability living allowances, i have asked to see a nhs dr , i have severe osteoarthritis's in my hands hip and rib gage .i haveplanovalgus deformities of both ankles and a hallux bilaterally .i have severer psoriasis on the soles of my feet and need both bunions removed shortly ,i have asthma and get out off breath very easily .i am 64 yrs old and feel very let down as i worked in catering and had to retie re at 59yrs because of these illness.i don't smoke drink and not over weight at 9st 6 . will a dr be sympathetic towards me i don't believe in hand out as i worked all my life but i am at home alone most of the time and do need help.
i dont think you understand my question i am not over wieght and that is not my problem.

The beneifit system is there to help the people that need help, i think that once you have seen a dr and he gives you the note to give to the job center that you will get your allowances, they may even be back dated for the weeks you have missed.

Dont worry it will work its self out sooner or later. I hope this helps you.

Good Luck  (+ info)

Rehab for my broken toe?

My big toe was broken in 4 places, one above the joint, and 3 behind the joint, the farthest one being to the very back of the bone, which is halfway down my foot. For you medical people, it was my hallux valgus that I broke. I'm trying to get to be able to run and walk again, it was broken 2 1/2 months ago, and my doctor told me i can start to jog now, but I can't seem to get my toe to be able to bend back at a 90 degree angle. It's able to bend to about a 145 degree angle. What can I do to regain flexibility of my toe? It hurts pretty bad to try to walk on my toe. Is this because it's so inflexible?

ask your doctor  (+ info)

What did I do to my left foot?

A week ago (friday) I went biking, running, and "hill walking" all on the same day. My foot was fine that day but in the middle of that night it started to hurt like a "Mother F" I couldn't have the sheets touching my foot because it would hurt, and I could put much weight on it. A week later it still hurts, Im able to walk on if but I have an awful limp.

I have hallux valgus (bunion) my foot in that area is pretty swolen but no black or blue.

Did I sprain my ligament or strain my tendon? ALso icing it makes the pain worse and so does heating....what should I do...

Much Thanks

From the description, this sounds a bit on the ominous side. Cold and/or heat will generally help with the pain from a ligament or tendon sprain or strain. The fact that even the sheet touching the foot caused additional pain makes it sound like some sort of nerve problem, or possibly even a circulation issue. Also, there are medical conditions that can cause problems with your feet. Diabetes in particular can cause symptoms like this all by itself. You should probably get this looked at by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner. It's impossible for even the best doctor to make an accurate diagnosis (especially of something like this) without a physical examination..  (+ info)


Does this sound like marfan syndrome?

6 foot 1 - 6 foot 2 and 160 - 165lbs turning 16 in less than a month
Reasons i think i have it
- Positive wrist sign
- Long skinny (but not amazingly skinny or long) flexible fingers
-knees can bend backwards
-fingers can bend at 90 degrees to hand
- thumb can be bent to touch wrist
- Legs longer than torso
- 6'3 wingspan which is an inch or 2 longer than my height
- What i believe is hammer toes as well as a little hallux valgus but both of these go away when standing and are only visible if i hold my foot up or am laying down with my foot not touching anything but if f i stand straight up my toes seem to flatten idk if this means its flexible or what.
- Sort of high arches on feet and sort of thin feet
- Stretch marks on back thighs and buttocks but i have heard this is where people can get stretch marks in there teens and marfan people usually get them abnormal places such as the shoulders and chest

Reasons i dont think i have it
- I am very athletic and play varsity high school basketball right now and i used to play football and baseball.
- i have not sustained any serious injuries that kept me from playing a sport
- I have great endurance and stamina and have played up to 4 aau basketball games in a day
- good muscle definition and am pretty strong
- small feet and barely fit into a size 11
-no diagnosed family history but a grandfather was tall and died of a heart attack which could of been a misdiagnosed aortic dissection.
-do not wear glasses and can see the board in school fine
- can jump high enough to dunk lol
-normal arched palate
- no doctor has commented on me being underweight
-cannot bend arms backwards
-negative thumb sign
- no scoliosis
- no PE or PC

I am split on the decision wether or not to get this checked out please healp

  (+ info)

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