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Any exercise suggestions for someone who had bunion(hallux valgus) surgery?

Especially for the muscles in their legs, other than swimming.

And they can't walk much so stuff they can do at home while sitting or on the floor.
They are 25 years old.

Try doing a steady routine with ankel weights on.  (+ info)

Now i have to undergo for an hallux valgus correction operation .?

Doctor wrote all tests. But ECG is not good it seems. When ECG is not good, can they do operation or they postpone for ecg treatment? How many days it take for ECG recovery? Please help.

It depends on how abnormal the ECG is. They may want to do a cardiac stress test to see if there are any blocked arteries that may affect the risk of your surgery.  (+ info)

What is bunion and hallux valgus? What are the causes? What are the treatments?

Hallux valgus is a condition when the big toe of the foot called the hallux starts to deviate inward towards the direction of the little toe. As the big toe drifts over into valgus, a bump starts to develop on the inside of the big toe over the metatarsal bone. This bone prominence on the inner edge for the metatarsal is referred to as a bunion.

Bunions are generally hereditary but wearing footwear that is too tight or causing the toes to be squeezed together is undoubtedly the main contributing factor for the cause of bunions and hallux valgus.

The treatment of a bunion depends entirely on how uncomfortable it is. The initial goal of treatment options is to relieve pressure on the bunion and any symptoms that may be present and to halt or slow the progression of the joint deformity. There is no effective way of getting rid a bunion without surgery.

For more information visit www.orthopaedicclinic.com.sg  (+ info)

after hallux valgus-hammer toe correction surgery,doctor arranged plaster of paris bandage upto knee.?

that plaster of paris bandage will be removed after 2weeks only. please suggest me what precautions one has to take inbetwwen. He gave a walker for time being. He suggested not to move for 3 days .afterwards what to do?

Well listen to your Dr for sure.I've had 7 foot operations and I know it's hard,but it will be worth it later.Do you have any pins or rods?
Foot/toe surgery is quite painful healing.I feel for you.
If you are asking what you can do after 3 days I would call and ask....did he not give you instructions before you left the hospital?
Good Luck with that.  (+ info)

Is it risky to undergo an operation for Hallux valgus?

every operation has risks involved with, but if you're really interested you should consult with an orthopedist.  (+ info)

nursing care plans for pes cavus, hallux valgus and neurofilbroma?

metatarsal supports,podiatrist casts for,,, orthotics no nursing plan needed,,,,,,,surgery,,,,,,surgery,,,,,ice packs, ace bandage , pain reliever for 1 wk,change dressing, examine wound for infection,wash w betadine after 3 days on joint/s ,,ice packs,,,,,,,pain med,,ice packs,betadyne,change after 3 days,leave deep wounds packed ,, (gauze ) and, or with drainage tubes,check exudae for infection,if  (+ info)

Hallux Valgus problems with 13 year old female?

Hi, I am a female 13 years old and i am afraid i am developing a foot deformity called "Hallux Valgus"
I know most of the cases of hallux valgus happen in women from wearing tight shoes, or high heels, but i am afraid i am also developing it.
I have been in strict dancing of ballet, pointe, tap and jazz for about 10 years now, and recently i have been having problem with my pointe shoes. I believe they were causing my big toe to convert into my second toe on both of my feet.
I am developing bunions, and they are so painful in this early stage that i actually had to miss school a few times, and had to take a break from my new pointe shoes that are better for my feet, but it still hurts so much that i can' take it anymore.
My parents do not officially believe me yet, because honestly, i am sort of the "girl who cried wolf" kind medically... but this time i am dead serious.
Here are some photos of my feet:




FYI on my right foot my big toe nail is bruised, sorry about that. And i am not purposly crossing my littler tow over my big toe, that is how my feet are naturally placed right now.

So should i go to the podiatrist? The doctor? Hm, i'm not sure, but i think i need some help since my feet are in so much pain.

Actually, i am dancing at a very professional studio and have a good arch for dancing here is a picture link...


My teacher is highly educated about pointe, and there is NO way i can quit this studio..... no way no how... its a long story. My pointe shoes fit me quite well also, so it's not my pointe shoes, but they are the reason it hurts. There is no possible way i can quit dancing/pointe.

I definitely think you should see a podiatrist if you are a dancer you should have your feet checked to make sure everthing is ok and stays that way.  (+ info)

Bruised toe nail and hallux valgus bunions in teenagers.... podiatrist? Has anyone else had these problems?

First of all, i put this in the adolescent section because i am a teenager and i wanted to hear if any other people around my age had the problems i am experiencing right now.

Well, its a long story, but i am developing a foot deformity called "hallux valgus" which makes your big toe deform sideways (physically move) into your smaller ones. Long story short, right now i can hardly walk. I am 13 years old and dance 6 times a week.
And today i bruised my big toe nail in dance on my pointe shoes, so underneath my big toe there is a back up of blood, and basically its BLACK.
I have to go see a podiatrist tomorrow, so i was wondering what to expect. They have to drain my nail and try to examine my hallux valgus.

So if anyone had gone to a podiatrist before for either of these reasons, what should i expect? What will they do? Will it hurt?
I am really nervous and need to know what will happen.

Thank you so much and i appreciate every answer.
Also, i am skipping school tomorrow because i cannot physically walk from the pain. Its too much pain to even stand up.
haha i know everytime i say valgus i think of "vagus"

I'm a pointe dancer as well. I just got over having a bruised toenail. I got it in November and it got worse through December because I continued to dance on pointe. take a break from toe dancing. just dance on flat.

It will take about 3 months or so...but your toenail will definitely fall off. That is what the doctor is going to tell you when you go in to get it checked out. It'll be really gross, but once it falls off, be sure not to go onto pointe until the toenail underneath is grown in again..otherwise it will grow in really deformed.  (+ info)

a question for any orthopedist: i was diagnosed to have Bil hallux valgus on my both foot.?

and i am having a surgery next week on the left one,my question is will i suffer alot from the pain after the surgery ?will i be able to walk the followed 6 weeks (after the surgery )normally ?please tell me if there is any complications about these kinds of surgeries.

Your doctor will certainly supply medication to relieve your pain. There are several operating procedures that are used to treat hallux valgus, your doctor will certainly chose the one most suitable for you. I am not familiar with your case, but most of my patients walk with the aid of crutches the 1st day after surgery (weight bearing as tolerated by pain). There are many complications (infection, mal-union, non-union), as in every operation, but you should not worry about them. Do exactly as your doctor advises you and I am sure you'll be fine! Good luck.  (+ info)

What is Hallux Valgus?

Does exersices like running worsen the deformity of the big toe?


'Hallux' is the medical name for 'big toe,' and 'valgus' means 'angled outwards,' - (the opposite medical word is 'varus' which means 'angled inwards').

Hallux valgus means strictly speaking, that your big toe is angled away at the joint, so it points towards your little toe.

However, 'Hallux Valgus' is usually used to imply that you also have a mildly worn-out, or 'osteo-arthritic,' big toe joint.

More exactly, the gristle pads on either side of the hard bones (inside the joint), are worn down, causing the joint to be painful with arthritic pain when you move it.

On the inner side of the foot, where the base of your big toe is, the sticky-out joint normally rubs on the inside of your shoe, causing the skin to thicken up into a hard 'bunion.'

Once the big toe has started to angle outwards, the deformity tends to get worse owing to the 'bow-string' effect from the long tendon that runs over the top of the big toe.

Whereas the long tendon used to produce a pure lifting effect whenever you wanted to lift your big toe up, now the tendon is also at an angle, - - so every time you raise your big toe up, the tendon also pulls slightly sideways to increase the angulation.

Exercise does tend to increase both the arthritis, and the deformity, yes.

I haven't gone into possible treatments, 'cos you haven't asked that.

I hope this is of some help.

Best wishes,

Belliger (retired uk gp)  (+ info)

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