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Can hand grippers cause Carpal tunnel syndrome or provoke wrist injuries?

I've been using hand grippers for a few months, until today I staggered upon an article saying they can cause carpal tunnel or other wrist injuries. Is this true? If so how long would it take? I also noticed that the veins on my forearms are very noticeable now, which the article said is due to poor blood circulation cause by the gripper. If I stop now would it go away?

sorry I can not help you directly with this one man.

I must admit that I never had CTS but I did a bit of research on the topic and found 2 resources that deal only with carpal tunnel syndrome

here they are:


It won;t hurt if u checked them out, maybe you will find your answer there but I recommend that you check with a doctor beforehand because CTS can have various causes, like

- Injuries, including prior wrist fractures
- Medical disorders that result in constricted blood vessels, like Raynaud‘s disease
- Medical conditions that result in fluid retention or inflammation, including diabetes,
rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease and hypothyroidism

Hope it helps  (+ info)

What are hand and wrist injuries, abnormalities, fractures or disease?

Hand abnormalities include Dupuytrans Contracture, arthritis, and fungus of the nails.
Wrist abnormalities are ganglion cysts and misaligned bones.
Hand and wrist injuries are breaks and strains.
Arthritis is the disease.  (+ info)

Hand injuries from punching someone in the face?

About two weeks ago i got into a brawl and i punched this one guy in the jaw and he git knocked out but my hand got swolen like a muffin and i couldnt move it at all the next day. Its been two weeks and it stil hurts i have a greenish bruise still in the inside of my hand and my pinky reacts late when i try to move it. What do you think i injured???

I told you I would Break your Hand with my jaw, But did you listen to me? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!  (+ info)

How can I heal arm & hand injuries to soft tissue & nerves?

soft tissue injuries can be healed by cold on for 20 minutes off for 20 on for 20 off for 20 for as long as you can keep doing this. Nerve injuries on the other hand may or may not improve. These injuries should be seen by a dr to determine if permanant injury has resulted or not. if there is deep bruising that doesn't heal a dr trip is advised.  (+ info)

NAME FOOSH INJURIES Fall On Outstretched Hand?

NAME FOOSH INJURIES Fall On Outstretched Hand

What injuries come from FOOSH?

References are appreciated

The other two answers are wrong. There are 5 different fractures you can get. Look them up. They are Colles' fracture, Smith's fracture, Bennett's Fracture, Reverse Bennett's fracture and Rolando fracture. Also sometimes the shock can transmit up the arm and break the weeakest bone of the shoulder, the clavicle (collar-bone)  (+ info)

Can persistant headaches be caused by past injuries involving your head being hit against hard objects?

I know caffeine, stress, emotional, physical abuse, alcohol, smoking, can all be the cause of my headaches but alot of times i get severe headaches that cause pressure in the back of my head causing a headache. In the past ive had many injuries to my head, like ive hit my head against things and also been beating in the head by a family member with their hand against my head. How Serious are these headaches? Should I go and see a neurologist?

You should talk to your doctor about them, and ask for a CT scan or an MRI. Following the results of these tests, your doctor will be able to tell you if there's a physical problem or if you should be looking at a chemical cause.  (+ info)

Does the weather really effect your injuries?

I heard that when the weather changes, it can effect your injuries. Like i have a fractured hand and i just got out of my cast, and its been a week and it still hurts. I head that it just hurts because the weather has been changing. Is that true?
Well it hurts the same when im outside or when im inside.

Cold weather will affect your injuries. I broke my elbow many years ago and the only time it bothers me is in the cold weather.  (+ info)

How does a prosthetic arm and hand work?

Watching the horrific injuries to the soldiers in Iraq and the rehab they have to go through, I wonder how those prosthetic arms and hands turn and move an grasp. Thanks for your help.

One kind of artificial arm, for example, ends in a pair of hooks rather than a hand. The other end is attached to the remaining portion of the patient's arm, and then to a harness that straps over the shoulders.

By moving the shoulder, the patient can pull on the harness, which in turn pulls on flexible cables to open and close the hooks, allowing the person to grasp objects. There is no sense of touch in this type of prosthesis, so the user has to watch closely what he or she is doing.

Dynamic prostheses, on the other hand, use sophisticated electronics. They can do this because the nerve and muscle systems in the human body are electrical. For example, an amputee with a myoelectric arm tenses his or her remaining arm muscle.

Sensors detect this muscle electricity (myoelectricity) and transmit the signal to the artificial hand, powered by batteries, which then opens or closes.

Signals also can go from the environment to the patient, allowing an approximation of the sense of touch. For example, some prosthetic hands have sensors that can detect heat or cold and transmit that information to electrodes on the patient's skin.

Researchers are still improving prostheses. New materials allow artificial feet to press and spring on the ground very much like a real foot.

One type of artificial foot transmits electronic information about pressure to amputees, allowing them to balance because they can tell whether their weight is on the toes, heels, or sides of the feet.  (+ info)

What injuries can occur as result of keyboard typing/mousing in an incorrect/uncomfortable position?

My wrist hurts when I turn my hand counter clockwise as result of playing games with the mouse for hours. I feel no pain when I press my fingers on the wrist but feel it when I turn my hand over. What could be the problem?

Could be carpal tunnel syndrome... you might need surgery later later on. no worries though, it could be just that your wrist is sore... adjust your position before its too late  (+ info)

My hand has been poked with thorns. How long does it take a skin puncture to heal?

I was 4-Wheeling with my dad and I fell off going over a bump and fell into some thorns when we were riding in a forest.

How long does injuries like this and other skin punctures last?

Everybody's healing time is relatively different that being said,probably 3-4 days,til it begins to heal and feel better,Neosporin is very good to apply as well,3x's a day especially before bed. This will help enormously and aid the healing process. Make sure your hands are kept clean as well,and punctures have been cleaned out with peroxide. You will be fine.  (+ info)

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