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How do different types of trauma such as penetrating head injuries and closed head injuries affect people ?

what exactly is it you are asking? The neurological effects?♦  (+ info)

Head injuries?

I asked this somewhere else and got really horrid responses.

How can one person bang their head on an object while standing and die of bleeding in the brain, and another person (or people) do this "Headbanging" stuff and not have the same effects? Isnt it basicle the same thing? Your brain knocking too hard against the skull for the membrane to protect it and getting bruised or cause bleeding, that is.

I think you would be looking at a tonne of variables. Depending on the force of the injury and the part of the head hit would factor. Also like anything else, if you and I both fell off a fence, we would likely not have the exact same injuries. A person may sustain a injury and be very lucky or not have injured it with the same force that an uninjured person did. All in all after working as a nurse with head injured patients, I would say the head can be pretty strong from minor injuries but I would not do dangerous stuff that could lead to head injuries myself.  (+ info)

Head Injuries?

When I was eleven years old I had a serious head injury.

And was recently thinking now I am older 39 (eeek) If me and my g/f decided to have a child would the head injury affect the childs development in any way?

Thank you

No, your head injury is something inflicted on you later in your childhood. It's not genetic, your child should be fine. :)  (+ info)

head injuries?

Is it true that if you hit your head hard you shouldnt sleep for a little becuase they might not wake up???? because i recently hit my head hard and have a huge lump and it hurts to open my mouth or bite.. so is that true??

Well the first question is how did you hit your head and do you remember everything that happen. If you answer NO to either of those questions, you should seek professional help in the way of an Emergency Room. To answer your question, technically it is a untrue statment, or what I call an old wifes tail. As long as you can recall everything that has happened to you and your short term memory is in place you should be fine to go to sleep. If your headache and pain continues past a second day see your doctor.  (+ info)

What different types of diseases that come from head injuries, and what are the different types of injuries?

This is for a project.
I need to know what diseases can come from head injuries (Ex. Amnesia)
And what types of head injuries are there.

Thank you.

Best answer to best help

You are asking a question whose answer will fill up this entire page. There are nearly 30 million sites referenced on google just relating to head injury.....can do a similar search for 'diseases of the head' on google. (FYI Amnesia is not a disease, but rather a condition that can occur after head trauma.)  (+ info)

Can persistant headaches be caused by past injuries involving your head being hit against hard objects?

I know caffeine, stress, emotional, physical abuse, alcohol, smoking, can all be the cause of my headaches but alot of times i get severe headaches that cause pressure in the back of my head causing a headache. In the past ive had many injuries to my head, like ive hit my head against things and also been beating in the head by a family member with their hand against my head. How Serious are these headaches? Should I go and see a neurologist?

You should talk to your doctor about them, and ask for a CT scan or an MRI. Following the results of these tests, your doctor will be able to tell you if there's a physical problem or if you should be looking at a chemical cause.  (+ info)

Scanning is very expensive and some people believe that we are over-scanning head injuries?

Scanning is very expensive and some people believe that we are over-scanning head injuries and this is just a waste of time and money.

What is your opinion on this?

I agree. They made me get a CAT scan for a head injury once when I didn't really feel that I needed it.

I am also pretty sure that something was wrong with the machine because they didn't give me any contrast dye-- but I got "burns" on my hand and face. My skin is still weird on that part of my hand.  (+ info)

what are some head injuries that could cause short term memory loss?

what injuries could cause you to forget people/things you met/did 2-4 months ago? what type of memory loss is that? and what kind of head injury would cause it?

injury to the frontal lobe of the brain:yes, this type of injury will result in short term memory loss.
my father has frontal lobe injury:he talks about people and places he was in 20-30 yrs ago.
He cant remember what he did yesterday or even earlier today,never mind 2 months ago:yes these are short term memory problems.
frontal lobe of the brain would be the area above the eyes.
Hitting the forehead in a car accident or falling straight forward would result in frontal lobe injury.  (+ info)

How have head injuries affected athletes?

Examples needed please.
How do coaches react to these head injuries...
I obviously know the broad things that could result from a head injury.
But its for a reasearch paper and I need to go in depth with these results.
Cognitive Damage
Neurological Damage
Coachs Reactions and so on...

Mohammed Ali would be an obvious example. There was a good 60 Minutes piece on Traumatic Brain Injury and sports--athletes and coaches were interviewed about the subject. Maybe it's on youtube. There are football players in their 40-60s who can't find their way home from the grocery store due to multiple concussions. Eric Benoit was a pro wrestler who murdered his wife and son after years of head injuries. When they autopsied his brain, they found that there was severe damage and said it looked like the brain of someone suffering from severe dementia--lots of white spaces signifying the death of cells.  (+ info)

Can head injuries caused when you were younger cause you to have really bad headaches?

When I was a kid, i hit my head a lot, 3 times where i needed to go to the hospital. I'm 17 now and not really under stress but i get really bad headaches.

Its possible, but your correlation is not exactly causation  (+ info)

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