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Whats the difference between High frequency and Low frequency hearing loss?

I have hearing loss in my right ear (60%) and my army recruiter told me, if its High frequency hearing loss its a good chance that it would get Waived. I will have to go through MEPS and get cleared, But I would like to know before hand. So please be specific.

Sound occurs over a wide spectrum of frequencies. The human ear is sensitive to a frequency band withing that spectrum. Since sounds occur at different frequencies, you will not be able to hear the sounds at the high end. The frequency that dogs can hear covers a different range. That is why a dog can respond to a human voice, but also to a silent dog whistle which is too high of a frequency for humans. The most common frequency hearing loss for men is the same frequency that their wives speak.  (+ info)

If you have a high frequency hearing loss and lost ability to hear a bunch of tones, will self-surgery help?

I mean, can anyone think of any self-surgeries to repair lost hearing. I lost it almost 7 years ago.

Please elaborate on your question... I'm not sure what you mean by "self-surgery." Are you actually referring to surgery that is done by someone else to improve hearing loss?

The reason for the confusion is that "self-surgery" sounds like you want to perform the surgery on yourself.

There are a couple of surgical procedures done for hearing loss. The cochlear implant and the BAHA. But I'm not sure what your question is.  (+ info)

I have a high-frequency hearing loss. I am unable to hear high-pitch tones... Please Help?

I cannot even hear my watch beep. I can't hear a cricket chirp. I have so much loss that a hearing aid can't even amplify enough sound for me to hear it. Once its loud enough for me to hear it, I only hear it about 2 inches away and everyone else hears it way off about several yards away. The doctor won't do cochlear implant surgery on me because he doesn't care. Any help???

If your doctor doesn't care, that shows that he/she isn't a good practitioner. I think that if you are really concerned about it, that you should go to a different doctor. It might not even be that the Doctor doesn't care. He or she might think the surgery isn't best or is even unable to perform it.

Go to a specialist.  (+ info)

Can a high frequency noise from your TV hurt your hearing?

My tv is like 3 years old, and kinda small. Since I moved it has made a high frequency noise whenever it's on. Its pretty annoying but eventually if i dont think about it, I can tune it out. But what im realy woried about is if it can hurt my hearing. Lately my ears have been weired.

If it's not so loud that you can tune it out: No. Only high decibles can hurt your ears; not high piched sounds, even if it is so high frequency that you can't hear it, it won't hurt your ears unless it is loud.  (+ info)

why am i hearing high frequency constantly?

i've been hearing high frequency noises constantly lately (really high pitched sounds). when i ask if anyone else in the room is hearing it, nobody else hears it, so i'm quite worried if it has something to do with my ear. nothing hurts and nothing is bleeding, i just keep hearing the high pitched noises. suggestions?

It sounds to me like you've got tinnitus...

Tinnitus is a condition which can arise as a result of ear infections, foreign objects or excessive wax in the ear, allergies or loud noises. The condition is described as causing high-pitched ringing/humming/whistling/screaming/hissing/buzzing/whining/ticking/roaring in the ears and head, but symptoms can vary wildly from sufferer to sufferer. Damage to the eardrum is usually permenant and cannot be reversed.

I'm no doctor so I could well be wrong, but I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor to be on the safe side.  (+ info)

Can you damage your hearing by listening to high frequency sounds beyond human capacity?

There is this youtube video where you can listen to a 20 kHz sound, and I can' hear it. If I turn up my speakers and listen to it for a while, can I stil damage my hearing even though I can't hear it?

No you cannot damage your hearin by not even being able to hear the noise. The only way you can damage your hearing is if something is very loud and you can hear it or are listening to relatively loud noises for a long period of time.  (+ info)

Could You Use a High Enough Frequency, and Blow Your Eardrums Without Hearing it?

Could you have a sound loud enough to blow your eardrum, but at such a high frequency that you can't hear it?

I understand at a lower frequency you would feel the vibrations, but at such a high frequency you wouldn't feel or hear anything, right?

High frequencies have more energy and more easily damage the ear. Often hearing loss is completely painless.

Prevention is the best option.


http://www.mikestrawbridge.com/workplace-safety-training.shtml  (+ info)

What is High Frequency hearing impaired?

My daughter was diagnosed with it. I was told that it's mild and permanent. Please give me more info about it and how to to respond to a child with this disability. Thank you.

it indicates that the individual cant hear high sounds above a certain frequency. All adults get this as they get older. For example one can't hear the old TV or CRT whistle after a certain point.

Unless the frequency is quite low, the affected individual should hear a voice quite well. background noise may be distracting.

Also visit the House Ear Institute for better information.  (+ info)

How to deal with low frequency hearing loss, are aids helpful?

My hearing test confirmed hearing loss across the board, but worst in the low frequencies. The audiologist is sending me to a ENT. I need to hear to work. Are hearing aids helpful, and which type/kind do you use?

They can fine tune them to your specific need and they help although sometimes in crowded places...for example a busy store they can be a pain. I just turn mine down or take them out then.  (+ info)

i've been hearing a lot of high frequency lately is that a bad thing?

I'm a normal teenager, but i've just been hearing a lot of high frequency maybe 3 or 4 times a day? for the past 2 days.. is that normal?

  (+ info)

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