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Can paitents of heart sarcoidosis go into cardiac arrest in the hospital?

I was wondering if paitents of heart sarcoidosis can go into cardiac arrest in a hospital? Is it still possible to go into cardiac arrest while in the hospital with it? My friend is in the hospital at the moment, and I havn't heard anything about him yet.

you can go into cardiac arrest anywhere. patients with sarcoidosis can have a heart attack that is different from the "norm" if you will. most heart attacks are caused by blocked coronary arteries. sarcoidosis can cause the heart muscle to get very thick and sometimes it grows over the arteries that supply blood to the heart. if the heart beats too fast it can block off its own blood flow and cause a heart attack. that's what happened to my mother. her coronary arteries were fine but she had a heart attack that they say was caused by the sarcoidosis.  (+ info)

is it ok to put aed electrodes on somebody likely to have heart arrest ahead of time?

let's assume there are symptoms of heart attack (chest pains,etc) and you called ambulance. The victim is conscious still but may very well have heart arrest in a minute or two.

is this ok to put aed electrodes on that person just in cast ahead of time and switch aed to start tests before ambulance arrives ? if not what is the risk ? will aed advise shock for someone without heart arrest ?

Why are you considering using any defib if you need to ask advice on Y!A regarding it's use.

My only advice is it needs to be operated by properly trained personnel not enthusiastic bystanders.  (+ info)

If you have a cardiac pacemaker, can you have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest?

I'm 14 years old and I've had a cardiac pacemaker since i was one, it's going to be a while till my next appointment, i wanted to know if I'm still vulnerable to heart attacks or cardiac arrest?

A pacemaker does not relate to heart attacks or most cases of cardiac arrest. The pacemaker controls your heart rate and prevents your heart from going slow. Pacemaker can protect you against cardiac arrest from a slowed heart rate (bradyarrhythmia), but these are less common causes of cardiac arrest. A pacemaker does not affect your risk of heart attack at all and certainly does not protect you from one. Heart attacks are related to blockages in the arteries that supply the heart and pacemakers have no influence on this. The most common cause of cardiac arrest is pulseless ventricular tachycardia or ventricular defibrillation and a pacemaker would not treat this at all. Your risk of a heart attack and cardiac arrest is likely the same as any other 14 year old even with your pacemaker. If you do have an underlying heart condition, then your risk would be related to that. Heart attacks and cardiac arrest are very uncommon at your age though.  (+ info)

Is a heart attack the same thing as cardiac arrest?

I'm trying to educate myself and I know a heart attack is also known as a "myocardial infarction". Is a heart attack also known as cardiac arrest?

No a heart attack as you correctly say is a myocardial infarct, this means that the heart muscle is damaged. a cardiac arrest is when the rhythm of the heart stops it pumping blood , this is either asytole (no exectrical activity) or ventricular fibrillation (VF) where the heart just shakes like a bag or worms. Shocking the heart can sometimes re establish the normal rhythm (defibrillation)  (+ info)

Anyone who's blood pressure and cholestrol are undercontrol can have heart attack or cardiac arrest?

Anyone who's high blood pressure and cholestrol are undercontrol can have heart attack or cardiac arrest?Anyone who has no high blood pressure at all can have heart attack too?

Blood pressure and cholesterol control are only two elements in preventing a heart attack or cardiac arrest. You can have completely normal levels in both and STILL have an attack or arrest. There are many causes for these.

However, overall, keeping them both in control helps greatly!  (+ info)

I have high blood pressure and pretty much in under control.Can I still get heart attack or cardiac arrest?

I have high blood pressure and pretty much in under control.Can I still get heart attack or cardiac arrest ?People who has no blood pressure can still get heart attack or die of cardiac arrest?

Yes you can and yes they do  (+ info)

I'm doing a science project: what plants cause cardiac arrest, heart failure in humans?

I'm doing a science project: what plants cause cardiac arrest, heart failure in humans? Preferably one's found in australia.

ya, i konow, this is a horse website, but it has an extensive list of plants that are potentially dangerous, and in some cases can cause sudden cardiac arrest to humans, or animals. hope it helps!

-me  (+ info)

How can panic attack cause heart arrest?

a person was suffering from congestive heart failure (cor pulmonale due to COPD) and i am wondering if high anxiety/panic attack could have lead to cardiac arrest as person died

if so, in which way (how did this happen) ?
this happened after 4 days of flu-related COPD exacerbation .

i could also imagine some sudden walk excercise added up to the heart failure?

I suspect its the other way round and the panic attack was a symptom not a cause.

This sounds like a case of cardiomyopathy when the heart just stop working either through a viral infection or heredity factors.

I've had it and had the panic feeling and flu like symptoms with congestion of the lungs but no swelling of ankles etc. I needed a transplant to survive.  (+ info)

How do I increase my chances of getting a cardiac arrest of the heart?

Okay so I'm interesting in knowing how to get cardiac arrest.
Please, if you know help. Thank you!

I really hope this is a joke;a bad/sad one at that.  (+ info)

Can a heart attack cause cardiac arrest?

my friend on facebook asked what michael jackson died from and i said heart attack and this gaytard who i dont even kno says "actually, it was cardiac arrest. theres a difference." and this other kid said "cardiac arrest can be caused by a heart attack" and now they're having a "comment argument" and giving me a bunch of notifications. so i am asking the public to please help me end this.

Yes, a heart attack can cause a cardiac arrest if blood supply is completely cut off and the heart isn't receiving adequate blood/oxygen supply.

JP and Alex R are completely wrong. Cardiac arrest and heart attack are NOT the same thing,- although as I mentioned above, a heart attack can cause a cardiac arrest in some cases.

A heart attack is caused by a prolonged reduction in blood/oxygen supply to the heart as a result of a blockage in one of the vessels which supplies the heart. Tissue/cell death then occurs as a result of this and the area is said to be infarcted.

A cardiac arrest simply means that the heart has stopped pumping blood around the body due to a disturbance in heart rhythm,- most commonly ventricular fibrillation. Many different things can cause this. As mentioned above, heart attack itself can lead to a cardiac arrest if blood supply is not restored to the heart quick enough and/or blood supply is completely blocked off.

Unconfirmed reports are suggesting MJ died of an overdose of prescription drugs which can cause both respiratory and cardiac arrest.

You can have a heart attack without experiencing the changes in rhythms that can lead to a cardiac arrest. For example, blood supply may only be partially cut off.  (+ info)

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