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Heart murmurs??????????????????????????

I was having really sharp pains underneath my left breast, so i went to the emergancy room. Turns out i have a heart murmur. The doctor explianed what it is, and im going to see a cardiologist in a few weeks. Anything about heart murmurs. I had never heard about them untill last night. So any info/ is it dangerous/ what causes it?

If it is dangerous depends on which valve is leaking and how much. A murmur is the sound of some blood moving back the way it came instead of moving on around the body. Most are not serious, many get better with age. Hopefully the pain was not related to your heart at all, murmurs don't usually cause pain. Many folks don't know they have one because the doc doesn't see the point in upsetting the patient with useless info. Hopefully after you see the cardiologist you can write this of as interesting but irrelevant.
Keep the good thoughts!
Here is a good site to read http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/heart-murmurs/ds00727  (+ info)

Heart Murmurs?

Does anyone know what a Stage 3 Heart Murmur is? I found out the other day that I have it and my doctor said that it was hard to explain to me. Does anyone else know about it? Please because my mom and I would love to know.
We found out very few information from the doctor. All he told me was that either the whole I have got bigger or I have another one. To me by the way he said that I think that he thinks I maybe getting worse soon!

I just need! and want some answers about this. Its scaring all of us

ur really need to tell ur doctor to explain it to u no matter what, its their job, u might need to go ask another more trustful doctor  (+ info)

heart murmurs?

so i took my 9month old son to the doctor today and she thinks that he might have a heart murmur does anyone elses child have a heart murmur and should i be worried cause im freaking out?? my thing is why didnt she notice it earlier how did this devolp and wut causes it if anyone knows the answer please share with me

My daughter had one as a baby, but outgrew it as a toddler.
I am sure you doc will keep an eye on it, and will let you know if it is a cause for concern.
At the time, my doc said not to worry about it. My husband had one as a child also.  (+ info)

Can you have children harmfully if you have heart murmurs and randomly palpitations?

My husband & I Just recently got married and were talking about having a baby.. but we are concerns about the health of my heart. I was just wondering if I can have children without dying or the risk of dying during childbirth if i have heart murmurs and random palpitations?

If you have a heart condition your pregnancy will be classified by the doctor as "high risk". High risk means you have one or more factors that could cause harm to you or your baby during pregnancy. This is not something to be scared of but rather a reassurance the doctor will take extra care of you and closely monitor your pregnancy. Having a disability does not mean you can't have kids. Because I do not know the severity of your condition you should talk to your doctor because he will be able to let you know exactly what your risks are. He will probably explain many options for how you can have a baby safely.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have two heart murmurs?

I don't know much about health but when my mother in law told my husband and his siblings last night that she "has two heart murmurs and didn't know how long she had to live" that this was untrue... because they don't kill you.

I am wondering though, is it even possible to have two?

of course it is, a murmur is a result of altered blood flow thru the valves of the heart, more than one valve, more than one murmur is possible. However, a murmur is rarely fatal, and generally caught long before it becomes a problem, so your mother in law may have been indulging in a bit of drama.  (+ info)

How many heart murmurs can a person have?

I know for a fact i have a heart murmur but my mother keeps saying i have 4 and i wanted to know if that was possible or what???

It may be possible to have four murmurs but it would be almost impossible to hear them all at once.

Murmurs can be during the contraction of the heart or during the resting of the heart. There could be a murmur heard in each of the phases but that would only be two.

Ultrasound of the heart might allow a picture of flow abnormalities through all four heart valves or even holes between the atria or ventricles that shouldn't be there.

Bottom line, it would be pretty unusual but not impossible.

Who is the person that can hear all four mumurs?  (+ info)

How big can heart murmurs get?

I had heart surgery when I was 8 years old and my heart murmur was the size of a quarter (I was born with it). Is that really big, small, or normal? Just curious.
Of course I don't have it anymore I had the surgery, But seriously is that thing that CAUSED the murmur really big or not?

Murmurs are abnormal heart sounds that are produced as a result of turbulent blood flow which is sufficient to produce audible noise. This most commonly results from narrowing or leaking of valves or the presence of abnormal passages through which blood flows in or near the heart. Murmurs are not usually part of the normal cardiac physiology and thus warrant further investigations. However, they sometimes result from harmless flow characteristics of no clinical significance.

Murmurs can be classified by seven different characteristics: timing, shape, location, radiation, intensity, pitch and quality. Timing refers to whether the murmur is a systolic or diastolic murmur. Shape refers to the intensity over time; murmurs can be crescendo, decrescendo or crescendo-decrescendo. Location refers to where the heart murmur is auscultated best. There are 6 places on the anterior chest to listen for heart murmurs; the first five out of six are adjacent to the sternum. Each of these locations roughly correspond to a specific part of the heart. The locations are: 2nd right intercostal space, 2nd - 5th left intercostal spaces, and 5th mid-clavicular intercostal space. Radiation refers to where the sound of the murmur radiates. The general rule of thumb is that the sound radiates in the direction of the blood flow. Intensity refers to the loudness of the murmur, and is graded on a scale from 0-6/6. The pitch of a murmur is low, medium or high and is determined by whether it can be auscultated best with the bell or diaphragm of a stethoscope. Some examples of the quality of a murmur are: blowing, harsh, rumbling and musical.  (+ info)

What does it mean when a dogs heart murmurs?

i took my dog to the vet yesterday and was looking over the papers and he put normal for all the things like lungs and teeth but for heart he didn't check sounds normal he checked murmur??? so what does murmur mean?

They valves don't completly close, so the blood regurgitates backs into the valve it was being pumped out of.  (+ info)

Heart Murmurs that are innocent usually go away when a child is young, right?

I have had a innocent heart murmur since I was born and I was wondering why it hasn't disapeared yet. Could you offer advice?

Depends. if the doctor says its innocent, it means that you dont have : A hole in the heart
A leak in a heart valve or
A narrow heart valve.
It could be that the heart is a bit closer to the chest wall. Its also still normal if you are under 30. Still check it at least once a year just in case. its normal...Relax!
  (+ info)

why do you think that individuals with heart murmurs are more susceptible to infection in the heart, thus requ

why do you think that individuals with heart murmurs are more susceptible to infection in the heart, thus requiring prophylactic antibiotics before dental procedures?

Yes, you are correct, but you must consult your cardiologist too, prior to dental surgery of any type, OK.  (+ info)

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