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heat exhaustion?

Last week my bro got heat exhaustion while playing paintball, we thought that it was because it was around 100 degrees. But today he did as well, and it is only like 80. He did not get to play that much as he got sick early on in the day. He is in shape and works out on a daily bases, he hydrated himself in the days leading up to the days he got heat exhaustion as well as the same day of. I am thinking that it may be something else, because it is odd that someone in shape can get heat exhaustion so easy without doing that much physical activity. Any ideas on what it may be.

Well, this has also happened to me. Almost to the point where I had a heat stroke. It was during equestrian (a sport).

After each time your body reaches this point, it becomes.. well.. it starts to occur more easily. Meaning now, since this has happened a couple of times, your body is going to need A LOT more water. Bring a couple of water bottles for him. And at least every ten minutes... i would make him drink three gulps of water... or more. but not too much, then he'll get sick lol

hope this helps  (+ info)

Heat Exhaustion?

hi to all well i seem to get heat exhaustion like every time i play in the sun.is there more info on about heat exhaustion? why it occurs? i dont know if im in shape i like sports but i usually run out of breath sweat get lightheaded and if i play way more even get kinda nauseated im 17 yo 5'7 & 170lbs thanks

has good info on the subject.

The question really is WHY this is happening. Anyone check your blood pressure? People with hypertension are more prone to it and you can be asymptomatic.

You need to get in the habit of hydrating yourself well BEFORE, during, and after playing your sports. Something with electrolytes in it would be good--watch the sugar or phony sweeteners though as neither is very healthful. I've heard docs recommend putting in a little OJ with a lot of water and a pinch of salt to make an appropriate drink for these circumstances--and I do mean pinch like 1/8th tsp. Again, I'd like someone to check you for hypertension first though.

A head covering could help. Are you wearing "breathable" clothes or are you all bundled up in something that won't let you sweat properly?

Next time you see a doc, talk to him about this. In the meantime, do you have a school nurse? If this is a supervised sport, should have someone who can do basic first aid and vital signs. This isn't a good reaction to have.  (+ info)

If you get heat exhaustion several days in a row, are you likely to get other illnesses?

I am in Cancun. Temperature is in the 90´s with high humidity every day. If I do any activity outside, I get heat exhaustion symptoms. This has gone on for several days and I can´t leave here for another week. I´m worried that continual exposure to this heat may cause other health problems. Can it?

The only other health problem you could get is if you are not using the correct protection from the sun.

You are probably very dehydrated so drink a lot of water so that you don't get the symptoms so quickly. Keep a bottle with you where ever you are so that you always have some. If the problem is really bothering you then don't stay outside for long hours at a time. Go inside and cool off and then go back outside.

I would make sure that you try to take of yourself because the last thing you want is to be in the ER or something from passing out in a foreign country/while on vacation.  (+ info)

What is the best home treatment for heat exhaustion?

I have no insurance, so this is process of elimiation only. I checked my symptoms on WebMD and I think I've got heat exhaustion. Or got it two days ago. I've been drinking lots of water and sleeping a lot,but still am feeling crappy.
My symptoms are constant dizziness, blurry vision, upset stomach, hard to hold anything down, not hungry, not sweating,
generally feeling crappy and like i want to die or something.

That doesn't seem right.

I once experience heat exhaustion while i was waiting outdoors for a concert. I was drenched in sweat, dizzy, and my vision was going dark but it cleared up after I drank lemonade and got in the shade.

You should see a doctor if your symptoms are not clearing up especially after two days. If you are without insurance go to a free clinic.  (+ info)

What are some signs/symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke?

I was working outside this weekend and it was around 98 degrees. I got really tired pretty quick and my skin was red and splotchy. I just wanted to know if these were signs of heat exhaustion. Thanks!

Symptoms could be absence of sweating, hot red flushed dry skin, difficulty breathing,confusion,agitation,nausea,vomiting, increased body tempt. If this occurs it is best to call 911. Get the person into a shaded area. Take as many of their clothes off as you can. If there is a water hose around then wet them down. If ice packs are available then put them under the arm pits and in the groin area. Get them some type of drink with electrolytes in it. If you have any avocado dip then try to get them to eat that, it is loaded with potassium. But make sure you call 911 if the person is lethargic.  (+ info)

What can I do to overcome heat exhaustion?

I have had the hardest time over the years overcoming heat exhaustion and I need some tips on hot to get through it. Any ideas?

water  (+ info)

How do I prevent from getting heat stroke, heat exhaustion, etc, when travelling?

I will be going to Australia in January. I'm from British Columbia, Canada. So basically, I will be going from -5 C degree to 30-40 C degree weather. How do I go about proventing heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc?

I have a history of fainting from the heat so this is a concern for me.

Always stay very hydrated, drink lots of water at all times, don't cover your head, hands and feet, They dissipate heat the most. Keep lose clothing around the back of the knees, the armpits and the crotch. The crotch are has the largest artery in your body, it is called the femoral artery and if you put a pack of ice between your legs it will cool your body down the fastest. If it gets really bad have someone place ice in your armpits, behind your neck and place another one between your legs.  (+ info)

what is the best home treatment for heat exhaustion?

I have no insurance, so this is process of elimiation only. I checked my symptoms on WebMD and I think I've got heat exhaustion. Or got it two days ago. I've been drinking lots of water and sleeping a lot,but still am feeling crappy.
My symptoms are constant dizziness, blurry vision, upset stomach, hard to hold anything down, not hungry, not sweating,
generally feeling crappy and like i want to die.

Drink Vitamin Water or Gatorade w/electrolytes and you would probably benefit from taking a salt pill, and from now on when you are going to be exposed to extreme heat, take one before you go out.
Your sodium and potassium are probably way out of wack, which can be very dangerous so if your symptoms persist after you have tried a few things that have been recommended to you and you still feel bad you should at least call an ER and ask if those are symptoms that you should be seen for.
I have never had heat exhaustion for over 12hrs, and I had pushed myself very hard that day in the heat, so if you are pushing yourself so hard that you have these symptoms you
need to be extremely dangerouss, because every time you go back out you are more and more vulnerable to the heat.
You can cause yourself great kidney damage as well.

So keep hydrating with electrolytes and you must eat something even if it is broth.
I know I mentioned salt tablets before, but I just want to tell you that although they don't sound like much, I had really bad problems with heat exhaustion when I was a "summer team" swim coach, if it wouldn't have been for salt pills getting me to
sweat while I was outside, Doctors said that my kindneys would have just shut down.  (+ info)

How serious is heat exhaustion if you drink water soon enough?

It started last night when I was at a football game. I started sweating profusely but didn't get dizzy or sick. I drank some pop/soda and spent the night at somebody's house. This morning I was riding a bike for a somewhat long distance and started to feel really sick. It is extremely hot outside and I didn't eat or drink anything before going outside. I went inside a building and tried to cool off in the bathroom but I still felt dizzy and weak. I drank some water from a water fountain and bought a bottle Gatorade and drank the entire bottle. Now I'm in my air-conditioned house but I still feel shaky. I'm somewhere between hypoglycemia, anxiety, and heat exhaustion. I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and it is defininate that I have anxiety. Should I be okay now that I am indoors and hydrated?

Drink at regular intervals (if you can get rehydration drink mix to add to water then that would be good) and if things do not improve in 24 hours then you must seek medical advice  (+ info)

Is it normal to feel tired after recovering from heat exhaustion?

I had heat exhaustion today and went to the ER and had t 2 water/sodium IV bags. I was discharged and went home, but I still feel very tired and "out of it". Is this normal? How long does it last?

Yes it is normal. Keep in mind that the ER just got you back to normal, you still have to drink fluids to get better. Don't just drink water, you are going to want something with electrolytes in it like Gatorade or powerade. I would drink one bottle of water and one bottle of gatorade every coulpe of hours until you start peeing clear. The darker your urine, the more dehydrated you are.  (+ info)

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