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heat stroke?

I am in vacation in Taiwan,and it is very hot and humid. I start to have headaches (mild throbbing pain on the sides and the top) and dizzyness when I go out to walk around the streets of Taiwan. I get low appetite in the night and all. I'm having a troublesome vacation here so is this a heat stroke? what can I do to prevent this?
when I shake my head it throbs in the areas described

Well I live in Las vegas, I can't stand the heat so dont ask me why i moved here..... but it does make me very ill I get very bad migranes I dont sweat in the heat so i do tent to get heat stroke or very close to it, first try ro stay out of it as much as u can indoors not sure in a/c where u r? and roll ice in a wet rag and put around the back of ur neck like a hankie. drink ice water and have a spray bottle w/water this is what i have to do in 118 degrees hope it help love, enjoy ur trip!  (+ info)

Heat Stroke???????.....................?

ok, so i have heat stroke REALLY bad right now. i know, you would think living in australia, surfing everyday, being in the sun 24/7 i would know a great deal about heat stroke. but, iv never gotten it this bad before. i went to the beach (different to my usual) all day (9am-9pm) and only had 1 can of creaming soda to drink all day (stupidest mistake ever!). not to mention that it was 38 degrees C( 110 degrees F). so yeah, i want to curl up in a ball and die right now.

my head is conjested and stuffy, my ears are blocked and throbbing, my skull is throbbing, my throught is burning and i cant swallow ANYTHING (solids or liquids), it feels like iv eaten fire. and i basically cant think, or move without pain.

how do i get rid of heat stroke really quickly? i have my graduation tomorrow, so i cant just stay at home. its currantly 9:11pm here, and i need a way to get to sleep and rest, and get rid of this pain!

You don't have heat stroke but do have severe heat exhaustion.

Heat stroke is deadly. You would have had lose of consciousness and a seizure by now and be in a serious medical state.

The fact your on the computer and feeling like cr*p, say's that you have heat exhaustion. Which is just under heat stroke and is still quite serious and needs serious treatment.

You are most definitely dehydrated. To the point where you need IV fluids. If you stay at home you will not be any good for graduation tomorrow and may actually be much worse.

You need to get your family to take you to the ED or if no family or friends to take you, ring an ambulance.

With sever dehydration which you have you also dehydrate your brain which is why you have such a shocking headache. Your brain is drying out. Next is coma and death. Just to let you know this IS SERIOUS!!!!
No amount of panadol is going to help it. Just re-hydration.

The fact you can't swallow indicates the ED is the best place for you right now.

Don't go to sleep. Ring 000 and get your butt to the hospital.
If your lucky they may be able to help you feel well enough to attend graduation.  (+ info)

Heat stroke?

A couple of days ago i went to the mall with my mom. She was picking out a gift for someone and i was getting really impatient because she was taking such a long time.

I was wearing a sweater and it felt so hot. I felt really uncomfortable so i took it off (i had a t-shirt under). Then, i suddenly had a huge headache and my eyes just shut and i felt so dizzy. I thought i was going to faint! So i went home immedietly after because i felt like dying or my head was going to explode.

What was wrong with me? Was it a heat stroke? By the way, i'm 13 and i was inside the mall/store the entire time. It was cold outside, but warm inside because of all the people. It wasn't extremely hot or anything so i don't know what happened???
You're right. I think it was dehydration. I just remembered that i DID eat lunch before i went to the mall. But sadly, i didn't drink anything. (I never drink anything in the morning though and i'm always alright)

it could have been heatstroke but if u took of ur sweater its less likely.

it could also be a migrane, they can be really bad and are all the same symptoms as you said the best cur eis to lie down in a dark room.

also, it could just be an everyday headache that people get when they are stressed/impatient.  (+ info)

What is the best way to treat heat stroke?

We're having a function at my job and there will be 500 old people here. It's supposed to be like 90 degrees and there will be no nurse on duty. What do I do if someone collapses with heat stroke? And calling the paramedics is not an option.

Move the person into a cool place, out of direct sunlight.
Remove the person's unnecessary clothing, and place the person on his or her side to expose as much skin surface to the air as possible. Cool the person's entire body by sponging or spraying cool—not cold—water, and fan the person to lower the body temperature. Apply ice packs to the groin, neck, and armpits, where large blood vessels lie close to the skin surface. Do not immerse the person in an ice bath. If the person is awake and alert enough to swallow, give the person fluids [32 fl oz (1 L) to 64 fl oz (2 L)] within the first 2 hours for hydration. However, a person with heatstroke may have an altered mental status and may not be able to safely drink fluids without help.  (+ info)

How do I prevent from getting heat stroke, heat exhaustion, etc, when travelling?

I will be going to Australia in January. I'm from British Columbia, Canada. So basically, I will be going from -5 C degree to 30-40 C degree weather. How do I go about proventing heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc?

I have a history of fainting from the heat so this is a concern for me.

Always stay very hydrated, drink lots of water at all times, don't cover your head, hands and feet, They dissipate heat the most. Keep lose clothing around the back of the knees, the armpits and the crotch. The crotch are has the largest artery in your body, it is called the femoral artery and if you put a pack of ice between your legs it will cool your body down the fastest. If it gets really bad have someone place ice in your armpits, behind your neck and place another one between your legs.  (+ info)

How long should I wait after having heat stroke to run again?

I was working outside on Sunday for a very long time, and I had heat stroke. I want to get back to running, but I still don't feel well. How much longer do you think I should wait?

You should wait until you feel better.  (+ info)

How do doctors cure heat stroke?

I've read and heard that If someone has heat stroke, they need to go to an ER and cannot be treated at home. What exactly do doctors do to fix/ reverse the problem?

electrolytes could be low.Need potassium.Gatorade is high in potassium and good to replenish . In severe cases you do have to go to e.r. for I.V. electrolytes I.V. bag, then your fine after that. They will do blood work first to see what electrolytes is needed, most likely potassium.  (+ info)

Is it a good idea to drink milk when you have heat stroke?

I have heat stroke, and I drank 8 glasses of milk. Was that a good idea?

Well, if you had a heat stroke, you would not be able to drink 8 glasses of anythin, let alone milk. You might have been sick from the heat. A heat stroke is an emergency, people go to the ER, people die of them. that's why they call it a stroke.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get heat stroke while asleep?

Last night, I got up in the middle of the night hot as hell, severely disoriented, nauseous, and just overall blech. I hadn't really been sweating and couldn't seem to get any water down (I wasn't thirsty).

Is it possible I had heat stroke even though I was asleep? Does this sound like anything else?

Yes, it is possible but that might also be a heart attack.  (+ info)

Can I get selected for Marines Officer Candidate School after suffereing a heat stroke?

I recently got NPQ'd (Not Physically Qualified) from OCS because of a heat stroke during PT. Does anybody know if I can get reselected or does this automatically disqualify me for life? The platoon commander and company staff said they highly recommend me to come to the next session when I recover but I don't know if they actually mean it. Any insight would be appreciated.

Heat stroke is not a debilitating issue. It is simply that you got over heated once. It does not disqualify you from anything. So go back.  (+ info)

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