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I have had a hemangioma on my back on since birth and every time I go to the doctor they just say leave it alone. It is very painful when someone touches it or even if they just graze it. All of a sudden I have just been getting this really bad pain from it. In the mean time while scheduling an appointment with the doctor is there anything that can help with the pain. Advil or ice doesn't really help. Does anyone know of anything else?

I used to have a big one on my chest since birth (it was f-ing huge, like the size of a small fist), the doctors kept telling my mom that it will go away but it never did, i had it removed when i was 6 and i recomend it, I could imagine that it gets worse with age, so just get it done.  (+ info)

What are the risks of hemangioma of the liver during pregnancy?

Just recently I was told I may have hemangioma of the liver. I had an ultrasound which showed a leison a 2cm. The doctor recomended I have a CT, but I am currently 4months prenant. Well the doctor didn't give me much info about what I have He just said to come back after I have the baby. Well I've done my own research and I'm a little worried because I've read the it can grow when you pregnant and there is risks of rupture. Well I've had pain in my stomache since before I was pregant, and I guess my question is: Should I be concerned or trust the doctor and not worry till after I have the baby? Should I find another doctor? Is there any more information I should know or that any one else can tell me? Thanks

A lesion this small should present no problem to you or your little one....particularly if you never knew you had it because you had no symptoms.

The CT scan will just give the doctor a definite diagnosis. Your doctor is right, you really have nothing to worry about. However, if you don't trust or doctor or would just feel safer getting a second opinion, by all means do so.

In the meantime, here is a site that will back up what I have just told you.
http://www.greenjournal.org/cgi/content/abstract/66/3/10s  (+ info)

How do you treat a hemangioma?

My ten month old niece has a mushroom capped shaped hemangioma under her right eye. She was treated with steroids so it wouldn't grow anymore, but it has not improved. What other options are there?

Its unlikely that anything further will be done.

Haemangiomas (also known as strawberry naevi) are entirely benign, and reasonably common. They typically fade away as the affected children grow, and usually by the age of four, or so, are completely gone.  (+ info)

How can I get charitable contributions for the Hemangioma Foundation?

My niece has a Hemangioma, (Vascular Birth Defect), on her nose the size of a walnut and it's growing larger towards her eye. I need tax deductible charitable contributions sent to the Hemangioma Foundation Chaeleston, South Carolina in my niece's name

Fundraisers, go to the town meetings and see if they will sponser a fundraiser for you. Write your local media. Good luck.  (+ info)

how is a hemangioma removed from the tip of the nose?

my daughter is 11 with a hemangioma on the tip of her nose and is scheduled to have it removed. I am curious as to how they will do this and if any scars will be present.

We do Pulsed dye laser for that case ( not surgical because there will be much bleeding ). Hemangiomas are capillary malformation. PDL (the laser) will just target the veins.This will help control the growth of the lesion (if not resolved over time ) and will eventually decrease the size.No scarring if laser is done coz there will be no breaking of the skin. hope this helps. ;0 God bless!!  (+ info)

Did anyone treat your childs hemangioma with steroid injections?

Did it stop the growth? How many did it require? Did it make it look better?

My baby girl is 10 weeks old with a scalp hemangioma (its small) and got the injection. I'm hoping it will stop the growth. Anyone have experience with this?

yea  (+ info)

Has anyone used propranolol for treating hemangioma?

My kid's dermatologist just offered us to use propranolol to shrink the hemangioma and make the bump flatter. My kid is 16 months old and her hemangioma is compound strawberry and it is on her forehead. Has anyone have any experience of taking that? How long does it take to see the result? Have you experienced any side-effects? As Dr. said the hemangioma has stopped growing and it may start shrinking on its own. But we want to consider the option of medication as well. Thanks in advance for your help.

Most hemangiomas are just left alone since they often shrink without any intervention. Steroids are usually the medication of choice, although surgery and laser can help. Propranolol is used for severe hemangiomas. Since what your baby has is more of a superficial one, then I don't think you would need it, especially at this young age. Most hemangiomas go away in a few weeks to months.

You may also want to ask a second opinion from another doctor on the right treatment.  (+ info)

Anyone out there have a child with hemangioma?

My daughter is 8 months old and has hemangioma on her lip and I have had so many options on what to do and I would like to hear from anyone who has been through this before.

The options I have been given are steroids, plastic surgery, or leaving it alone and it might go away.

Only serious answers please. And thanks ahead of time.
The place has quit growing and has actually started to fill in with her skin color. It has got any bigger since October of last year.

My daughter's hemangioma started when she was 3 weeks old. Hers was on her left cheek and partially over her neck coinciding with strawberry marks over her face, neck and ear. She seen a pediatric surgeon and because of where her's was positioned surgery wasn't a very good option. She would have been paralyzed on that side of the face. It grew until she was around 18 months old ( got quite large!!) , then it stopped! Her specialist said it would shrink and that it would be unnoticeable by the time she started school. She is now 9 years old and the only time you can see it is sometimes in pictures and sometimes in the mirror. She started a new school this year and the teachers never noticed it until the school pictures came back!! Her strawberry marks are gone now and the bluish tinge to her skin there is also gone. Plastic surgery is an option for her still, but it is not recommended until she is done growing and that is only if she has loose skin where it was. I would hold off on any surgery, I am glad I did!! I know it's hard on you, but if it is not bothering your daughter I would leave it alone and let nature take it's course. The hardest part you will have is the inconsiderate people you will come across when you are out!! Believe me, I had many comments said right to my face about my daughter and also had children and parents pointing and staring at her. Good luck with any decision you make, but remember even though she has this she is still a beautiful little girl!! Who cares what strangers think!!!  (+ info)

Does anyone else have a scar from a strawberry hemangioma? If so what have you done to make it less noticeable?

I was born with a strawberry Hemangioma on my face and have had several surgeries to remove it then make the scar less noticeable. However, it still bothers me and I am interested to know if anyone else has had one of these on their face or something similar, and knows of any creams or make up that really fix it?? Please let me know!! Thanks.

my friend and her father and brother all have one.
im not really sure what you could do i guess just put some concealer and foundation on it. sorry im not much help but just wanted to let you know your not alone.  (+ info)

My wife has a hemangioma and we are concern about having a baby?

It is in the T5 location with moderate pain. She has had two MRIs with, all have said that there is no treatment recommended at the time. We should have it checked in 6-9 months. We would like to start trying to have a baby, but are holding off in fear of jeopardizing the baby's or my wife's health. What are the risks and recommended next steps? Hold off on the baby or go forward?

My first child had a hemangioma will my other children have hemangioma and is there anything I can do to prevent a hemangioma from developing?

For most families additional children born into a family where one child has a hemangioma is at no greater risk of having a hemangioma then the general population. The risk is not zero but no greater then anyone else. While there are a few isolated families with an extensive family history of hemangioma that have an occurrence rate of 50%, like flipping a coin this is extremely rare. 10% of all children are reported to have a hemangioma so it would it would be less then 1 in a million chance of having a second child with a hemangioma. There is nothing you can or can not do to prevent or cause a hemangioma from developing in your baby. Old wives tales used to include things like staying away from strawberries, nothing you could eat would cause a hemangioma.

http://www.novanews.org/HemangiomaCommonQuestionsandAnswers.html  (+ info)

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