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Can Subdural Hematoma lead to brain disabilites?

Can Subdural Hematoma possibly make someone mentally ill?
Like kill some of their brain cells or something so that the person is disabled in the sense of he is mentally ill?

And if so, do you HAVE to be hit in the head, or can even being hit in the arm or something like that cause Subdural Hematoma?

A subdural haematoma is a bleed in the brain from veins. It can be acute and sudden onset or chronic, taking days or weeks for symptoms to present. It may occur from head trauma or spontaneously in some people, being more common in the elderly and in alcoholics. It would not result in a person being mentally ill as this is a term reserved for psychiatric conditions generally, but they could have a degree of brain damage due to raised intracranial pressure if there was enough blood loss. Raised ICP can also often be fatal if not treated rapidly.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a subdural hematoma from an auto accident that did not need surgery?

I had a left frontal subdural hematoma, but it resolved on it's own....I did lose my sense of smell from it....has anyone had a subdural or subarachnoid bleed that resolved on it's own? And as a result, did you have any remaining symptoms? Thank you...
MSTESS......that is exactly the same injury I had, a motor vehicle accident with rollover and ejection!

My daughter had a serious head injury about 3 1/2 years ago. She was ejected from a car when it rolled. She had severe fractures to her skull. A depressed skull fracture and a basilar skull fracture. She was deaf in one ear for a few weeks from a CSF leak. Like you, she had a bleed that resolved on it's own. She didn't lose her sense of smell, but it messed up the way things taste. She says things just taste different now. The only other thing we notice is her memory is a little sketchy.

That is her only problem, as far as her head. She still has problems with her neck. (She broke it in 2 places) She still gets alot of headaches, but that is probably her neck. She's still having problems with her leg. Still more surgery to come.

Edit.......you two are very lucky you didn't get killed! Always wear your seatbelt! lol

On a sad note. My daughters friend who was also ejected, and had worse injuries from my daughter has died. Waiting for autopsy results to see if the past head injury was the cause. Scares the sh*t out of me. Apparentley, you're not out of the woods until 5-7 years have past.  (+ info)

subdural hematoma possible after head injury one year later?

Anyone know if you can have a subdural hematoma for years and not know?? I fell and hit my head on ice really hard about a year ago and started thinking that since i get headaches all the time.

It is I would imagine within the realm of possibility. However, after all this time I would tend to think it is not likely. None the less, since you are concerned enough to ask te question here, I would suggest you see your health care provider. If nothing else for peace of mind. Was the initial injury severe enough for you to seek medical care at that time? If so take a copy of those records with you. Either way, give the provider all the information you can. Even if it seems irrelevant. let the provider make that decision.
I hope this has helped, good luck and I hope you feel better.  (+ info)

Can you give yourself a epidural hematoma or subdural hematoma?

I have OCD/ADD and and after hearing about Nastasha Richardson I am a little scared about it. I do jerk and shake my head cuz of my OCD/ADD alot and give myself a headache. Let me know!

Hematomas require that blood vessels be ruptured. A severe blow to the head can cause this to happen.

The brain has a number of protective mechanisms that prevent cranial blood vessels from being damaged. Your brain is surrounded by a liquid cushion of fluid and is held in place by strong tissues to prevent excessive movement.

Even the strongest shake by your own muscles are far, far below the amount of force required to rupture any blood vessels in your brain. A very strong blow from an outside source such as a baseball bat or crashing into something while skiing is required to produce the kind of damage necessary for a hematoma in your head. You are perfectly safe.  (+ info)

i have a subdural acute hematoma how does it absorb and how long does it take to heal and what should i do?

are there any remedies, the doc says its minor and it should heal by itself but how do it just absorb and that still doesnt explain why i shake and the only thing that stops the shakeing is georges aloe vera juice what other home remedies should i do to make it heal faster

A subdural (or dermal) hematoma is no big deal. Follow the doc's instructions as he states them.  (+ info)

What is more severe, subdural hematoma or epidural hematoma?

subdural hematoma is more likely to cause problems ,  (+ info)

Any doctos that can help with Subdural hematoma??

My boyfriend has subdural hematoma.

Can he fly in a plane for 17 hours?

Um, a subdural hematoma is a bruise that is in between a layer of tissue covering the brain called the arachnoid and the dura, which is a tough tissue just inside the skull.

That bruise is a collection of blood. If it is continuing to bleed, or if it even might continue to bleed, it presents a real risk because it will put pressure on the brain.

A really bad headache would be the least of his worries.

In a plane, the pressure is different than on the ground. You can feel it in your ears, right? The difference in pressure can affect the hematoma and cause additional pressure on the brain.

In the 17 hours in the plane, if there is a problem with his brain, your boyfriend is not going to be calling 911, there probably won't be a medical professional on board and if there is, there certainly will not be a hospital facility.

So yes, he "can" fly in a plane for 17 hours, but it would definitely not be a good idea to do so.

He should get an OK from a physician who can examine him and run any appropriate tests. If the doc says OK, then yes, he can.

(If this is not enough of a reason for him to remain on the ground until he is well, consider the others on the plane, including the crew: why put them at risk of considerable chaos, to say the least, so that your boyfriend can take his trip? Delay it, and take reasonable precautions....)  (+ info)

Burr hole : Subdural Hematoma Can anyone help ?

Hi all my Mum had a Subdural about five years ago they only gave her a 5% chance of surviving and she did Thankfully, what i would like to know is where the surgeon drilled there is a hole still in her skull which is getting deeper, could this be her age that the bone isn't forming over the hole or is it common ..Thanks !

it may be the fat layer under the skin is disappearing with age so making this condition more noticeable if you or your mother are worried then ask your doctor for advice she may require a small operation to make sure everything is o.k.and that the hole has repaired properly  (+ info)

can blood thinners cause a subdural hematoma?

can blood thinners cause a subdural hematoma in the head. or is a subdural hematoma caused by an head injury

If you are on blood thinners and your INR level becomes too high, you can start bleeding ANYWHERE within the body. You can start bleeding anywhere with an injury or without an injury. I have been on Coumadin for 4 years and will be for the rest of my life. I go to the doctor once to twice per month and have my levels checked. You have to be careful when you are on blood thinners and have regular INR checks.  (+ info)

Is there a possibility that a skull fracture was misdiagnosed as just a subdural hematoma?

Last summer at our family reunion,my sister was involved in an accident in the pool.My nephew jumped on top of her in the water,and she hit the bottom of the concrete pool with her head in her R temporal region.She says when she got out of the pool that she was disoriented for a short amount of time, but the swelling began immediately.It was huge!With all of the medical people in our family, not one person thought she needed to have a CT scan.They sat her on the couch with ice on her head.The rest of the day it seemed as though she was in a drunken stupor.The bruising startedabout 72 hours later.She had a moon face with raccoon eyes,bruising on the R side of her face,and bruising behind her right ear with severe headache lasting for about two weeks.I finally talked her into going to the ER.2 CT scans later and no fracture.Since she has had memory loss,H/A,muscle weakness,neck pain,and 3 hard nodules have appeared behind R ear. I can't convince her to call a neurologist.

She needs to go to the doctor ASAP. It is not the skull fracture you should be worried about. When bleeding in the brain occurs it creates a site of injury. At this site the are gets very acidic because of the damage. Then your immune system tries to fight the damage by neutrophils and macrophages. They eat through the tissue and you make scars. In the brain the scars are permanent and they cannot be fixed. When blood supply begins to regenerate at that site, a person can develop another bleed, that cannow be affecting any areas of the brain, also it is possible to get a reperfusion injury to the body that will create cell death and make holes in the brain. SERIOUSLY TIE HER UP AND TAKE HER TO THE ER!!!!! You dont want to mess with Brain injury....It has to be treated ASAP or that part of your brain will be gone forever  (+ info)

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