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my father (65 yrs) was suffering with cataract, he was operated his eye on 5th Oct 09. He has lost his vision after surgery. now, he is mentally disturbed too.Doctors say- he is suffering with Homonymous hemianopsia, its cause and treatment?

When a person can see on one side only(left or right) then it is called homonymous hemianopia. It means that there is some problem after the Optic nerve cross each other beyond optic chiasm till the visual center. In homonymous hemianopia, he should not loose all eye site.
It don't think that it is related to cataract surgery. May be he is having some other condition as well leading to this.
Treatment is to remove the cause like space occupying lesion.  (+ info)

Homonymous hemianopsia?

my father (65 yrs) was suffering with caterect, he was operated his eye 5th Oct 09. He has lost his vision after surgery. now, he is mentally disturbed too.Doctors say- he is suffering with Homonymous hemianopsia, its cause and treatment?

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homonymous hemianopsia?

in september 2007, i went partially blind (the right side of both eyes). for about 1-2 years, i've had occasional but rare headaches that last less than a second and feel sharp like someone's poking my brain with a pencil. recently, i've had headaches 24/7. they're not really bad but sometimes they're sharp and more frequently than they used to be. if i take a deep breath i have a dull headache. all these headaches are on the left side of my brain.
anyway, the doctor said it's because of "homonymous hemianopsia" (see wikipedia) which is why i went partially blind that day. i'm scheduled for an MRI late next month. i read that the cause for this is either a stroke, brain injury, or a tumor. i've never had a stroke or brain injury, so does that definitely mean i have a tumor? i'm not sure how that works. also i read in the article that it can be either malignant or benign. if there's any professional person that knows what they're talking about, answer this last question. if it was a tumor, what are the odds that it would be malignant? i'm just wondering cause we had to postpone the MRI because of lack of funds...so i got my hopes up in finding out soon. i don't wanna wait till this time next month to know anything.

Your symptoms are too serious for anyone to give you comprehensive answers based on that information alone. Please get your advice and information from the treating physician. Any "professional" who tries to answer your question here with that information alone, is a quack. If you need to learn some general facts go to the url's below.:

A diagnosis requires more examination/testing and you could be greatly mislead or needlessly worried. But to provide some information related to your last question:

Facts about brain tumor:
Incidence of Brain Tumors:

Estimated number of people living with a diagnosis of primary brain and central nervous system (CNS) tumor in the US in 2000:


Total new cases of primary brain/CNS tumors (malignant and non-malignant) expected in 2005 in the US:

Total estimated new cases of primary malignant brain /CNS tumors to be diagnosed in 2005 in the US:

Realize, you may have had trauma or stroke (without recognizing it) and not a tumor. Also hemianopsia can be an complication from other maladies with brain hemorrhage.
Save any worry until you get the facts from your physician.

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Vision Disorder_Traumatic Head Injury?

About a year ago, I bumped my head on the wall by accident and since then, i've been having some kind of vision problem. Since I have studied psychology last year, I found out it was the left vision area of my head that was hit severely. I tried everything by putting ice on it and sleeping although they did not work. I research about it online and I believe the two that mostly applies to me are the "unwareness of surroundings" , "reading difficulty" and either "Hemianopsia" or "Unilateral neglect". Also, it seemed like my memory had gone worst. Moreover, whenever I tried to read words in a book, all I can see are words and could not really take in all of them in my head (can't be understood). Overall, whenever I open my eyes, I get dizzy and it feels like I am only dreaming and not awake.

Please, I need help. I can't stay with this type of vision forever.

it's possible that you could have some damage to the part of your brain responsible for vision. it's important to let your family doctor know. you need a CT scan of your head and a referral to an opthamologist. you've waited quite a while to do something, so i hope that you act on this info a bit more quickly.  (+ info)

What is the relation between a Pituitary Adenoma and Multiple Sclerosis?

My wife had a transsphenoidal resection to remove a 2 cm macroadenoma in December 2008 due to pain in the right eye. She developed blurred vision as well as pain again in right eye difficulty writing and in February 2009 after ruling out a number of diseases including encephalitis was diagnosed with MS Relapsing Remitting. There is also a right homonymous hemianopsia. Is there a relation between the 2 cm macro adenoma and MSRR ??? Please help. I am baffled? Are there going to be more issues Neurologists and Neurosurgeons have been unable to diagnose?

I am sorry for your situation. After being diagnosed with M.S. I learned very quickly that doctors don't know as much as we expect them to know. For example...I went blind in my right eye from Optic Neuritis, and I had a bunch of other M.S. Symptoms and I was sent home with pain kills and a prescription for Ambien all at the age of 13.

I do not have an answer to your question. But I have great advice.

I learned that you have to research things yourself...and I started looking on WEBMD. If I would have put all of my symptoms on WebMd at the time, I would have diagnosed myself!

This is the wedsite: http://www.webmd.com/

Use the symptom checker: http://symptoms.webmd.com/symptomchecker

You'll get a list of possible disorders or conditions...print it out and take it to your doctor.

BEST OF LUCK!  (+ info)

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