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What is the name of the disease that causes facial legions due to a lack of hemoglobin?

I was just watching an episode of CSI and a woman had this disease so she was eating human livers and spleens. They mentioned the name but i dont recall what it was called. It is genetic and apparently is caused by the body absorbing too much hemoglobin. I believe they called it king lear's disease, but i don't know if that's right and i want to know the medical name

It sounds like it was a type of porphyria. King George III may have had it.  (+ info)

Who is the best doctor to go to in Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC for Parkinson's disease?

Is there a center, or a group of doctors that you can recommend?

Can you provide information about why this doctor, doctors, center is better, or the best?

Can you suggest any ways to tell which place or doctor may be the best in this area?

Are any of these better for "late stage" Parkinsons?

Can you suggest any other sites, groups, blogs, Q+A sites that may be a good place to get suggestions?

First of all I am so sorry to hear that you are at a point where you have to prepare for late stage PD.

Most of us will not be familiar with specific motion disorder neurologist with a Parkinson's disease specialty but I am going to provide a link to one center and to a Udall Center of Excellence and certainly the place I would take my husband if we lived in the area.

The first center is the Carolinas Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders. They are located in Charlotte. You can navigate the pages to learn more about the center. There is info about their leading specialists on the link page below - including the info that one of these doctors specializes in DBS They have several affiliated hospitals and this one is a teaching hospital About the physicians .....there is even an email address at the bottom of the page. Prepare your questions:

Even though the Raleigh-Durham area is really too far a trip for many PD patients, if you could get to Duke University for at least one appointment, it might be worth it. Duke is on my husbands top 10 list of places he would prefer treatment if money were no object. (We're in northeast Ohio, our health insurance doesn't cover it and there are very good facilities here.) Duke is a Morris K Udall Parkinson's Center of Excellence:
There is some excellent PD research being conducted at Duke University:

Support groups are another place to find information first hand - you can talk to patients and caregivers, ask all the questions you want and get a decent idea of who is out there.
Here's a support group in Greenville, SC:

Just in case there are services which could help, here's a list links to service sites:
They also have links which will allow you to check licensing of medical professionals, day care etc.

Better than asking at YA, I would suggest that you check forums such as WeMove.Org
Join to select the discussion board
Join Patients Like Me - the Parkinson's Community - as a caregiver. Although the site is a bit difficult to navigate at times, you will find people who are in your area and can give you some names and caveats fairly rapidly. Open a discussion with your questions or search for open discussions:

If your patient is at home, just a thought but medical massage is a must to relieve pain and a bit of stiffness. Here's just a sample:

An organization where you can find information, ask questions, watch or take part in online events is the Parkinson's Disease Foundation:

I wish I could have been more help - I'll keep my eyes open.
Best Wishes to you and your Family

I can be reached through Yahoo Answers or through Contact Us at the site below:  (+ info)

What anaerobic and aerobic workout can I do for Hemoglobin H Disease?

please help me...i tried searching for it but i couldn't find any on the internet....and please explain and give examples for each workout/exercise..thanks so much!!! :)

With your condition, anemia is always a concern. You should try walking, with yoga being permissible as well. You may try running later on, if it agrees with you.  (+ info)

What is the chemical structure of hemoglobin in sickle cell anemia disease?

http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/specialcollections/coll/pauling/blood/narrative/page17.html  (+ info)

why is it that the RBC, hemoglobin and hematocrit level of a patient with congenital heart disease s decreased?

please answer. :) THANK YOU.

Congenital heart disease does not decrease the RBC, hemoglobin or hematocrit. Cyanotic (low oxygen) heart disease can actually increase the RBC, hemoglobin/hematocrit, because low oxygen levels stimulate the body to produce more red cells (RBCs) to improve the ability to supply oxygen to the body. Low RBC, hemoglobin/hematocrit is called anemia. There are many causes of anemia and it is important to determine the cause in order to find the appropriate treatment. Anemia can be secondary to blood loss, destruction of red cells (hemolysis), vitamin/mineral deficiency (Iron, B12, Folate), anemia of chronic disease, kidney disease due to low Erythropoetin, genetic disorders (Sickle Cell, Thallassemia, etc.), etc. Blood tests can be performed to determine the cause. Rarely if someone has had a valve replacement this can lead to destruction of red cells (hemolysis). I hope I answered your question. Good luck.  (+ info)

will someone with sickle cell disease be inadmissible to Canada when applying for permanent residency?

will someone with hemoglobin sc disease(sickle cell disease)
be denied permenent residency in canada on medical grounds of excessive demand for government services.

sickle cell is not contagious
it is a genetically acquired disease  (+ info)

Do both Parents have to have the actual sickle cell trait in order for the child to have sickle disease sc?

Because Hb(s) is a recessive gene both parents must carry the gene for the child to HAVE the disease rather than the trait.  (+ info)

an individual has a disease that reduces hemoglobin in the blood?

which of the following is probably true of this individual?
a. oxygen delivery to cells is compromised
b cell repair is compromised
c cells experience O2 build up
d the organism has limited defense against viral invasion
e the organism has a reduced number of patelets in the blood

Definetely A.  (+ info)

My daughter is pregnant(12 wk) and her spleen is swollen & she has SC disease. the ob dr, will not do anything?

My daughter is 21 weeks pregnant and her spleen has swollen ,she has SC disease and is severe pain , the Ob doctor here will not treat her pain what should I do?

Your question has some conflicting info. One place it says your daughter is 12 weeks pregnant, but later it says she is 21 weeks. Is your daughter a minor or mentally handicapped? If not, than there isn't too much you should do except support your daughter in this situation. If she is an adult, your daughter can decide what she wants to do on her own. Many pain relief methods are not suitable for pregnant women so her doctor may not seem to be doing anything for her because the options are limited. If she is unhappy with the care her doctor is giving her than finding another doctor or at least getting a second opinion is always an option. I don't know what SC disease is, but does she have a specialist who treats her for this? If so, he/she may have some suggestions for pain relief that her OB is not familiar with. I would think it advantageous to her health and her baby's health for her OB to also work in conjunction with any other doctors who treat her, such as her general practitioner or her specialist. You can suggest she call another doctor, but other than that, I don't think there is much else you can do.  (+ info)

Anyone know of a good doctor for Lyme Disease near SC?

Desperate for a good doctor for Lyme disease in/ near sc nc ga or E-tenn

You need an Infectious Disease Specialist.

Check out this website listing doctors in the Greenville, SC area.


Hope this helps.  (+ info)

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