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What are the treatments of Hemolysis blood disorder?

We just found out that my grandfather has Hemolysis (a rare blood disorder)..I just wanted to know the treatments, and is it serious??? Can he live much longer???

Here is a site about hemolytic anemia.


It sounds like treatment depends upon the severity of the anemia - perhaps transfusions, perhaps steroids, up to and including surgery to remove the spleen.

Obviously it can be a serious illness, but with treatment he could probably live as long as any other grandfather.

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How can a serum diagnosed with hemolysis develop a falsely elevated levels of CH50 when conducting a CH50 tes?

ok, lets see if I can draw you a picture since you asked this again.
Hemolysis is the break down or destruction of blood cells. The CH50 being measured in a normal blood sample is free, or bioavailable in the blood plasma, when cells are destroyed or broken down, they release more CH50 into the plasma, artificially elevating measurable levels. Is that a bit clearer for you?  (+ info)

What does "slight hemolysis" mean on blood results?

I just had general blood work - check up. For the most part everything was normal except for the slight hemolysis.

You don't say what blood test was run and what your health history is. Go here for the definition of hemolysis:
It could be anything from prior surgery to collection method. They will probably do a repeat.
Sorry, but the question is so vauge that there is no way to answer this.  (+ info)

how can a serum diagnosed with hemolysis develop a falsely elevated levels of CH50 when conducting a CH50 tes?

hemolysis means the breakdown of the blood cells in the specimen, this falsely elevates actual levels in the blood.  (+ info)

what are the sympoms of hemolysis?

i know what it is, but what are symptoms of it?

It depends on how severe it is and how long it has been going on. Symptoms may include jaundice, dark urine, palpitations, shortness of breath, pale skin, fatigue, and many more...or it could have no symptoms at all. See the sources below for more information about it.  (+ info)

what does slight serum appearance in hemolysis mean?

I took a urine and blood test for my insurance company.

Slight serum appearance in Hemolysis and
High Cholesterol

Oh boy, for someone who is a phlebotomist, that person doesn't know what hemolysis means.

Hemolysis means lysis of red blood cells, NOT blood clotting nor clotting of red blood cells (because blood NEVER clots, only platelets and fibrin). Blood clotting is a process called coagulation, and clumping of red blood cells is a process called agglutination. Slight serum appearance just mean that serum was present in the sample, and high cholesterol means you have higher-than-normal levels of blood cholesterol (as to what type, I'm not sure, as that might be indicated in your blood work result).

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What is AST with hemolysis? on a hepatic function panel mean?

Wanting to know what hemolysis ast is please answer if you know

Means that you have to redraw the blood because the specimen was no good and not useable. Here is a definition.  (+ info)

Is it tue that filtered water by a reverse osmosis water filter may cause hemolysis?

It probably would, but why would you?

Reverse osmosis is used to ensure safe water for dialysate and dialyzer reprocessing in hemodialysys. Maybe you confused your terms.

Hemolysys is the breaking open of red blood cells and the release of hemoglobin into the surrounding fluid. I cant think of a reason to inject purified water into a human body but it makes sense that it would cause that to happen.

Are you talking about in a lab setting or actually injecting it, because that would indeed be bad!  (+ info)

If a patient experiences sepsis resulting in extensive hemolysis how does it effect the following?

vital signs
glomerular filtration rate
blodd pH

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Is a weak or Moderate Hemolysis (of Blood Serum) Has Any Effect on Qualtative HCV RT-PCR Test.?

Is a weak or Moderate Hemolysis (of Blood Serum) Has Any Effect on Qualtative HCV RT-PCR Test.

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