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What is the difference between Chronic and NON Chronic Hepatitis? What determines this?

Trying to get health insurance for husband and that is one of the questions as he had hepatitis as a teenager and it still shows in his blood...
Only serious answers please....thanks!

Hepatitis 'A' is non-chronic. It is the type of hepatitis that you get from bacteria, it is a short lived infection. Once you have had it, it is gone, and only comes back if you are reinfected. Usually it comes from fecal matter that people have on their hands when preparing food. Like in a restaurant, and a worker did not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Hepatitis 'B' and 'C' are chronic, because they are viral. They stick with you for life, as there is no cure for them, only treatment of symptoms. These are usually transferred through blood. Some people are able to recover with the help of medication, and sometimes even get over it, but it is tough, and it is a long process. There are also vaccines out now for Hep'B', usually given to health care workers.

There are actually many other forms of hepatitis. The letters behind that word go on and on. Each letter represents the form of what is causing the hepatitis. Bacteria, virus, even parasites can cause hepatitis, which just means inflammation of the liver.

Most insurances do not want to insure those who have a pre-existing condition of Hepatitis 'B' or 'C', as that can cost the insurance company a lot of money in the long run.  (+ info)

Is it safe to use accutane if you have chronic hepatitis?

I have bad acne and want to try out accutane, I also have chronic hepatitis due to a unfortunate incident when I was a little child, My hepatitis level is extremely low, my doctor said I was pretty lucky as my status is like a normal human being, I was wondering if taking accutane is safe for me. thank you.

Accutane is very hard on your liver.
Of course your doc is the one who can decide if it's safe for you or not.
Have you tried all the other prescription acne meds? Topicals? Antibiotics? Have accutane be a last resort.
Discuss with your doc.
  (+ info)

Is it possible to develop a chronic form of hepatitis from taking too much acetaminophen?

A month ago, I took around 5,000 mg of acetaminophen within a 24 hour period. For the next two weeks I felt like shit but now I feel fine. Is it possible i underwent acute hepatitis and I'm now better? Possible long term effects? blahblah etc..

Taking an overdose of acetaminophen (5000 mg is more than 5x the maximum amount recommended in a 24 hr period.) or an overdose of any other medication can damage your liver. You may feel fine now, but if your liver was damaged, it is probably still damaged. You would not recover from liver damage in only 2 weeks.

Long term effects: PERMANENT liver damage. OD of acetaminophen can cause enough liver damage to kill someone.

See a doctor and have blood testing done to test your liver function.  (+ info)

I am affected with chronic hepatitis B. Can I take hepatitis A vaccination without any harm?

I am not sure whether I have had a hepatitis A or not in my child hood.

This is really a question for your doctor, not the internet. Please consult one.  (+ info)

A person with Hepatitis B Chronic is not taking any medication?

A person with Hepatitis B Chronic is not taking any medication as he doesn't have any one of those symptoms and he is very active physically such as going to gym regularly and playing football (soccer). I was wondering if the physical activity cause him any problem or danger his life?

This person with Hepatitis B Virus is a carrier and at large may risk someone else's health with the virus, just how AIDS or HIV gets transmitted but with more additions, ie, a direct contact with the sweat or saliva of a hepatitis B virus carrier may put another person in health risk of getting hepatitis B.

As for this individual's health, despite the fact of normality that he is not experiencing any health problems yet, doesn't rule out the average possibility of developing liver disease such as cirrhosis or liver cancer. Therefore, it is very important that this person regularly gets his blood tests done.

As for any physical activity, it will be wise not to play body contact sports and use his own gym equipments.

Good Luck With Your Homework!  (+ info)

a new aide for mom had a liver transplant years ago and has chronic Hepatitis B Is mom in danger of Hep B?

A private duty aide has notified us that years ago she had contacted hepatitis B from her now ex-husband. She says there's no risk to mom and our family members of contacting hep B but what do your experts say?

Hepatitis B is spread through blood and unprotected sex- with a health care worker it can be spread through a needle stick. It does make a difference if she actually has chronic hepatitis or has simply had hepatitis B and was sucessfully treated. That's the first thing you need to find out from a doctor. If she had Hep B and was sucessfully treated- although she would have antibodies she would not be able to transmit the disease. On the other hand, if she has chronic Hep B, she could. If your mother has had the Hep B vaccinations, then she would be in no danger. If she hasn't, then it is a possibility. Your aide would need to be very careful not to have blood contact with your mother if she has chronic Hep B. If it were my mother, and the aide had chronic Hep B- I think I'd request another aide. While the chance of transmission is low, and rare- it's known to happen, and the elderly are suceptible to enough infections as it is.  (+ info)

Can I have a nose job even though I have chronic hepatitis b?

Also, how will my condition(hepatitis b) effect the the nose surgery(rhinoplasty) procedure? I really appreciate your answers,thanks guys!

Yes the doctors and nurses will simply watch infection  (+ info)

how long chronic hepatitis b or c takes to liver damage ?

how long chronic hepatitis b or c takes to damage the liver chirosis or liver cancer from the xposure. If you are diagnosed and found that you are carrying the virus for 20 years or n=more how scare you would be to go to doctor to find out your liver condition ?

First let me say it is very typical for people to have this virus for years, even decades, before they are diagnosed. There is no formula to follow to determine how long till someone gets cirrhosis, or if, in fact, you'll even get cirrhosis at all. There are many variables that affect the disease: lifestyle factors mostly, like whether or not you drink alcohol, if you have other health issues, obesity, how the virus was acquired (transfusion vs. IV drug use or needlestick), etc.
It is scary to go to the doctor for further tests to find out the condition of your liver, BUT it would be scarier to NOT be diagnosed until your liver is in end stage liver disease. I've seen it happen to many people. Fortunately, if you are diagnosed before this point, you can make crucial changes that can prevent a worse outcome for you.
Just know that you are not alone, and that the more you educate yourself about the disease and what your options are, the better you'll be able to make good decisions about your healthcare. Don't forget there are treatment options. Treatment works in 50-80% or more of the people that try it. The success rate depends on factors such as which genotype you have, and how your health is, how old you are, what your race is, etc. It could work for you. I did the treatment over 7 years ago and have cleared the virus. I have energy now and feel much better. It was tough to go through, but with the help of my family & my support group, I managed to do it. I strongly recommend a support group; you learn so much from others that have gone through it. Best wishes. I hope this helps you some.  (+ info)

Can you drink alcohol if you have Chronic Hepatitis B?

My boyfriend was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis b last year. He had a liver biopsy which showed some cirrhosis. He saw a specialist who out him on treatment and told him not to drink. He has stopped taking the medication and is drinking again. He doesnt drink much but from what i understand he shouldn't drink at all? I am worried about him. I think he should go back to his doctor for a yearly checkup but he says the doctor didnt tell him to come back.

Oh he should definitely not drink AT ALL. He is hurting his liver with each sip and will end up needing a transplant. Why does he do this? If he's so addicted that he can't stop drinking even though his health is so compromised if he does, then he needs to see someone for help in stopping his drinking. I know someone who smokes after being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. It makes no sense.  (+ info)

If your exposed to hep b by someone who has chronic hepatitis b will you get chronic hepb right away?

or does it start out as acute and then progreess into chronic and how long does the vaccination last. If you get the vaccination within a matter of days after your exposed does that make a difference

You can get vaccinated, however I honestly don't think it will help if you are already exposed to this. Hep B is a serious disease that attacks the liver. Your best bet is to go to the doctor and be tested. I wish you well.  (+ info)

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