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Are there any mailing lists dealing with hepatoblastoma?

You could try LiveStrong. They have information about all kinds of cancers... stories, facts and other stuff.  (+ info)

My daughter age 2 diagnosed stage IV Hepatoblastoma & hv been on chemo ~ 1.5 yrs. No more drug. What can I do?

She has been receiving treatment from University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, following the european cancer treatment protocol. The actually completed the available protocol but her AFP is still running around 3.5K. SHe had her lever, and lungs surgery already. She is currently on pallative treatment. Any suggestion for us to help her? She is really cute and lovely


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estimated survivors of hepatoblastoma?

i am a survivor from this childhood cancer and want to know the statistics of survival.

Check out CDC morbidity and mortality, www.cdc.gov, also http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/ , also the American Liver Foundation peditric liver disease statistics at www.liverfoundation.org.

Background: Hepatoblastoma is the most common liver cancer in children, although it is relatively uncommon compared to other solid tumors in the pediatric age group. During the past several years, pathologic variations of hepatoblastoma have been identified, and techniques for establishing the diagnosis of childhood hepatic tumors have improved. Surgical techniques and adjuvant chemotherapy have markedly improved prognosis of children with hepatoblastoma. Complete surgical resection of the tumor at diagnosis, followed by adjuvant chemotherapy, is associated with 100% survival rates, but the outlook remains poor in children with residual disease after initial resection, even if they receive aggressive adjuvant therapy. New scientific concepts are evolving that most likely will have significant effects on the future care of children with hepatoblastomas and other malignancies.  (+ info)

I need info on hepatoblastoma disease.?

My friend's baby who is 6 months is diagnosed with hepatoblastoma i.e liver cancer. According to the doctor, it's a very rare disease. The baby was born normal and did not show any symptons of illness. Her peditrician noted abnormality on her stomach (swelling) and ordered her parents to do full check-up and later she was diagnosed with the disease. She is now under chemotherapy. How does this disease starts and happens to such a small baby?

Here is a very easy to understand link about
this condition that will answer your questions:

Here is a more advanced link, which is a little
harder to understand:

Here is another little baby that had this tumor
and they state here what was done and her

I hope these articles are some help in understanding more about this happening in
babies.  (+ info)

Have a question about cancer. It has a huge impact on my life right now.?

This is really important for me to know and I want you all to be completly honest with me if it is extrmely deadly tell me please I need to know the truth. My best friend has Hepatoblastoma liver cancer. I really need to know on a scale of 1 to 10 how risky is this kind of cancer? I need the truth. Please tell me. I have to face the truth. If you think she is going to die please tell
me, I need to be ready for whatever lies ahead considering I am aware of how dangerous cancer can be and is.
11 and so is my friend we are both 11.

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