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How does tolerance, physical dependence, rebound, and psychological dependence affect heroin users?

basically... if you take heroin, you're an idiot, and probably had some serious problems with tolerance, physical dependence, rebound, psychological dependence, and probably a whole lotta other stuff.  (+ info)

Questions about heroin/methadone dependence?

So people can never fully come off from heroin without the help of methadone? Are they then addicted to methadone forever? What do they do for a person at a methadone clinic? Can you die from heroin withdrawals???

my brother was a dope fiend,...he said getting off methadone was harder than kicking heoin cold..............
watch the movie "basketball diaries: to see how that crap can hurt!

methadone is a replacement for the heroin to keep you from getting dope sick while trying to kick-but it is less than ideal  (+ info)

Could these symptoms be a sign of heroin dependence?

For roughly four years, I was on prescribed opioids. I was started on Ultram, then was switched to Methadone and was on Methadone and OxyCodone for several years for a chronic leg injury. Over the summer, my leg injury became better and I weaned myself off the meds, going through detox all summer long. I've felt fine, however, since the week before Halloween, I've had a persistent cough. Also, I've felt a dull pain in my head and it's harder for me to think clearly. Could these be signs that I'm still dependent upon the drugs or that by quitting cold-turkey myself, I did serious damage?

  (+ info)

How is Heroin taken? Needle, Smoking, Snorting, or all?

Working on a project,
I need to know:
Can you smoke, snort, AND inject heroin?
Are there any medical purposes for taking heroin?
What type of dependence is Heroin? Psychological or Physiological?

Heroin can be smoked snorted or injected. Most users tend to mainline(inject) it. There are no approved medical uses in the United States, however I have heard that it is prescribed to many terminally ill patients in other countries. In the united states, these same people are proscribed hydrocodeine which is a weaker, diluted, changed form of heroin that comes in pill form. Pure heroin will never be found in pill form, though you might often find small amounts of pure heroin cut into ecstasy pills from time to time.

As for dependence, it is very, very physically addicting and even more psychologically addicting. If you've ever heard of addicts being given methadone this is administered in small doses to help them get over physical addiction.  (+ info)

What's the difference between pure heroin and cut heroin?

I know shooting up pure, uncut heroin will basically kill you instantly, but what does it mean when you "cut" heroin? I don't ever plan on doing heroin, or any other drug for that matter, I'm just curious. Thanks.
I'm not going to do heroin!

when you have "uncut" heroin your purity starts around 90% the term "cutting" means mixing other chemicals into the batch to give it more weight, so you get more money for your batch. these chemicals can be anything from vitimans, to benadryl, hell even ajax. (not that this is at all recomended) buy the time its street level heroin its only 5-10% heroin  (+ info)

What are the risks of heroin for pregnant women?

I have a friend who uses heroin, and she has just recently found out that she's pregnant. She's so scared, and I'm scared for her too. How will her usage of heroin affect the baby?

For pregnant women, there is a big risk that their baby will have low birth weight when delivered. There is also a chance for miscarriage. Detoxification and methadone treatments are also available for pregnant women, but the baby will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms afterwards. It's advisable that your friend undergo treatment right away. Consult a doctor so your friend's situation can be fully and properly assessed. After the delivery of the baby, the baby will have to be monitored as well.  (+ info)

What are the effects of heroin addiction?

I just found out that one of my block mates has been using heroin to keep her up all night just so she can study for our exams. But I don't think it's doing her any good. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, but she refused. I would like to help her get out of heroin addiction while she still can.

Your block mate should be grateful to have a friend like you. I think you can best convince her to ditch the heroin by telling her its effects - especially the longterm ones.

After taking heroin, the effects are usually felt quickly. Those which are taken intravenously gives the most intense rush that a user would experience. But when heroin is sniffed or smoked, the effects would usually take around five to ten minutes before they kick in. Aside from these effects, the user may feel a warm flushing of her skin, dryness in her mouth and a heaviness in her arms and legs. After the intense rush of euphoria, she may get either into a state of wakefulness or drowsiness in interval. This may probably explain why your friend decided to try heroin. She wanted to keep herself awake to study.

But she failed to realize that this state of wakefulness would also lead to longterm effects like collapsed veins, pneumonia, respiratory complications and liver disease.

But the most damaging effect of heroin addiction is the addiction itself. The continuous increase in doses would also increase the physical damage it causes and the user's dependence to it, as well.

So I do hope you get to convince your friend to stop and get treatment as soon as possible.  (+ info)

How long does it take for heroin to have its immediate effects?

That is, what is the time span between injection of heroin into the bloodstream and the feeling of the drug taking its effects.

I'm not planning on taking heroin, just curious.

ten to fifteen seconds iv, 2-3 minutes im, about five minutes snorted. me and my friends did it when we were younger; i'm one of the lucky ones: i got sober. some are dead, others spend everydaycommiting crimes for drug money.
but if you are HELLBENT on taking opiates, get a little hydrocodone from the doctor. it's all the same!  (+ info)

What happens to a heroin addicted baby in the long run?

What happens to a heroin addicted baby when it reaches it's teen years and adult years? Do they have any mental disorders or learning disabilities?

Its tough to say.
Could be disabled, mentally unstable, or fine.
It depends on the individual.
I hope that your mom didn't do that to you or a loved one.
If so, i wish you peace and strength to find your way.
Its a tough lesson to have to deal with circumstances beyond your control
So goes the world, though.
Peace.  (+ info)

How long after quitting heroin until you start to feel normal?

I used heroin for 1yr. I am clean now for 30 days and quit using by myself. I can't afford rehab & I don't want to substitute one substance with another so I did quit cold turkey. I want to know when will I feel normal again. Right now, I have trouble sleeping, I can't eat and I have very little energy. The worst is not sleeping. Does anyone know about how long this will last?

This is really tough to say...
I've been a heroin addict off and on for about 6 years. The longest clean time I've had in that 6 yrs is 8 months and it was still hard.
I'm not gonna lie...it will be a battle you'll fight everyday. Not only fighting the urge to use, but fighting for normalcy.
Think of it this way, heroin changes your brains chemistry. You probably will not produce very much of your own serotonin, dopamine or endorphins for about 3 months. After that, you'll start to feel better and wont be so sluggish and depressed.
As for sleep...(i'm at the 30 day mark too) I've been taking Ambien. If you cant get that...try to get some sleep medication over the counter. With withdrawal related insomnia...sleep aids will be the only thing that helps.
Give it time. =]] Good Luck!  (+ info)

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