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My 2 and half yr old was diagnosed with Herpangina this past Thursday. She seems to be over it now......she is eating and drinking again but seems to have developed bad breath. Could this be from the herpangina even though it has already been 5 days?

Seems like it could be. I suggest you call her pediatrician.

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How fast does the ulcers come after a fever in herpangina?

Please answer! i think i might have it but i'm not sure. i had it around the same time last year and last june. i have a fever yesterday and got better today. i think i have a few ulcers in my mouth but i don't know if it's herpangina. should the ulcers have come yesterday?

it depends,
how high , and the person.
mine came 3 days later,
shocking huh?
my fever just broke 3hrs ago ,
and im hoping they go away soon
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The difference between the herpes virus and herpangina?

What is the difference between the herpes virus and herpangina? Can herpangina turn into genital herpes? If you kiss someone without having a herpangina outbreak can your partner still get herpangina? If someone could please answer this for me it would be very helpful. Thank you.

Herpangina is the name of a painful mouth infection, usually with a fever. Even though the name sounds like herpes, almost all of the many viruses that cause it are coxsackieviruses or other enteroviruses—not herpesvirus.

Who gets it?
Herpangina is most common among young children but can occur at any age. Once people have had a specific strain of coxsackievirus, they are generally immune, but they could become sick with one of the other strains. Most infections occur in the summer or early fall, with a peak from August to October in the northern hemisphere.

Since this is NOT from the herpes virus there would be NO way for this to become genital herpes. Coxsackieviruses and other enteroviruses are present both in the stool and in the respiratory secretions. They can spread by fecal–oral transmission, droplet transmission, contact transmission, and by means of fomites. school or daycare for the first several days of the illness, but it is not clear this prevents others from becoming infected. Other children in the class are probably contagious even though they will never develop symptoms.  (+ info)

how can I help my son relieve pain from herpangina?

My son's pediatrician diagnosed him w/herpangina and I understand from reading it's very painful and for him; it's very difficult to swallow so he can't eat much. Is there anything I can do to help his throat feel better besides popsicles, warm milk and cream of wheat? He's already a very skinny 14 yr old and doesn't need to lose any more weight.

The doctor might be able to prescribe a prescription mouth rinse/gargle to help numb the pain. It's not meant to be swallowed however.

Another thing you can do is get an over the counter throat spray like Chloraseptic spray, that can help a lot with the pain.

If he is not allergic to ibuprofen, then medicine such as Advil can help reduce the inflammation and make him a bit more comfortable.

If he has mouth blisters, and over the counter product like Colgate Peroxyl helps work wonders. I used it when I had a coxsackie virus and my mouth was filled with sores. It helped immensely. He can also rinse his mouth and spit (NOT swallow) a generous mouthful of liquid benadryl to reduce the swelling and pain of the sores.

In the meantime, the obvious stuff...soft foods diet. Stay away from anything acidic that could irritate his mouth and throat further, such as orange juice. Water and sports drinks like Gatorade are good bets right now. He needs to drink lots of clear fluids to stay hydrated. Pudding, Jello, soups, soft cereals like oatmeal and the cream of wheat you mentioned, popsicles...etc...are all good to eat. I actually like some flavours of baby food, like the fruity dessert ones hehe. They helped me a lot when I was sick and also when I had my wisdom teeth out. Good snacks!

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What can you tell me about herpangina (hand, foot and mouth disease)?

My 9 month old just got diagnosed with herpangina. The doctor said it has a 5-7 day period before it heals and it can only be helped by pain medicine. Is it contagious and can I take him to day care? Where could he have gotten this from? We have dogs and I am just wondering if they could be carriers? I don't believe he has been around other kids with it.
Any information is appreciated.

Herpangina is a viral infection caused by coxsackie virus. It is most commonly referred to as hand-foot-and-mouth disease because the lesions seen are painful vessicles and erythema (blisters and redness) of the throat and mouth, and a rash on the palms and soles. Children can also have fever and runny nose. Herpangina is contracted from other infected individuals, most commonly at daycare. It is possible to spread the virus and you should keep your child at home until it is resolved. The treatment is limited to reducing pain, ensuring hydration, and allowing the illness to pass.
Coxsackie virus is VERY prevalent in the population in general, but children are far more likely to become sick because adults have been exposed/infected so many times during childhood they have sufficient immunity against it.  (+ info)

I have herpangina is this a form of actual herpes?

I have a couple painful sores in the back of my mouth. The doctor said its herpangina. Is this in any way a form of actual herpes??

No, it is not herpes. It is caused by coxsackieviruses. Here's a link to tell you more....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpangina  (+ info)

Is it possible to have cold sores or "Herpangina" in your vagina?

It's normally a mouth infection but i do know that it is very contagious and can spread. So if your mouth is touched when you have it...then your vaginal area is touched, is it possible tohave it down there?

that sounds logical  (+ info)

After you have herpangina, how long are you contagious for?

I had this in December and was treated. I recently started dating someone and I believe I passed it to him but there was roughly a 5 month span between our cases. how long can it live in your body? Whats the time span for infecting others?

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My 4 year old son has Herpangina?

My 4 year old was diagnosed with Herpangina last Friday and was sent home saying Motrin and nothing more, they said it was viral. My son is still carrying a steady temperature over 102 degrees. How long is this supposed to last? Any help from a doc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Also, my main concern is the Motrin is no longer bringing down the fever... worried about him stroking out?

Everything you describe sounds routine and as expected. A type of virus responsible for causing sore throat is the coxsackie virus. This virus causes a disease known as herpangina (pronounced hurpan-JI-nuh). Herpangina occurs most commonly among children under the age of ten. The disease is most common during the summer. It is sometimes called summer sore throat.

A number of treatments are available for the symptoms of sore throat. These include rest, a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, restrictions on heavy exercise, and a variety of drugs. The drugs that are usually recommended are acetaminophen (trade name Tylenol), or ibuprofen (trade names Advil, Motrin). These medications reduce pain and fever that accompany a sore throat. Children should NOT be given aspirin because of the risk of Reye's syndrome

Sore throat caused by a viral infection usually clears up on its own within one week with no complications. The one exception is mononucleosis.

Best wishes for an uneventful recovery.  (+ info)

what is herpangina, what can relieve this discomfort?

my 11 month old grandson has mouth ulcers.

Blisters in a child's mouth caused by a virus. Antibiotics are ineffective, most treatment tries to relieve symptoms.

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Detailed information on herpangina, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment ... Herpangina is an illness caused by a virus, characterized by small ...
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