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What foods, vitamins, medicines can be taken to help lessen chance of herpes genitalis outbreaks?

I know keeping your resistance up is essential, but what else can help?

I take the prescription Acyclovir twice a day and I take the vitamin L-Lysine which supposedly inhibits the growth of the herpes virus. I have only had the initial outbreak.  (+ info)

homeopathic medicine for Herpes Genitalis?

treatment in homeopathy for Herpes Genitalis, as an alternative therapy

Once a person becomes infected, Herpes Simplex Virus lies dormant in the body, waiting for just the right conditions to become active again. There can be many triggers which activate the virus, such as eating arginine-rich foods (like chocolate, cola, beer, seeds and nuts); the onset of a cold or fever; sunburn; the menses cycle & any physical or emotional event that introduces stress to the body. Each person's triggers are different, but all herpes sufferers have one thing in common--worrying about the next outbreak adds even more stress, which just feeds the vicious cycle and makes it worse!

Scientists are still searching for a herpes cure, but now you can get natural homeopathic relief from the painful symptoms of herpes eruptions with Herpeset™, a very special homeopathic blend of 9 ingredients, each known in the homeopathic community to safely reduce the discomfort caused by symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus.

Herpeset's™ unique blend of homeopathic ingredients is designed to attack multiple symptoms, and can be safely used with other medications with no drowsiness or adverse side effects. Just spray under the tongue up to 3 times a day for safe, effective relief.

The unique combination of time-tested homeopathic ingredients in Herpeset™ is designed to reduce the severity of an outbreak and help your body heal itself*. So what are you waiting for?  (+ info)

how can u know if its Hirsuties papillaris genitalis or genital warts?

can Hirsuties papillaris genitalis be on other parts of the genitals? like the scrotum or penis head? i think i have Hirsuties papillaris genitalis because the papules appear as one or several rows of small, flesh-colored, smooth, dome-topped bumps situated circumferentially around the corona but i also have individual raised bump white pimple like on my scrotum and penis head.

Warts tend to be distributed randomly and asymmetrically. Hirsuties (pearly papules) are distributed evenly and symmetrically and only around the edge of the corona, and would have been present since shortly after puberty.

The bumps on the scrotum and penis head (other than around the edge) are something else. Get them checked out if you're not sure.  (+ info)

How long after herpes infection will I start to feel symptoms?

One day of just being careless and not that futurespective, I negligently refused to recognize the bump on my face as a fever blister. I wiped my eye, picked my nose. Whatever. Now I'm super scared about having an extra case of eye herpes and nose herpes. How long after initial infection do the symptoms (minor flu, bloodshot eyes, etc) start to show themselves? Keep in mind I'm not talking about a herpes outbreak, but the subtle symptoms that indicate you have herpes.

Symptoms of herpes usually develop within 2 to 20 days after contact with the virus, although it could take longer. These symptoms may last up to several weeks, varying from one person to the next. In many people, the first infection is so mild that it goes unnoticed. It is possible that a person becomes aware of the “first episode” years after the infection is acquired. In others, the first attack causes visible sores. Even so, subsequent recurrences of the disease may cause lesions.  (+ info)

How come some herpes blisters are more extreme then others?

When i look up herpes on google images, it shows these really gross pictures of people with herpes all over there genitals and/or bodies. I have a cold sore on my lip, which probably means Herpes HSV-1, i think. How would i keep my cold sores from getting really big and spread out like on the google image search and how do their herpes get so extreme(the people on the google image search)?

Pictures on google do tend to be of the most extreme cases - first ever outbreaks etc and of the few people who have a real problem with herpes because they have it so severely.

I have genital herpes hsv-1, and have never had anything that looked as bad as bad as the MILDEST picture I found on the internet.

My outbreaks, though in a different place, look more like this:


probably not even that bad.

Most people I know that get cold sores, it is little more than a dot on the lip - you would need a magnifying glass to see my boyfriend's! My genital outbreaks are the same.

I have known one or two people who get bad ones though - but they are just the unlucky people, theirs are always bad, doesn't mean everyone else will get them like that.

If you haven't had a cold sore that bad before, you aren't likely to. Those are just pics doctors take of the worst case scenarios of people whose immune systems have a problem dealing with it.  (+ info)

How dangerous is herpes when passed to a newborn by the mother?

A baby was born with a sore on its scalp, was tested and discovered it was genital herpes. The mother was not aware she had herpes.

It can be life threatening for a new baby. The first few hours with herpes can be very dangerous to a new born. It can cause blindness, brain damage, deafness and even death. But some children can escape getting any of these even if they happen to be born with herpes. The baby may have an out break now and then but that is about it, some kids can grow and be healthy even if they happened to contract herpes at birth.
Passing herpes to a new baby is very rare. If there was no out break at the time of delivery then the chances of passing herpes during a natural birth is not likely, it's even further reduced if the mother has been taking antiviral medication before she is due to deliver. If she knew she had herpes then she could have had a c-section which prevents herpes from being passed on at birth.
Have a chat with your doctor, maybe they will be able to tell you if the baby will develop any complications.  (+ info)

Can I get herpes from my girlfriend who has genital herpes when I give her oral?

My girlfriend recently learned that her ex gave her genital herpes. Can I get herpes from her by giving her oral when she's not experiencing an outbreak? And can I get genital herpes from her by having unprotected sex during a time when she's not having an outbreak?


There is less then a 10 percent chance of getting herpes when your partner does not have an out break. That is even further reduced if she was on some kind of suppressive therapy (ie Valtrex). Genital herpes can be passed to the mouth but it usually likes to live and occur on the genitals. Meaning there is a small risk of you getting herpes while she doesn't have an out break, either on your mouth or genitals. You can use condoms when she doesn't have an out break but I should warn you that condoms do not offer 100 percent protection against herpes, percent because they don't cover all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect but it should cut your risk of getting herpes down a little.  (+ info)

Should a non-herpes diabetic date or marry a woman with genital and mouth herpes due to autoimmune concerns?

I am an insulin dependent diabetic in good control and in good health.

I met a woman who I fell in love with that has herpes both orally and genitals. Can my weakened immune system from the diabetes make it easy for me to catch herpes from her even when her herpes is lying dormant?

Herpes can be spread to you when it's dormant weather you're immune system is compromised or not. This is due to viral shedding which happens in between out breaks and it's undetectable. You may have more of a chance of contracting it and may have a rougher time dealing with out breaks IF you do contract herpes from her. You may have more frequent out breaks when your immune system is lowered by illnesses, infections or stress.
If you are really in love with her and want to be with her, then that risk is some thing you should take into consideration and some thing you should talk to her about. There are things you can do to help prevent you from getting herpes. If she ever does have an out break orally or genitally then do not have sex until the out break is totally healed and gone. She should also be on some kind of suppressive therapy, this will also lower your risk (but not completely eliminate) of getting herpes from her. When she doesn't have an out break she is less contagious but there is still a slight risk that she could pass herpes on.  (+ info)

How long does the first herpes outbreak last?

I believe I'm having my first herpes outbreak and its extremely uncomfortable. My doctor didn't give me any medication for it because I'm awaiting the test results to see if I do in fact have herpes.

The most uncomfortable part is the one really painful sore I have on my labia and it makes it hard to sit down. How long will this outbreak last and is there anything I can do to relieve the pain (home remedies) or make the outbreak go away faster?

Out breaks typically last between 1-3 weeks on average. You may want to go back to your doctor and get some medication. Some times doctors will give medication as a precaution. You can try taking pain killers and sit in some warm epsom salts baths for 10-20 minutes, Lysine can also help if you don't want to take medication.  (+ info)

How long after herpes infection to the eyes does the first outbreak occur?

I'm not asking whether I have it, I'm not asking what to do, I'm not asking what I should've done, I just want to know how long before I should see definite signs of ocular herpes. Thanks, everyone for your answers!
For a few days about a month ago and a half ago (around the same time as these other related symptoms started popping up) one of my eyes got really red like an infection so yeah. Would any of you assume that by now I'd have an outbreak?

It takes aproximately 3-14 days after the initial infection for herpes viral keratitis to present with signs and symptoms but this also depends on your immune system, it's intactness and efficiency and the preferred site of the virus, which in the case of HSV-1, is the mouth and face. So it could take longer for you to see the initial outbreak.

The first thing you should know is that the outbreak is unilateral, that is, it occurs in one eye at a time. It will start out red with sudden severe pain, a scratchy feeling on the surface of the eye and (depending on the precise site of the outbreak) blurred vision. Be on the lookout for complications - stromal keratitis, iridocyclitis, corneal ulcers and sinusitis, to name four.

If you are able, get antiviral treatment that includes oral acyclovir.  (+ info)

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