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how can i correct my hip contracture? i am an above knee amputee and havent been stretching my limb.?

not wearing prothesis right now due to weight gain. need to get on the program. just thought i would see how to reduce the effect of not stretching my limb. help

Your second line of your question says it all. You state that you haven't been stretching. Of course you are going to start to lose flexibility. You must stretch. I will assume that you have been to a Physical Therapist before. If not you should have been. You need to follow the program of stretching and strengthening that should have been given to you to prevent such problems as these. You need to be spending some time on your stomach to stretch out the front of your hip (flexors). I would recommend that you go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to a Physical Therapist and possibly a dietitian as well. You need to make sure that you are staying as active as possible and eating right.  (+ info)

how can i correct my hip contracture?

i am an above knee amputee

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Is there anyone out there with capsular contracture that used Accolate and got better without surgery?

Accolate is said to reverse capsular contracture. Lots of studies on the web, but I want to hear from someone who had at least Stage IV, where the implant felt hard and looked a little distorted, took Accolate, and the capsular contracture improved or disappeared.

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What are some physical therapy exercises for an elbow contracture?

after breaking my arm, my arm will not straighten. Been told its a contracture. What exercises can I do?

gentle stretching. If you have someone you trust you can ask then to help. Put your arm on a table and ask them to gently push down on your hand until you ask them to stop. This will not be resolved in a day but may take several weeks. Do it several times a day. You also need to see the doctor and make sure there are no other problems. Stiffness after a fracture and immobilization is common but if it's too bad you may need to see a physical therapist. Be patient.  (+ info)

What hip injuries can you get from falling off a horse?

Aside from breaking the hip, what bad injuries can a person get in their hip from falling off a horse?

I'm writing a story, and I want my character to have a bad hip injury that would lead to complications -- possibly arthritis or something. Can anyone suggest something?

Thanks very much!

Falling off a horse sideways and landing on their side. Could result in a dislocated hip causing arthritis or hip joint deterioration.

Thrown off to the front (flipping over the horse's head) they could shatter their pelvis, tailbone or vertebrae.

Thrown off to the rear (due to the horse rearing up) the horse could flip over and the saddle horn could cause severe internal damage to organs etc. due to the full weight of the horse landing on them.  (+ info)

How many new hip replacement patients are really happy with their new hip ?

I have recently had hip replacement surgery. I am wondering how many people out there have had this surgery, if your glad you did,
and how long it took to get your life back on track?

I have no statistics on how happy other hip replacement patients are but I can tell you that I have had both hips replaced in separate surgeries and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. If I hadn't had the surgeies I would be in a wheelchair today. I consider it sort of a miracle surgery in how it relieves pain and restores function in people who would otherwise end up in wheelchairs. I couldn't walk without a cane or stand for more than a few minutes during the months before surgery. Now I can shop till I drop and walk miles.
Like I said -- a miracle.

As for recovery time, I was able to drive at the 5-week mark (after each surgery). I used a walking aid (walker or crutches, then a single crutch, then a cane) for about 2-3 months (I recovered faster from the second surgery). I finished outpatient PT at about the 8-week mark. I just had my 7-year check-up.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a regular hip MRI and an arthrogram of the hip?

I had a regular hip MRI that came back negative but i have SEVERE hip pain and the doctor wants to order an arthrogram...
Is the only difference with and without contrast?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The MR Arthrogram is done in two steps. First a Radiologist will inject the contrast directly into your hip joint using a needle and syringe. He or she will use x-ray (fluoroscopy) to see where to inject and then numb the skin at the injection site. Your hip joint will feel "full" after the dye is injected. After the injection, you'll be taken to the MRI machine and spend about 20 minutes getting scanned.

All the best John H.  (+ info)

What might cause my hip joint pain and how to improve it?

I'm 34 and for the last year my hip joints have been sore after exercising. It's been getting worse in the last month. I have weighed about 1 stone more than I used to during this last year but have been keeping up my regular level of exercise, which includes aerobics and disco-dancing on weekends, which involves a lot of jumping around.

Are my hips worn out?
What can I do to improve their condition?
Any supplements I can take?
Do I need to stop dancing so much/energetically?

There is a certain type of arthritis that starts in the hip joints (I don't remember the name) that could be a possibility,A rheumatoid specialist could diagnois that, they would have various arthritis medications, they could prescribe. It is not really normal for your hip joints to hurt at such a young age,that you would think arthritis,or gout or other reasons than just wear and tear.
In addition to that, increasing blood flow, fluid, and nutrtion flow to the joints would help (more water, less alcohol/coffee, cutting back on fatty foods and alcohol for gout, perhaps adding omega-3 oils, to help inflammation,glucosamine/chondroitin to help joint linings, calcium, magnesium, Vit-C, Vit-D for bone.
Some people have shallow hip joints, and stretchy tendons, so there can be pain from them slipping out of alignment slightly and wearing on the joints and nerves unnatuarally, there is Sciatica from a pinched stretched nerve, your treatment would depend upon what underlying reason the pain is coming from, that only a doctor, tests, x-rays, etc could find out.  (+ info)

How long after a broken hip surgery should a person be permitted to walk?

I'm doing research for a book I'm writing. The character is about fourteen years old in 1945 and her hip was shattered. Would her hip be replaced (if so, then with what material?) and how long would it take for it to heal?

Believe it or not they primarily used swine hips. Generically they were compatible but offered a far reduced range of movement. The surgery was risky and generally entailed 6 months of healing before a person could resume their daily routines.  (+ info)

What is the cost for capsular contracture correction for one breast?

One of my implants is firm and sits a little higher then the other. I'm trying to find out the cost to fix that one breast. Please do not answer if, well if you don't have the answer.

Varies widely from state and Dr. Have your surgeon give you an estimate. Most plastic surgeons offer free consults.  (+ info)

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