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What is the average hip and waist sizes for a 14 year old female?

I am 5'4 and 123 pounds. Can you help me determine what the average waist and hip sizes would be? I'm female and I hit puberty about two years ago. Fairly skinny.

That's actually asking for a misleading answer. The range for healthy hip and waist sizes for that age are so broad that 'average' wouldn't be correct at all and might give an impossible goal.

You might look to lean mass ratios instead, and possibly, if you have them, measurements and pictures of women that age in your family tree. That might give you an idea of what your body's ratio is likely to be.  (+ info)

What is name of medical condition causing hip and knee pain?

A physiotherapist has diagnosed a condition that I have, but has not told me a name for the condition. Does anyone know? The curve in my lower spine is more pronounced than normal, this causes my pelvis to be more tilted than normal, and that causes my thigh muscles to be shorter than they should be. The shortening of my thigh muscles pulls my hip and knee joints out of alignment, causing pain in my hip and knee joints.

There is no cure for this condition apart from physiotherapy exercises and pain management, but there has got to be a proper medical term for it with more details on the web.

From typing a lot of X-ray reports, I know that the exaggerated spinal curve is called "lordosis", which you could try looking up. It sounds like a very unpleasant condition, and I hope and pray you will find the best treatment and/or a miracle. I was healed of having one leg shorter than the other through Christian prayer, so there is hope for you too! ( plus, I have found a useful sports injury page about lordosis which recommends some exercises....)  (+ info)

How do I regain flexibility in my hip joints after surgery for slip capital femoral epiphysis?

I am 26 yrs old and I have a pin each hip do to slip capital femoral epiphysis. My hip joints are so stiff I can barely open my legs. What can I do to regain flexibility in my joints. Someone please help I don't know what to do.

First you must CONVICT yourself to a daily regimine of "life saving" nutrients and supplements...the more the merrier.
Second you must have water therapy....water leaves us weightless to a degree that allows easier movement without pain. You will be able to stretch a little more and more as you go. If you don't have easy access to a swimming pool....get one. OR MOVE. You must DO THIS to recover. Then, with these two basics in STRONG place, you must know exactly WHAT movements can "harm" your corrective surgery and what DON'T and DOOOOOOOOO all that you can. No sitting still. There are also rehabilitive guides to HOW to bend and such without using the parts of your body that "wear out" easily.....GET THEM. This is a must. INACTIVITY for any length of time can and usually WILL lead to other physical problems.
Change your life and committ yourself to HAVING A LONG ONE the right way.
Blessings in your quest........
Bunny7  (+ info)

How expensive is canine hip replacement?

I was hoping there is someone(s) out there who has had hip replacement surgery on their dog recently. We just found out that our 7 month old Golden has hip dysplasia in both hips, so we are considering surgery. We still have to take her in to see a specialist to get all of our options, but I was curious on what other's have paid (for everything including office visits and meds). Also is the recovery long and difficult? Thank you!

My boss had a Golden with 2 bad hips. He got her the surgery only (remodeled the joint, I guess) and I think it was $10,000 for the 2 hips! Joints would be extra$$$.  (+ info)

What happens to the muscles that cross the hip when the pelvis is posteriorly or anteriorly tilted?

What happens to the muscles that cross the hip when the pelvis is posteriorly or anteriorly tilted? How does this affect the low back? The hip?

Wayne, those muscles that cross the hip in a situation like that are either stretched out or placed in a shortened position. In either case they are not effective in what they should be doing. They are both weakened and will allow further changes in pelvic position. This in turn will cause problems for the lower back as it is no longer on a stable platform. Since the hip is not moving normally it will cause the other muscles to have to work harder to make up the stabilization of the pelvis and lower back along with having to work harder to perform their normal tasks. This will often result in very irritated muscles or muscles that will go into spasm.  (+ info)

How long can an incision from hip replacement surgery leak clear fluid?

My 88 year old Mom broke her hip last week and they had to replace most of it. She is in a physical therapy hospital to get moving around again. The only thing is that the incision keeps leaking quite a bit.

Has anyone else had this problem and how long did it last?

It should mostly stop after the first week to 10 days...and if the glue is being used, even less than that. There may be some small drainage for those first couple weeks, but nothing that should require the bandage to be changed more than once a day after the first few days..

A recent patient of mine came to outpatient therapy two weeks after his surgery and the hip was draining rather significantly. We sent him to the surgeon right away, the fluid was aspirated and he had to be "resealed" with the glue again. He did have a mild infection which had to be drained and treated with antibiotics and eventually he had to have it stapled shut.

If they are having to change the bandage more than once a day after 7-10 days, I'd recommend the surgeon follow up with her.  (+ info)

What is the difference between the hip hop skinny jean fashion to scene?

Both have bright colors, tight jeans, tight shirts, bright shoes, and shirt styles.

All I could see is the sagging skinny jeans, expensive kicks, and new era caps.

My brother dresses like that, hip hop skinny jean lol but I think it looks more decent though than baggy jeans.

theyre very similar,
and depends which sort of scene your talking about, some are more girly than others,
but theyre basically the exact same thing :)  (+ info)

What are good exercises to ease hip pain?

Ever since I had my second daughter, I have been plagued with pain in my right hip. It feels muscular. Can anyone suggest exercises or stretches that could help?

http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/guide/exercise-can-ease-arthritis-pain  (+ info)

How do I take my proper hip measurement?

I've been advised to measure the fullest part, but I am actually fullest at my thigh bone rather than my hip bone which is a bit lower down than on most people, which part do I measure?

The fullest part is around your thighs, so you would be measuring right around the middle of your butt practically.

But if you're looking for pants size or something in clothing, they usually measure above that.  (+ info)

What is the rehabilitation process for hip fractures?

I am student doing a research project and need to find different treatments for an individual suffering from a hip fracture. How is electrical stimulation applied? What forms of therapeutic exercises are useful? Gait training? Any physical therapist out there...I would greatly appreciate your input. I'm eager to learn.

This will depend on many factors. Some are allowed weight bearing immediately, some require pinning and may be TDWB or NWB for several weeks. I never use e-stim for hip fractures. Gait training is permitted when the orthopedist give clearance.

...you would need to be more specific with your question...femoral neck fracture, femoral fracture, acetabular fracture as well as the degree of the fracture and the medical history of the patient.

I would direct some of these questions to an orthopedic surgeon.   (+ info)

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