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What are some stretches to heal a hip flexor injury?

I pulled both my hip flexors in track last year (I was a sprinter and hurdler). They healed over the summer, but I re-pulled them during basketball. Track is coming up in two months, and I need to know some additional advice and stretches to heal them. Thank You!

do the hurdler stretch, which it sounds like you should be familiar with  (+ info)

What's the difference between the pelvis and a hip bone?

I want to get a tattoo in the area on my pelvis or hip bone but I don't really know the difference? Is the hip bone higher then the pelivis or is it part of the pelvis?

The hipbone is the pelvis The pelvic area is a meeting point for other bones. The hipbone is integrated in the pelvis.  (+ info)

What is the recovery for a triple osteotomy of the hip?

I have dysplasia in my hip and there is soft tissue damage. The plan is to have this procedure where they cut the hip socket in three places, put springs in and then let it heal. This increases the size of the socket (which is too small) and should prevent me from getting arthritis at about 25. I am 17 years old and i have been told the recovery will be about 6 months, but i am not entirely sure what that involves. I am desperate for information that does not come out of the mouth of a surgeon. Can anyone help?

I had hip replacement in March 2006 The incision was healed within three weeks.
The mussel recovery is taking a little longer. I was up and walking with in three weeks the amount of exercise you do and your youth will determine how quickly your mussels recover.
I am 63years old. Any pain is quite manageable with pain killers that your doctor will prescribe.
Hope this helps you out .  (+ info)

Is it normal to get muscle twitching after a total hip replacement?

I had a hip replaced just over a week ago. I am experiencing muscle twitches in my neck, arms, hands and the leg and foot of the leg that has NOT had the replacement, and this is interferring with my sleep. (BTW These are not the same as the painful muscle spasms that I get on the operated hip leg.) Are these twitches normal? Do they go away? Will a body massage help to stop them? Thanks.

I've had both hips replaced. I never experienced anything like the "twitches" you describe but I did ask for a muscle relaxant a day or so after my first replacement. My muscles kept tensing up for some odd reason. The drug prescribed was Flexeril. Suggest you ask your doctor about this. S/he may prescribe something to either relax you or help you sleep. I do recall that I had a terrible time sleeping for several weeks after surgery, mostly because of the fact that I was asked to sleep on my back and I'd get back aches because of it since I'm normally a side sleeper.  (+ info)

What was the medical procedure for a shattered hip in the 1950's?

I am writing a story which took place during World War II. The character has a shattered hip and I don't know how far medical technology had progressed by that point in time.
It is extremely important to know how the procedure commenced. The character is a fourteen year old girl and her hip was smashed. It would be awesome if someone who knew some history would help.

A bandage and a pint of whiskey was probably the cure.
Oh, WWII, A body cast and a shot of morphine.  (+ info)

How will pregnancy effect a tattoo on my hip bone?

I'm turning 16 this year and I want to get a tattoo for my birthday. I want to get it on my hip bone and I also want to have children in the future. I wanted to know how a pregnancy would affect my tattoo.

First, make sure you are old enough to be allowed to get a tattoo legally in your state. From a practical standpoint, a tattoo on the back or side of your hip will stretch less than one that is more on the belly, but you can expect any of them to stretch some and possibly not go back to normal. Also, make sure that the you know what chemicals are in the ink you are getting and research them online for safety and carcinogenicity before getting that tattoo. The last thing you need is an ink with a toxic chemical in it, especially when you get pregnant.  (+ info)

What medical staff would be involved in a hip joint replacement from start to finish?

I'm not having a hip replacement but this is for my school biology homework!

I've had both hips replaced. My PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN saw me first about my hip arthritis. He ordered x-rays of my hips by an X-RAY TECHNICIAN. A RADIOLOGIST read my x-rays. I was then referred me to an ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. The OFFICE NURSES in each physician's office were involved in arranging my surgery. My pre-op testing involved a CARE MANAGEMENT nurse and the pre-op tests included blood work and more x-rays, involving the X-RAY TECHNICIANS again plus the LAB TECHNICIANS and the RADIOLOGIST who read my x-rays. I also had an EKG which was administered by a NURSE. I donated blood for myself at a blood bank which involved a NURSE. My blood was stored for my surgery in a hospital storage facility administered by a PHYSICIAN.

The medical equipment that I would need after surgery was delivered to my home by an employee of the HOME-CARE store who also showed me how to assemble and use it.

Upon admission to the hospital, a HOSPITAL BUSINESS OFFICE SEC'Y recorded my admission information. A NURSE inserted my IV and shaved the area to be operated on. A NURSE ANESTHETIST consulted with me about the anesthesia to be used. A SURGICAL NURSE wheeled me to the OR where the ANESTHETIST, SCRUB NURSE, and ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON did the surgery. After surgery I was taken to the recovery room where a NURSE took care of me until I was awake and stable. I was then moved to my room by what I presumed to be LPNs and/or CNAs. During my 4-day hospital stay I had PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANTS and an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST daily. The floor NURSES, LPNs, CNAs and HOUSEKEEPERS were also involved in my care and the care of my room. Blood was drawn daily by LAB TECHNOLOGISTS. A hospital PHARMACIST filled my drug needs. I was transfused with the blood that I had donated earlier so that involved the STAFF OF THE HOSPITAL LAB and the floor NURSES. My PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN and my ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON visited me daily during my stay. Also a STUDENT NURSE and her INSTRUCTOR were assigned to my care for 2 days during my hospital stay.

I had to have one radiation treatment on my hip which involved transporting me across town by medical transport to the cancer center where the treatment was administered. This involved the AMBULANCE CREW, the RADIATION ONCOLOGIST DOCTOR, and his NURSING & TECHNICIAN STAFF and more x-rays.

After I was dismissed to go home, I was under the care of a VISITING NURSE and a PHYSICAL THERAPIST for 2 weeks. I had more blood draws during that time so that involved more LAB STAFF. When home visits were discontinued, I went to outpatient physical therapy which involved PHYSICAL THERAPISTS & ASSISTANTS once again.

And a DIETICIAN prescribed my meals and FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEES prepared and deliviered my meals to me in the hospital.  (+ info)

What are the chances of surgery for a hip stress fracture?

I am a 14 year old guy and i have been told that i have a stress fracture in my right hip. This happens to almost everyone on my moms side of the family, but usually not until their 40's. I play football and lift weights regularly to train for it, and i was wondering if that sped it up? What are the chances that i will have surgery?

Because of your age I would think the Drs will want to 'wait and see' .often times these fractures do not progress at all and sometimes not for many years t(hink of a crack in a windshield- some spread and break down others don't) but it sounds like yours may advance quicker because of the fooball activity. By working with the Dr who can monitor any changes wit hxrays over time hopefully you won't need anything for a while..good luck  (+ info)

What are good exercises or stretches to ease hip pain?

I have had pain and stiffness in one hip ever since I had my second child (2 years ago). Can anyone suggest any exercises or stretches to ease the pain and possibly strengthen that area?

You can try out these hip strengthening exercises:


P/S: Don't just think these hip exercises result in sensational looking hips only; in actual fact they really strengthen your hip muscles in the process.....This is killing 2 birds with 1 stone....

And these hip stretches:


With your condition, I suggest you do stretches first until you're really comfortable and flexible in the hip area before venturing into hip strengthening exercises.  (+ info)

How long should I rest to completely heal a hip joint inflammation?

I recently developed an recurring hip joint inflammation just on the right side for jogging on the treadmill too much. Whenever I think I am healed and no longer feel any pain, it comes right back as soon as I get back on the treadmill. How long should I rest so the pain does not come back?

2-4 weeks. But, everybody is different. You know your body better than anybody else.  (+ info)

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